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The Kingdom of Heaven: Third Crusade
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Jul 3, 2021 @ 11:41am
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The Kingdom of Heaven: Third Crusade

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Kingdom of Heaven
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The Kingdom of Heaven
Brings the large, interesting, engaging, world of the third crusade to your games! Play as figures such as Richard the Lionheart, Henry II, Baldwin IV, Saladin, Philip Augustus, Frederick Barbarossa and more!

  • 1184 startdate, giving the player a good few years to prepare before the Third Crusade.
  • Redone Province map of the Levant, providing an overall more historical Kingdom of Jerusalem - Includes Ibelin.
  • Expansive range of characters with unique Portraits, and content
  • Vast Range of additional events spanning everything from Monastery Beers, to the Assassins planning the killing of the Great Khan and everything in between, featuring large event chains for the Bookmarked Characters.
  • Special Models for Baldwin IV, Saladin and Richard the Lionheart
  • Large range of Coat of Arm Tabards which will spawn for cultures around the map
  • Features the Knights Templar and the Knights Hospitaller as patroned from Jerusalem, this also includes making the Templars only to wear templar clothing, Hospitallers only wearing hospitaller clothing, to prevent ugly mismatching from vanilla.
  • Integrated My Monastery with full permissions.
  • Integrated Res Publica with full permissions.
  • The College of Cardinals
  • Investiture System, Appoint your own Bishopric Successors! I hope this doesn't cause an Investiture Controversy
  • Sainthood System, very Pious characters now have a chance to become a Saint!
  • Name Kids after Saints, Pilgrimage to Saintly Tombs, Tomb holders gain Pilgrim tax.
  • Special Models provided from Ethnicities and Portraits Expanded.
  • Vastly fixed history, Explore the deep family histories of Europe and see just how interconnected everyone was! Most families named after historical counties *(Zollern and Hohenzollern fixed)* We actually researched every county in the entire HRE, to match things up with historical characters.
  • And much much more!

  • Why Doesn't this include the base start dates?
  • Due to adding many new provinces to the levant, and various other historical fixes in the files, we have decided to not include the earlier dates, as that would involve more research for us to figure out holders for these new provinces, and in most other cases the history when converted back to an normal date provided messy as when coding we focused best on bringing the 1184 startdate to life - which meant many more counties, and you cannot dynamically change the Landed_Titles file.

  • So what does this mod do again?
  • Brings the Third Crusade to Crusader Kings III, plus brings many more mechaincs and features to help develop and enrich the late 12th century experience.

  • Is this mod achievement compatible?
  • No

  • What is coming next for this mod?
  • Closest thing to a roadmap would be to expect a Ethnicities and Portraits Expanded + Community Flavour Pack Compatibility patch, as currently due to our own added Tabards and unique models, using either will currently overwrite our models causing naked rulers, OR It gives my mod priority and in a way, deactivates the other mods.

    From there we have ideas in French County flavor, Italian and Byzantine rework and a content update on the Norwegian Civil War era which spans 100 years.

  • Is this mod compatible with my old save?
  • As this is a new start date, it is highly recommended you start a new game

  • Is this mod compatible with "X" mod?
  • Compatibility is dependent on patches so if your favorite mod does not have a patch for our mod, someone will have to design one. As i change various files throughout the game, it will come down to trial and error on what works or not.

Discord Link
Paradox Forums
Crusader Kings III Mod Coop

  • Lead Developer, Mod Director, Coder, Designer
  • UberEpicZach

  • The Team
  • Lindest - Unique Portraits DNA, Character History, Title History, Culture History, Dynasty History, Event Scripter, Event Designer.
  • Orenum - Lead Event Designer, Lead Research.
  • Aster - Event Designer.
  • Torngasuk - He's literally the Library of Alexandria, all historical sources always.
  • isamo - Province Mapping, Character History, Coat of Arms, GFX Icon Work.

  • Apprentice Dev
  • Flalf - Event Scripter
  • Malte - Decision and Event Scripting
  • Sir Mediocrity - Event Designer

  • Former or Inactive Team Members/b]
  • Aisibi - Interaction + Created Adoption
  • LordVarangian - Former Co-Lead
  • Comrade Sky - Designer?
  • Seljuk Shah - Event Scripter, Event Designer, Middle Eastern Research.

  • Contributors
  • Caden335 - Helped script and GUI side on Investiture and Sainthood systems, following Uber's design plans
  • TheGib770 - Helped make Sainthood Names, helped with script issues, created the Elective Government of Jerusalem, the Haute Cour.
  • Tobbzn - Commissioned to create Ubers' design of the College of Cardinals.

  • Ethnicities and Portraits Expanded
  • Celticus - Saladin's Helmet
  • Xangelo - Some Tabard Textures and Saladin's outfit
  • Some assets in KOH, such as some helmets are 100% from the EPE team, and should be fully credited for such.

  • My Monastery
  • My Monastery was integrated under terms of full disclosure on credits.
  • ArKo
  • Scratch - Holding Illustration
  • MattAlexi - 3D model for the monastery
  • Mouchi - Co-lead

  • Res Publica
  • Res Publica was integrated.
  • Caden

  • Bookmark Illustration Images
  • ac566 - Created the Bookmark Illustrations.

  • Crusader Mounts Team CK2
  • Allowed us to convert to CK3.

  • Special Thanks and PlayTesters
  • Leviathonlx - For the original initial fixed history to 1160 in September with More Bookmarks+, and more recently the development files which will come out in the next patch.
  • Lux, Publio, Rawilson, BreadOverlord, Hierophant, Hutma, Crimson, Wrench

    If anyone was left out please let us know!
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UberEpicZach  [author] 16 hours ago 
Regardless of the avenue of donation, if you chose to support me, you are supporting me, UberEpicZach specifically, although ***all funds*** will go back towards my many projects, whether that's using the funds for commissioned scripting of mechanics, artworks, 3D Models, Music, Branding or Otherwise! *(And I will be creating places where I will transparently as possible show Patron's where or what I have done with said donations.)*
UberEpicZach  [author] 16 hours ago 
Hey all, please read my post over on reddit, it explains the previous months of development and reasons things are slow.

[h]Other Support[/h]
Lastly, if you do wish to support the things I do without directly joining my projects as a team member I know have a new solution, after many more months since release and even prior; I had frequently been asked to create a place for people to donate to, and I have finally created such a method.

I have created both a Patreon and a Ko-fi, *(posting now at the beginning of the month so nobody gets double charged)* for different purposes, If one wishes to become a long-time supporter of myself over many months; then the Patreon would be a better avenue for you and myself. If one wishes to gift me the price of a coffee to show appreciation, I would recommend the Ko-fi!
felixbm06 Jun 29 @ 7:05am 
Why does the byzantines get like 15000 cataphracts, it makes it impossible for me to win as hungary
♛ Wieczny Silver ✞ Jun 26 @ 1:47pm 
stunning! :crusader_helmet:
spacejunction Jun 22 @ 10:31am 
your mod seems amazing !
unfortunatly, i'm on 1.4.4 and i can't' run it. It crashed at launch everytime
I got the blue kingdom of heaven screen, then the loading page (with i guess your custom wallpapers) and it freeze, and crash in about 5 sec
do you know how to make it work please?
(I don't have other mods installed)
ErrorGranted Jun 21 @ 9:12am 
when update it is a very cool mod
UberEpicZach  [author] Jun 19 @ 3:15pm 
Enad Jun 19 @ 10:50am 
Do you still plan on updating this mod for the latest updates?
lhewitt919 Jun 16 @ 4:01pm 
Thanks Zach
Baizen Jun 13 @ 1:15am 
fav mod, please update