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A Hunter's Life
Created by Sammiches
This mod aims to make hunting in skyrim fun, and rewarding. Pelt prices are better, you can craft fur armor at a tanning rack, and you can craft wooden bows as well. There is now a archery trainer in Falkreath, and I aim to make that the hunting capital of...
Acquisitive Soul Gems
Created by deciplex

This plugin will fix soul gems such that they never lose their charge once filled with the correct soul, and changes the soul trap spells and enchantments so you never underfill a soul gem.

After you fully fill a soul gem so that t...
Amazing Follower Tweaks
Created by rezzzman
Multiple followers. Manage outfits, spells, combat style, home assignment and level up. Make werewolves or vampires lords. Followers ride horses, make camp, avoid traps, ignore friendly fire, toggle city/standard outfits & helmets, pose, dance, and more......
Better Embers
Created by Vampaerr
This is a mod to make embers look better, it's something I made along with the textures fix for the chopping blocks/wood fires but never released.

DONATION COUNT: 1!! (very happy to have received my first donation! thank you, very much appreciated!)...
Better Food
Created by WA3
A simple edit to all of the food items in the game, making them more useful and valuable by healing more health than they originally did. Most of the food items healed only 2 hp, the soups maybe 10 points; this tweak fixes that.

Raw fruit and vegetables...
Better Potion Weight
Created by Frisky Frisco
This mod alters the weight of potions and poisons throughout the game. The weight is no longer a flat 0.5, but is determined by the strength of the potion. The stronger the potion, the heavier.

I made this mod because when cleaning out my inventory, I f...
Bound Weapons Redux
Created by Aertyr
Bound weapons have always been a cool concept, but their implementation is virtually always... lacking. This mod aims to bring bound weapons into play as a viable choice and perhaps even a preferable one.

Also availible on Skyrim Nexus: http://skyrim.n...
Cheater's Storage Room (No-DLC Version)

If you want the DLC items and staff enchanter included, use the DLC version instead!

Sometimes you may wan...
DFGs Blade And Dagger Sheathe Sounds Mod Dawnguard
Created by Tftrashcan
What this mod does?

This mod changes the sheathe sounds of the 1h blades and the daggers to new sounds that I made recording a LOTR prop sword Sting going in and out of the scabbard and then enhancing the sound using Sony Vegas Pro and Audacity.

Deeper Water
Created by Cycles
I got tired of jumping into ankle-deep rivers and lakes around skyrim. This is fixes some of that. Keep an eye out for floating barnicles and eggs, they're easy for me to miss. Tried to have minimal impact on how things look above-water, so areas with lots...
Dimmer NightEye
Created by Craquehead
I always felt the effect from NightEye was too strong, so this mod tones it down 50%.

My other mod,, makes NightEye a toggleable power....
Dovahkiin Sanctuary
Created by iadamzx
The Dovahkiin Sanctuary

This playerhome was designed with the intention being a fairytale/fantasy style home. With all the necessities that the Dovahkiin needs. The entrance to The Sanctuary can be found at Clearspring Tarn in th...
Dwemer Longrifle
Created by Araanim
An ancient weapon of the Dwarves, long since forgotten. The Dwemer Longrifle is a powerful combination of alchemy and engineering that the Dwarves created to defend themselves from the brutality of Dragon domination. The technology has been all but lost,...
Enhanced Blood Textures 3.6b
Created by BakaKemono
A blood overhaul mod

Bloodier combat experience with higher resolution and detailed textures. Additional features such as killmove animation spasms, blood drops when low health, damage based blood amount, blood pools, and green blood for spiders and oil...
Marked Incompatible ]  F*** her right in the p**sy bow (Freds Bow) FIXED
Created by Vladislav
Freds Bow! Now you too can f*ck your enemy right in the p*ssy. Watch the video for the location....
Faster Vanilla Horses
Created by Jov
Like many, I found Skyrim's horses to be unrealistically and unreasonably slow. Travel by horse was hardly faster than by foot, making it unrewarding.

Horse speed and gallop-time has been given a significant -yet balanced- boost, for a more realistic (a...
Flexible Perk Trees
Created by Aertyr
Ever get frustrated that you couldn't level up a skill that's beneath the one you have trained? Maybe you're a light armored assassin who prefers Daedric weapons to glass? Or an enchanter who can't help but be tickled by the idea of lightning jumping from ...
HD Plants + Herbs
Created by Dartanis
UPDATE: I am Playing ESO as Dartanyss, I am new to game and would love tips, guild invites, or group invites!

I made this for you. Please "Like" it. :)

Some of those color splotches on the ground of skyrim are supposed to be flowers, so I made them ...
HQ snow texture
Created by Erik1988
There is a new version for Special Edition available here (Nexus):

Make sure to check it out!


I was hoping to get a more crystallized look on the snow and make it feel more cold.
Hermit's Tree House
Created by
Quick note: To install, click the green 'subscribe' button above this description and it will automatically download the next time you start Skyrim!

==== Hermits Tree House ====

Hermits Tree house is ideal for players starting e...
Homestuck Weapons
Created by Hideous
This is a Homestuck reference:

Currently, the mod contains 2 weapons, both of which can be found in a market stall in Riften town square. If you're using open cities, follow these instructions to get the weapons:

Hoods with Circlets
Created by Dragon Atom
This mod aims to allow characters wearing clothing, specifically hats, hoods and hooded robes, to equip a circlet at the same time.

This mod:
Alters the various hats and hoods so that they can be equipped with circlets, and
Alters the various hooded r...
Horns Are Forever!
Created by Chilean Wolf
As of August 18th 2013:

-Added support for vanilla NPCs.
-Included Argonian Decapitation Fix.

As of July 6th 2012:

Horns on ...
Hoth's Main Menu Music
Created by Hothtrooper44
This mod replaces the music that plays when you launch Skyrim. I wanted music that was epic, but also started up quickly. No one is going to wait around in the main menu screen while the music builds up. This track brings the epic fast.

Immersive Saturation Boost
Created by Aplestormy
Immersive Saturation Boost
By Aplestormy

  • No Performance Loss
  • Almost doubles game saturation, getting rid of the "Washed out" visuals
  • Compatible with nearly every Lighting Mod
Isilmeriel's LOTR Weapons
Created by Tomato
SSE version here (not 100% certain on stability):

*** Please take a brief moment to read this description before asking questions in comments ***

Also available at [url=skyrim.nexusmods...
Item Recycling
Created by robinsonadam83
The Item Recycling mod adds over 180 new recipes for crafting ingots at smelters. Virtually every metal item in Skyrim can now be melted down into an ingot. This mod is perfect for thieves and blacksmiths alike. Worthless items like goblets and silver plat...
Jaxonz Renamer
Created by Jaxonz
Rename Anything or Anyone!
Jaxonz Renamer simply lets you rename anything in game.
Just point your crosshairs at something, tap the hotkey (default: \) and type in a new name!

  • Rename Objects and Equipment
  • Rename Contain
Kisisa - The Cute Khajiit Follower - v2.1
Created by rko381
Kisisa is a refugee from Morrowind, come to Skyrim to find her destiny and try to forget a terrible past. A follow-up to my original cute Khajiit follower, Inorra, this second Follower Mod is designed to fit some of the requests made by fellow members, wh...
Kissing - Immersive Lovers Comfort
Created by flexcreator
This mod allows you to kiss your spouse.
Simple kiss (two scenes).
No adult content, no strapons, nothing.
Completely lore-friendly.

Because everything is calculated on the fly, you will never get the same scene twice, every kiss is unique.

Kitted out Blacksmiths
Created by wolfish-antics
Completes each blacksmith's set of smithing utensils across Skyrim

Mod currently implemented in
- Solitude (Smelter added)
- Dawnstar (Grindstone and Workbench added)
- Whiterun, Skyforge (Tanning rack and Workbench added)
- Riverwood (Smelter ...
Left Hand Rings
Created by duggelz
Left Hand Rings by duggelz, version 1.5

Adds rings that are worn on the left hand. You can wear two rings at once, one on each hand. These rings can be crafted, enchanted, bought from merchants, and found randomly as treasure.

== How It Works ==
Less Intrusive HUD II (with Customization)
Created by Vampaerr
This mod is an overhaul of my previous mod for customizing Skyrim's HUD.
Less intrusive HUD

Thank you everyone that supported all my mods and donated, subscribed, endorsed, shared, liked, etc =)

You should unsubscribe to my previous...
Light Cultist Set
Created by HavocAngel
= Requires Dragonborn =

This minimalist mod merely changes the stats of the Dragon Cultist set into light armor. They are classified as light bonemold armor for perks and use two bone meal for tempering.

Robes without enchantment are added, too, whic...
Lightweight Potions and Poisons
Created by JustinOther
Drops the weights all of potions and poisons from 0.5 to 0.1.

Currently supports *only Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, and Spanish Skyrim installations.

Revision 5: Added Czech support. Dawnguard potions reweighed ...
Lusty Argonian Maid teaches one and two handed.
Created by Lukos

In light of the ability to charge for steam workshop content, I am considering installing a charge for this mod. I put vast amounts of work into this mod, and started working on it the day of skyrim's initial release.

I am cons...
Created by The Wormple
Is it a man? Is it a mammoth? No, it's a manmoth.

A new dangerous creature is added to the wilderness of Skyrim: The Manmoth. A horrible giant daedra looking like a messed up human being in a ...
Meeko is a Husky
Created by Jokiros
This mod converts Meeko, the dog found south of Solitude, into a Husky. He is unarmoured.

Load Order:
Place after any other mods that modify Meeko. This mod will overwrite any changes those mods make to Meeko.
Requires Dawnguard.

Also available on ...
More Dragon Loot
Created by Vony256
This little mod makes dragons drop more loot. You should allways get something enchanted to make it worth while dragon hunting.

This mod should also now be compatible with the Deadly Dragons Mod....
Created by AK47xHugley
This mod removed all the spiders from the game :D
I made this mod because I can't stand the spiders
so I decided to remove them.
Night Eye Toggle
Created by Felix Fox
This mod changes the Night Eye lesser power for the Khajiit, vampires, and werewolves from an effect that lasts one minute to a toggled effect.

This will only expire if the player manually deactivates it or an event occurs to dispel it.

It is compati...
No More Spider Webs!
This mod removes all cobwebs from every player home in Skyrim....
One-Handed Fists
Created by Kain-Xavier
    One-Handed Fists allows players to improve their One-Handed skill through unarmed combat. In turn, unarmed combat is affected by the One-Handed skill and its perks. Great care has been taken to make the mod as seamless and compatibl
Playable Khajiit Cathay-raht
Created by Rune Red
The Cathay-raht are much larger than the more commonly seen Suthay. These are the soldiers of the khajiit. Their imposing physique is offset by their stunted magicka regeneration. Due to their physique, they deal more damage and they can carry more. Selec...
Pure Waters
Created by Laast
1 000 000+ actual subscribers!!!


Révision 13 - 16 oct 2014
- Complete recast of the original mod.

This is a pure, clean, and natural water, as it should be in the cold mountains of Skyrim. This mod provides water with complete overhau...
Realistic Piercing Arrows
Created by deathneko11
Archery can be a lot of fun in skyrim, but the way skyrim handles landed arrows is very weak for pc gamers. Now with my mod, you can actually see the wrath you unleash on an enemy with a hail of arrows.

This mod changes fired arrows so that a total of ...
Really Useful Dragons
Created by Trainwiz
So you're probably thinking "Man, you know what, after Brhuce Hammar, Call of Trainwiz, and Transportato, what I really need is more trains!" and you're also probably thinking "Man, dragons suck, I wish someone would replace them with Thomas the Tank Engin...
Reduced Firewood Weight
Created by Gjølberg
This simple mod changes the weight of firewood to 2 instead of 5....
Run For Your Lives
Created by Arthmoor
A small mod that makes citizens in a village or city run indoors during a dragon or vampire attack.

This was born out of frustration at seeing the citizens all trying to be a hero and rushing headlong to their doom attacking dragons and vampires. Instea...
S'Rathra - The Rugged Khajiit Follower
Created by rko381
A traveling barbarian who has seen much of Tamriel, from Morrowind to Elsweyr, S'Rathra has returned to Skyrim to crack some heads and make some gold! Unlike other Khajiit follower who are designed to just be sneaky or use magick, S'Rathra solves all of h...
Scroll Weight Removed, lighter scrolls
Created by Plan3tBob
This mod removed the weight of scrolls down to zero. They are after all one sheet of paper.

'Thumbs Up' appreciated if its useful for you too :) - Its my first ever mod using the Skyrim creation kit and was surprisingly simple.

See JustinOther's mod ...
Seduction of the dohvakiin
Created by chiggerwood
A steamy little play that is sure to excite the senses. Please note I do not accept any responsibility for water damage done to your computer due to the steaminess of the book. It can be located in many places and sold by most general goods merchants.

Shia Surprise! sneak attack sound replacer
Created by Bass Off 101
This is a sneak attack sound from "Shia LaBeouf" Live by Rob Cantor

I currently can't make any changes to the mod since I am new to modding so I won't be able to make huge changes or even small changes, so hopefully I can learn how to do it.

I am ver...
Shortswords for Skyrim
Created by PrivateEye
Did you ever miss the shortswords that disappeared from the Elder Scrolls series after Oblivion?
Or are you looking for a weapon to fill the gap between the dagger and the normal sword?
Than this is your mod!
The shortsword will make a fine weapon for a...
Skooma Den
Created by kraedy
Disappointed with the lack of shady criminal housing in the game? Need a place to smuggle and/or consume copious amounts of skooma? Look no further!

Skooma Den adds a secret sewer complex underneath the ciy of Whiterun, suitable for use as player housin...
Smeltable Dwarven Scrap Metal
Created by Jov
For some odd reason you can smelt 'Bent Dwarven Scrap Metal', but not regular (unbent) 'Dwarven Scrap Metal'. To me, this is counterintuitive and doesn't make any sense. On my first playthrough, I was bewildered to keep finding leftover scrap metal after m...
Solitude - Bigger and Bolder
Created by djspeakes1990
Presenting the mighty capital of Skyrim, Solitude, expanded and enhanced using only Solitude-exclusive architecture to truly bring out the majesty of the province's seat of power while still retaining the familiar feel of the vanilla city. One of the large...
Sorted Potions
Created by Trogdor
Update: If you have the Dragonborn DLC, click over to my workshop for a version of this mod that supports the potions introduced in Dragonborn.

Sounds of Skyrim - Civilization
Created by Cliffworms
Civilization focuses on adding 223 new sound effects to cities, villages, farms and remote locations where civilization is present. In cities, you can hear the sound of a hammer being used by a villager repairing something, children playing, dogs barking o...
Sounds of Skyrim - The Dungeons
Created by Cliffworms
The Dungeons includes 115+ sound effects to add life to the dungeons. The enemy type that inhabits a dungeon will make itself heard. At dungeons’ entrances, you also hear the exterior weather. If there’s a thunderstorm raging outside, you’ll hear the thund...
Sounds of Skyrim - The Wilds
Created by Cliffworms
The Wilds focuses on adding sound effects in Skyrim's wilderness. With the 115 new sound effects, the purpose of The Wilds is to audibly enlarge Skyrim's fauna with the addition of various animals, birds and insects that play according to weather, time of ...
Spell Sneak Attacks 2
Created by Aertyr
Spellthiefs rejoice, this mod makes all Destruction projectile spells able to benefit from sneak attack and the Dark Brotherhood gloves. Strike with a fireball from the shadows or impale that guard with an ice spike to the knee.

Also available on Skyrim...
Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers
Created by Turn_on_a_Dime
This simple mod adds quest markers to all 24 of the Stones of Barenziah (Unusual Gems) that you need to find/collect for the "No Stone Unturned" quest.
The markers are only added after you take an "Unusual Gem" to Vex, and she gives you the objective to f...
Marked Incompatible ]  Stranger Danger - Children can be pick-pocketed or killed
Created by RJinthematrix
Killable, pick-pocketable and lootable children

Why make a mod that lets you kill kids, are you sick?
I'm not even interested in killing the kids, I just don't like the idea that they are invulnerable. I want immersion and I don't think a s...
Summon Skeletal Horde
Created by J3X
Summon Skeletal Horde 0.5

This mod adds a new spell; Summon Skeletal Horde. It summons up to 15 minions that you can control in a Overlord:ish style.

Three different minions; Warriors, Archers and Lesser Liches.
You can now toggle between ...
The Rune of ***'em All
Created by zappeo
If the Sword of Fuck'em All isn't enough for you, or you are more a mage-only player, the Rune Of Fuck'em All is the perfect spell for you!

Teach your enemies how to fly by setting this trap and making them YUPPIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE in the sky!
Perfect for ...
Tougher Traps
Created by Vawser
Traps across Skyrim are now far more powerful!
Version: 2.1

Working on

Preventing followers activating pressure plates.
Adding new diseases.
Allowing pressure plates to be disarmed.

Unread Books Glow
Created by duggelz
Unread Books Glow by duggelz

Books which you have not read yet will have a visible glow. When you read a book for the first time, its glow will disappear. All copies of the same title are considered the same book, so once you've read one "Cats of Skyr...
Usable Giants Club
Created by Golf Wang
Giants drop their club for you to use....
Useful Dogs
Created by Sagittarius

Ever wanted your dog in Skyrim to behave like Dogmeat (Fallout 3) ? AKA, ever wanted to give your dog an order to find items, ammo, etc. ? Well now you ...
Wear Circlets AND Hoods
Created by jrsmick
Please Note. It has been brought to my attention that already there are other mods doing the same thing. I feel bad about this because, as a mod author myself, I would be very unhappy if someone duplicated my work. With that in mind, consider boosting the ...
Weightless Books
Created by Vawser
Sets weight of all books within Skyrim to 0, including the Elder Scroll and other book quest items.

If you want to support me, then visit my Paetron page here.[]...
Created by Iskariot
Gives you a Power that lets you whistle for the last horse you rode on, and it will come running. If it is too far away it will be moved to somewhere behind you and run up to you.
Powers are used just like Shouts, but without the cooldown (defaul: Z).

The Thieves Guild Ladder V1.6+
Created by The-Truhvanor
The Thieves Guild Ladder V1.6+: The return of The Thieves Guild Ladder to Steam!

This mod adds a ladder in the ragged flagon to quickly exit to the market of Riften without going over the Thieves guild HQ. The well is locked during the day (fro...
Weightless Gems
Created by Weir
Simply removes the weight from all the gems, including souls gems. It also renames the gems for better sorting in inventory, if you want to keep the default names, subscribe to this mod instead:
Unlimited Bookshelves
Created by Da5id2701
How would you like to actually be able to fill a shelf with books, or even other items? With the original script, you can only put up to 18 books on the largest shelves, which will only fill the shelf if the books are all the largest size. It's really anno...
Armored Circlets
Created by Echo
I got tired of never seeing much of my face, so I added craftable circlets that otherwise have the same armor value as the regular helmets of their set, and count as part of the set for the purpose of perk bonuses.

Currently added:

Elven Ruby Circlet...
Night Eye Dehanced
Created by nocash
This mod changes the Night Eye visual effect to something that is relatively more subtle than that of the original.

What this does:

- Removes the blue tint and blur.
- Adjusts brightness, saturation, and contrast.

Even after removing the tint and...
Alchemy Refinements
Created by David Sid
This mod fixes a lot of annoying inconsistencies in the Alchemy system. It allows you to craft Restore All potions, improves underpowered Alchemy perks, makes ingredient effects more consistent, and patches a few bugs. The improvements are as follows:

Gem Smithing
Created by Ferret287
Gem Smithing, as the name implies, lets you craft gems. You can make flawless gems and soul gems at any smelter in Skyrim. With this mod, general goods merchants like Belethor and others carry three times more gems than they would previously.

My other...
BIG: Higher Kill Moves Chance! (a Better Improvements for Gameplay mod)
Created by sp0ckrates
Gives you a higher chance to see those legendary kill moves!
So it annoys me how infrequently kill moves play after an epic battle with a draugr deathlord or a legendary dragon. That's because the percent chance of getting any kill move in ...
+ BIG: More Kill Moves! (a Better Improvements for Gameplay mod)
Created by sp0ckrates
Makes those epic kill moves more frequent!
Yeah, I Iove Skyrim's kill moves. I just can't get enough of them! So I made the Better Improvements for Gameplay (BIG): More Kill Moves! mod to make them happen more. It's great for making...
One Click Looting
Created by Vonwarr
Have you ever been frustrated with looting the same items over and over? Wishing there was a faster way? Now there is!

One Click Looting: Upon looting a single item (any item) from a container, every other "desirable" item in the container is also take...
3x Richer Merchants - A Better Rewards and Treasure Mod
Created by sp0ckrates
Now merchants and fences have three times the starting gold, and three times the additional gold when you invest in their businesses!
This mod triples the amount of gold street vendors, shopkeepers, court wizards and fences have to spend, so...