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Swing Gauge Penalties
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Quick explanation of the Swing Gauge and Penalties.
Swing Gauge Penalties
  • Speed - The Swing Gauge is designed for users to click in the 12 o’clock position. Any distance beyond it will result in increased speed.

  • Terrain – The Sweet Spot, indicated by a green coloration, will increase and decrease based on Club Selected and Terrain. e.g. Users will have a smaller sweet spot in the rough compared to the fairway

  • Post Shot Analysis – The Post Shot Analysis will give a detailed breakdown of where users clicked on the Swing Gauge.

  • Inclinometer - Users will experience an increased Down Swing Speed if the ground beneath the ball has incline. Prioritize landing in Flat Spots for less speed.

  • Post Shot - Review what happened and why with the Post Shot Analysis of your click.