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Weaver's Arsenal: Firearms
The weapons i'm currently using in l4d2; one for each slot -- including the hidden css weapons.

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Tier 1 SMGs
Tier 1 Shotguns
Tier 2 Shotguns
Tier 2 Assault Rifles
Tier 2 Snipers
Tier S Weapons

The grenade launcher as seen in the banner image is an M79 by Doktor Haus that i've been unable to locate on the steam workshop; it's the last remaining weapon model I have from my pre-workshop modding days.

Oh, and you will get a conflict between the two AK74 mods, probably because I'm using a sound from one person and a model from another. It seems to work just fine, though.

I'm not sure if Doktor Haus's particle effects is actually used by any of these weapons or if it was just for ones I had before, I'm including it here just in case; shouldn't harm anything either way.
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Pistols - black taurus 1911 with wood grip
Created by TOG | K1CHWA 2nd
black taurus 1911 with wood grip
model was ported by Pappaskurtz
animations by arby26
everything else by K1CHWA...
Titanfall B3 Wingman
Created by Twilight Sparkle
Titanfall Collection
Today i bring, the B3 Wingman, this Power Revolver comes with Arby animations and it will replace the Desert Eagle, it...
1897 Winchester
Created by мяFunreal
This 1897 Winchester has been created for Gamebanana's Historical Contest (won 5th place).
It replaces the Chrome Shotgun

Divesh, Deusion, Jagger - Model/Bake/Textures
Arby26 - Animations
MrFunreal - Compile/HUD icon/texture edit

Created by Lt. Rocky
You know all those Russian bride advertisements you get? Nonsense to the ladies, they outta be sticking this thing on one of the pictures, because I'd sure marry that! A Russian Toz-194 pump-action shotgun, replaces the pumpshotgun on MaxTheUniqueGamer's p...
Titanfall C.A.R. SMG
Created by Twilight Sparkle
Titanfall Collection
Well, here i bring you the C.A.R. SMG, this weapon will replace the Silenced SMG but it also has a particle so its not a...
Titanfall R-97 Compact SMG
Created by Twilight Sparkle
Titanfall Collection
Well, today I bring you the R-97 Compact SMG, this weapon will replace the SMG using Arby´s animations as it also comes ...
Sephiris MP5SD
Created by MaxG3D
Replaces hidden CS:S MP5. As always, doesn't include the custom sounds and icon.

MaxG3D - Animation, Compile, W_Model
Seph - Model, UVs, bakes
Crash - Textures
Arby26 - Flashlight Model/Textures/Bakes/Shaders
Yogensia - Shaders, Textures ...
Auto Shotgun Reborn
Created by Doktor haus
The default "auto shotgun"/Benelli M4 Super 90 gets a new model, textures, sounds and arby's edited autoshotgun reanimations. Compiled on Kruku's Benelli M4 model equipped with Rafael De Jongh's awesome shells. No particles.

arby26 - animations
Spas 12 Unfolded Stock
Created by мяFunreal
Now with an unfolded stock.
All screenshots were takes on a fov of 85

Stoke - Model
Teh snake - original textures
Arby26 - Animations
MrFunreal - compile, texture edit, hud icon

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Soviet AK74
Created by Jimmakos
-Replace the AK47
This were originally uploaded by Mr Funreal, i just changed and edited the textures,shaders of the weapon.

Detailed credits:
Mr Funreal - Original compile
Mr.Rifleman - Model
Millenia - AK74 Textures,Render
Tigg - AK74 Magazine ...
Soviet AK-74 Sounds pack
Created by Krycek
Based on "PAYDAY 2 Weapons sounds mod" by Karma Charger. It can be founded HERE....
Titanfall R-101C Carbine
Created by Twilight Sparkle
Titanfall Collection
Well, i have other better things to do but, when i saw Titanfall and play it as well, it was a good game, good that it w...
Titanfall Hemlok BF-R
Created by Twilight Sparkle
Titanfall Collection
So, for now i bring you guys the Hemlok BF-R, this burst fire rifle will replace the Desert Rifle (SCAR) with custom sou...
Mauser Kar-98k (Hunting Rifle)
Created by Lt. Rocky
A German Mauser Kar-98k Bolt Action Rifle, refurbished and ready to lay waste to the hordes. Replaces the Hunting Rifle on Arby26's Mini14 animations.
Features different sounds and some lovely shading done by myself.

See the Cs:S Scout version [url=htt...
Titanfall Longbow-DMR Sniper
Created by Twilight Sparkle
Titanfall Collection
So, after dealing with a lot of crap stuff, I brought to you, the Longbow-DMR Sniper, this weapon will replace the Milit...
PGM Mini Hecate
Created by Lt. Rocky
If you had told me the French made guns, I'd have told you to stop being stupid. But alas, here it is: The French PGM .388 Mini Hecate from BTB, with Thanez's Walther scope; Replaces the hidden Cs:S AWP on Rev's AWM animations.

Features custom sound and...
Remington M24
Created by Lt. Rocky
Its time to get tactical up in this house. The Remmy M24 from Battle Territory Battery, spruced up with a magazine from Endorphin and SixShooter, and OLAF's Kr-7. Replaces the CS:S Scout on Rev's AWM animations. The model from the usual pack I use for my B...
Titanfall Spitfire LMG
Created by Twilight Sparkle
After launching the Carbine Rifle, a lot of people and i mean a lot, seem to like the weapon as for the game itself, so well now i bring a mini weapon that doesn't do much called the Spitfire LMG, this weapon will replace the M60 that you people may know a...
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