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Horizon Danger
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Apr 30, 2014 @ 3:32pm
Dec 30, 2014 @ 10:13am
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Desura and Horizon Danger Alpha
The alpha version of Horizon Danger on Desura has not been updated yet and at this moment i’m undecided if I should update that build at this moment. The current newer version is a big improvement but there are some things that I also want to improve and redesign.

Once that is done I will look into updating the Alpha version on Desura.

Upcoming Changes
– The menu interface is being redone. This is due to recent feedback. For example navigating through the menu’s and also joining the game will be made smoother, that is the goal atleast.

– Player selection will get an overhaul. Prior you could select a color and mech design. With the upcoming change a mech design will be tied to a color. The selection will be less since I will remove a large number of colors and mech designs.

The reasoning behind this is that this way I can focus more on a mech design and also the colors. I’m aiming between 6 or 8 designs that the player can choose from.

This will improve player visibility a lot during the game. It will be easier to make sure the colors stand out with the backdrops if the color selection is limited.

Also this will improve some other elements in the menu navigation and when a player joins the game in the menu.

– Weapons are currently being added and designed. The weapons will function as a powerup during the game. Powerups can be turned on or off. The goal is to have atleast 5 different weapons in the end. A weapon powerup will replace the Stun Gun, the weapon is lost when the player dies.

Using weapons/powerups is optional. In the end you can select which weapons will spawn and even if powerups are enabled or not.

– Shields are being added and almost done. It’s now a matter of tweaking the timers and playtesting. Shields are activated once the player spawns on the battlefield, this will reduce spawn killing. The color of the shield will be the same as the color of the player model. This will also improve player visibility upon spawning.

Shields are active for a limited amount of time and have a long recharge timer. Once the shield is recharged the player can activate it again by pressing the shield button.

Shields stay active for a very short time, it will keep you safe if you are standing in a bomb explosion and from certain weapons. The shield can be disabled when hit by a Stun Gun.

How the shields work might change and the above design is not final.

– There are currently two more stages being worked on. This will bring the total to 8 stages. The plan is having a total of 10 stages at the release.

Horizon Danger Plans and Release date
It has almost been a year since I started work on the first prototype that later became Horizon Danger and that makes it the longest project I have worked on. From the beginning I set out to create a small and fun local multiplayer game that was ideal to play while drinking a couple of beers. No fancy plans and I wanted to keep it realistic since this is my first game, besides game jams games and a few prototypes.

Around April or May 2014 I set the deadline to release Horizon Danger between October and November 2014.

As time passed Horizon Danger became something larger and different then what the plan was, in a positive way. I personally feel I have already surpassed the goal that I had set out in the beginning.

And with that being said I’m very happy with how far I have gotten and also how positive the response is to the game so far. And that really motivates me and also makes me push the boundaries by improving the game with each step I take.

There are still 6 weeks left till the end of November and I think that at the end, the game that I wanted to make will be done.

But, there is always a but, releasing Horizon Danger at the end of November seems unlikely at the moment. Horizon Danger is still in an odd limbo with Steam Greenlight and it will take some time before that proces is done. The introduction video’s helped a bit and also increased the visibility of Horizon Danger.

I plan to release more video’s and also spend more time in the following months to promote Horizon Danger. It’s a matter of waiting for that moment that will get Horizon Danger greenlit and now it’s a matter of finding that moment.

The question might be why I won’t release it first on Desura? I want to release the game simultaneously on different platforms (example, Steam and Desura. The reasoning behind this is that I want to focus my attention during the release of the game on fixing bugs and other possible oversights. I don’t want to be in a position where I will lose sight on the project by fixing bugs, doing marketing and other tasks that may arrise.

I’m taking this extra time to further improve Horizon Danger and to go even beyond what I set out to make. So for example my plan was always to release new FREE content after the game is released and to add content that is requested by the community. So I will also work more on improving certain systems that will make it easier to add new content later on.

The extra time will certainly improve the game and the support later on and I hope for everyone that is waiting to play Horizon Danger can agree with that :)

I hate to say that I can’t give an exact release date at the moment, it all depends on my ability to promote Horizon Danger and how that results back to Greenlight. So with that said, if you havent voted yet then please do so and spread the word on your social media of choice!

I hope that in the next Update Time! blog post (half way November) I can go more into detail about the status of Horizon Danger, Greenlight and release plans.

Thanks for reading and for your support!


Horizon Danger Update Time!
Release date: Early 2015
Horizon Danger:
Horizon Danger is a 2 to 4 local-multiplayer action game set in a cyberpunk dystopian future. Each player controls a mech outfitted for an all out war. Cause mayhem and destroy your opponent by dropping bombs, skillfully shoot them for a nicely timed stun or collect power ups for even more powerful and destructive weapons. You are a machine created for an all out war.

  • Local Multiplayer Action Game set in a cyberpunk dystopian setting. [2-4 Players]
  • Several gameplay modes (deathmatch, team deathmatch, last one standing and more).
  • 10 Stages with an unique look and feel. Several level layouts per stage.
  • Wide range of destructive powerups and weapons
  • Match customization with game modifiers.

Expected release date
The development for Horizon Danger started in November 2013 and is well on it's way. The expected release date is in the first quarter of 2015

Support plans after release?
Ofcourse! Horizon Danger will be supported after the release. For example new stages, characters and powerups will be implemented after release.

Want to follow the development?
If you want to know more about the state of Horizon Danger and it's development then go to I write a monthly blog post that contains a development diary with recent and upcoming changes. You can also follow me on twitter at @SCAFFA

Questions from the comments
I will do my best to answer all the questions in the comments. You can also contact me directly, please go to for contact information.

"Think Smash but with more Skynet" - Rob Morrow, Destructoid Article Link

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Aug 22, 2014 @ 7:02am
What would you like to see?
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SCaffa  [author] Feb 13, 2018 @ 6:25am 
No problem! Cool to hear you are excited about the game. If you have any questions don't hesistate to ask them. At the moment im not writing any updates but I certainly will when the end is in sight. Those updates will be posted at or you could follow me on twitter @scaffa
GsomOVER9000 Feb 13, 2018 @ 1:13am 
Gotcha, thanks! I'm excited!
SCaffa  [author] Feb 12, 2018 @ 10:13pm 
Hi GsomOVER9000, Thanks for your comment, yes it's still in development :) I can't give an estimate at this moment when it will be released, apologies.
GsomOVER9000 Feb 11, 2018 @ 11:13pm 
This looks awesome! Is it still being developed?
that's what she said Dec 27, 2014 @ 9:38am 
Awesome. From what I've seen in 0.5 it could be really fun game (as I'm more of a local coop gamer), but there isn't much to play with. And stuff you are talking in your blog looks definitely interesting to try. Really looking forward to it.
SCaffa  [author] Dec 27, 2014 @ 9:31am 
No not yet, the plan is to release a demo between end of january or mid feb. A few things are being redesigned/added that will make the game stand out a bit more :) Once that is done the version on desura will be updated. I think mid january I will post another blog update regarding the changes.
that's what she said Dec 27, 2014 @ 7:27am 
Have you got desura version updated yet? I've seen a lot of progress on blog, but I'd like to check it out by myself too.
Alex.Grimm Dec 26, 2014 @ 8:41pm 
MaX3nC3 Dec 26, 2014 @ 1:14pm 
Like nice and fun, i want it ;)
SCaffa  [author] Dec 26, 2014 @ 1:13pm 
Thanks for all the comments!