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Magic the gathering arena of the planeswalkers! 80 new Custom units!
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Jul 7, 2021 @ 4:07pm
Jul 11, 2021 @ 10:22pm
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Magic the gathering arena of the planeswalkers! 80 new Custom units!

Hello everyone I am finally back after many years and I've come to finish my Custom AOTP cards and add a few more. This is something I hope can bring some players back and help new players a like. I've more than doubled the original games units and planeswalkers for everyone to enjoy!

I have a great love for magic and tabletop games like I'm sure many of us here do also, which is why I decided long ago to expand this amazing game. One of magics greatest appeals has always been you can do almost anything and use almost anything and I thought this game could use that also. Giving people more options and more things to blend with what already exist was one of my goals. i originally made the cards with people being able to buy minis that could represent the cards in mind, that with some things i like, what was current at the time, and what fit some of the typing that already was in the game

The Planeswalkers!
I've created about 20 new planeswalkers for everyone to run their army! I've created many hybrid planeswalkers to open up even more army customization and at least 1 of each single color planeswalker.

The Creatures!
I've created at least 12 new creatures for each color and some even have tokens! With this I've brought many new mechanics into the game and many new possibilities.

The Missions!
I've converted some missions from heroscape to use in AOTP since just straight killing can get boring or stale fast. Draw one at the start of your game either before you make a team or before. maybe some units are better for certain missions more so than others!

Credit from heroscapers: atmospro

How to Play:

Print and Play:
The First way to play these new units is to print them yourself or at an online card manufacturer then get some units to represent them.

Online Play:
The Second Way to play is online on a game known as table top stimulator. I've set up a workshop for everyone to subscribe to and play. It has the minis and cards ready for you to use.


New Rules:

Tokens Creatures: Token creatures are a new and unique type of creature. These Creatures do not get an activation turn, instead they activate with the card that summoned them only if it states that they activate this way. (Otherwise they are meant more so for disengage hazards). Token Creature Count as "Squad Creatures" only for the purpose of removal abilities or spells. Otherwise units that benefit or gain bonuses from killing squad creatures do not gain them from killing token Creatures.

I want to say first things is I tried my best to make a balanced but more importantly to me was to create new and fun things to play way.
So on that note i tried to make the cost fair however the original AOTP didn't have too much to play off of and sometimes I don't understand a units cost some being cheaper then what one would think or vice versa. I am more than open to hearing your thoughts on the units however feel free to change the cost in your own play group.

Special thanks:
I want to thank everyone from the "planeswalker arena boards" website, who helped with several aspects in creating these cards.
an extra special thanks to User: Targanth, who took the time to read a lot of my cards and give me a lot of useful feedback for most of them.
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Guardian Highriser Nov 10 @ 12:01am 
Really loving the new cards, much appreciated on the passion you put into this friend!