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Rewrite of Battlescribe to tts to strip some of the extra stuff that isn't used very often, add a bunch of new functionality, and make everything look a bit nicer.

Upload roster file to

any questions, check out the support server linked on the website or message me here on steam (but I can't guarantee I'll respond in a timely manner on here)

BIG THANKS to MaliciousMo87 for the thumbnail!
BIG THANKS to thehivemind5 for the original battlescribe2tts and the inspiration (and some code) for this one
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Oct 25 @ 11:09pm
error when creating an army
< >
Primus Nov 26 @ 9:32am 
If i close a unit Profile with the X Button i get an "Error in Script (Global) function <UI.setXmlTable>: table was null <3>" message and i cannot open the profile of this modelle or its unit again unitl i reload the table. Hope somebody knows a fix because its a awesome mod
Victorial Nov 26 @ 1:25am 
Есть скриншоты или видео о том, как это работает? На словах всё очень удобно и понятно, но хотелось бы взглянуть. :dswilson:
Soupermonkey Oct 29 @ 5:55pm 
A portable version would definitely be appreciated.
Lexington Oct 19 @ 1:42am 
Seriously impressed with the upgrades you've done over BS2TTS - awesome work dude!
Azrael Castus Oct 10 @ 6:41pm 
Is there a version that is portable between games? It's infinitesimally easier to bring the old Battlescribe to TTS Bag to a game w/ every model for your faction, than it is to bring every / most of the models in a faction to the Yellowscribe game.
Honeymustardlover99 Oct 6 @ 11:08am 
please update this mod with support for opening more than one datasheet at once, so hard when its opens datasheets for all players:((
Trazyn the Infinite Sep 29 @ 4:57pm 
I've played against foes who used this, but for me, the mod always messed up with which model to use. 3/5 right now, once I can get it to work it becomes an instant 5/5.
Clarinett3 Sep 26 @ 9:26pm 
great suite of bstts! But I have bugs during the generation of the army: units are replaced by another model (for example a temperstor on a fig of hellhounds).
The God of Cakes Sep 19 @ 12:53pm 
An alright bs2tts alternative (especially now that bs2tts is gone?). One major flaw is that you can only have one datasheet(40k) open for a unit at any time across both players. So if I open a datasheet, it'll close the one my opponent has open, even if they're looking at a different unit. This wasn't an issue on bs2tts and is very obnoxious when it does come up, which so far has been every game I've played using this.

Other than that it's nice and clear, datasheets are far easier to read. However, would also like for the points cost of units to be added to the datasheet you can open. Was a nice part of bs2tts.
Gar Sep 19 @ 12:48pm 
Thanks for this, dude! Wasn't sure what happened to b2tts, but I couldn't be more grateful that I found your mod.