STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™

STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™

How to Download & Install the SWTOR PTS (Steam & Public Test Server)
"Hello all! A quick guide about how to download and install the Steam & Public Test Server for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Sorry for the black box in the corner, you should be able to see everything important just fine!

Public Test Server Forums:

On Steam:

If you’re a SWTOR Subscriber, log into Steam.
If you’re not a Subscriber you won’t be able to log into the PTS.
Download the PTS client from the Star Wars: The Old Republic page on the Steam store.
Follow the instructions onscreen to start the download and installation.
Once it’s downloaded, sign in as usual to play.

store page:

Using the launcher:

Log in to the Star Wars: The Old Republic launcher using your username, password and Security Key code (if you have a security key).
Click the Settings button (gears icon) in the bottom left corner of the launcher.
Under Enable Public Test Server Access, select Yes.
Click Save.
If the PTS is open and your account has access to it, the lower left corner of the launcher will now have two buttons. Click the button next to settings (it has two arrows coming out of a circle on it).
Under Pick an Environment select Public Test.
Click Next to begin downloading the Public Test Server client
When the download has finished, click Play.


You can only copy characters to the Public Test Server during an active testing period - please check to find out if testing is currently underway before trying to copy a character.

To copy one or more of your characters from a live server to the Public Test Server (PTS):
Log into your account at
Click on My SWTOR, then My Account.
Click on Public Test Character Copy.
This will open up a page displaying the servers you currently have characters on, click on the region tabs along the top of the server list to navigate between regions.
Once you’ve located your server, click on it and the panel below will populate with the names of your characters on that server.
This window will display a maximum of twelve characters, and the characters displayed can be sorted by clicking on Level to display them in increasing or decreasing order by their current level.
To copy a character, click on the Copy Character button across from their name.


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