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By Eugene
In this article you will learn about habit mechanic in Red Algorithm. How it works, what are the benefits of it, and hot to gain it faster
What is a Weapon Habit?
Habit in Red Algorithm is a pretty simple mechanic that gives you benefits if you stick to a particular weapon (or weapon class) longer.

It's this purple (or pink?) line (bar?) right under the weapon image:

It can have a value from 0 to 10. It's 2.5 (25%) on the picture above.

You gain habit every time you gain a new hero level.

1 level of habit improves a number of stats by 2.5% (up to +25% for habit 10):
  • Damage
  • Range
  • Accuracy (dispersion)
  • Reload speed

You can think of habit as it is a kind of your weapon level or weapon use experience.

So, it's a pretty good thing to run around with a high habit, but it's not that easy.

Every time you switch your weapon (pick a new weapon) you lose it all. In some cases, however, you lose only half of it, but we'll talk about it a little bit later.
Habit gain speed for different weapons
In earlier game versions you would always get +1 habit with each new level regardless of your weapon, but version 1.7 changed that.

In the current game version every weapon has different habit gain speed, it can be a value from 0.25 to 3. You will get habit quite fast with some weapons, and extremely slow with others.

Generally speaking, habit gain speed depends on the weapon class:
  • Pistols: 2.5
  • Shotguns: 2
  • SMGs: 1.75
  • ARs: 1 (the same value as it used to be for all weapons before)
  • Rifles: 1.5
  • Plasma: 0.5 - 1
  • Gauss: 0.25 - 1
  • MGs: 1.25
  • Launchers: 0.75
  • Primitive: 3
Many high-level weapons (15 level or higher) will have a reduction of habit gain speed, which will be another reason to start with a weapon of an appropriate level. There are also some weapons that habit gain speed differs from their class just because they "feel" more easy/hard to handle.
How to Gain Habit Faster?
Another way to gain habit faster in the game is to get Specialist[] perk, the one Lucy starts with. It will speed up the habit gain speed by a factor of 2.

Since there are almost 100 perks in the game, the chances of getting this one are pretty low (and honestly, it's not the most powerful perk out there...), it's better not to gain habit faster, but to learn how to switch your weapons in a smart way to keep most of the habit.
Weapon Switch Types: Clear and Dirty
As was mentioned earlier, when you switch your weapon you lose either 100% (all) or 50% of your accumulated habit depending on the weapon switch type.

There are 2 weapon switch types:
  • Clean (you keep 50% of the habit) - is when you switch to a weapon from the same class (a pistol to a pistol, a rifle to a rifle, etc.)
  • Dirty (you keep 0% of the habit) - is when you switch to a weapon from a different class (a pistol to an assault rifle, a rifle to a machine gun, etc.)
Thus, if you want to keep half of your habit, you have to get the next weapon from the same class as your current weapon.
Mixed Class Weapons
The switching part may get much more complicated because there are many weapons that belong to more than one class. For example, Kepler is a plasma (primary class) weapon and a shotgun (secondary class) as well. If you have 6 habit with Kepler right now, you are free to switch to any plasma weapon or to any shotgun as well to keep half of the habit (you will be left with habit 3, 30%). A weapon switch like that would a clean one.

That is why certain weapons offer you more flexibility to jump between classes. Another example is Siberia, level 6 SMG and Pistol. If you gained 10 levels with it and have 10 habit, you are free to pick .50 (level 11 pistol, Desert Eagle) or Horangi (level 10 SMG). In both cases, it will be a clean switch and you going to keep 50% of the habit.

Not only switching from mixed class weapons is good, but switching to them works as well. For example, you played with various assault rifles until level 18 and have 10 habit right now. You see Sheol in the weapon box, a mixed class weapon (SMG + AR) level 20. You can take it with your assault rifle and keep 50% of the habit, but you also could have picked it in the a scenario when you had an SMG instead of an AR.

Most mixed class weapons are either plasma (plasma rifle, plasma pistol, etc.), or gauss, but there are also a few of such weapons in almost any class.

Lastly, there are a few unclassified weapons in this game (Tesla, Fuego, Diablo, etc.) which don't belong to any class at all (technically speaking, they belong to class 0). The way switching works with them is even more complicated and a little bit broken at the moment. It's intended that those weapons will be treated as if they kind of belong to all classes, thus any switch to and from them will be a clean one, but at the moment in the game such a switch might end up being a dirty one. It should be fixed in one of the next game updates.

Now you hopefully learned everything there is about weapon habit in Red Algorithm and ready to use this knowledge in the game. Good luck!