Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2

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Fire dragon
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Lunatic's Leathers
Created by Corvalho
Biker jacket for the Pyro

- Paintable
-3 lods
-Team colored

Bike in the posters is available in the SFM workshop:
The 3lb Trigger
Created by Sparkwire
My gun, without me, and without finger strengthening exercises, is useless....
The Rings of Betrayal
Created by Corvalho
A nice, classy and totally not suspicious set of rings, which are totally not hidden cameras nor other micro gagets a spy would carry.

- Paintable
- Team Colored...
Created by invisibleStuff
The Ghost of Smissmas Present, or Gosp for short, has arrived to tell you how to become a better mann for the future. How, you might ask, well by gifting him to a friend of course!


Gosp is a paint-able, all cl...
The Right Way
Created by Napy Da Wise
Left is so boring.

All class
Facial Flexes
Ouroboros Badge
Created by AyesDyef
The Ouroboros is a universally recognized symbol of the cycles of chaos. Red, and Blue. Fire, and Ice. Clashing against each other in endless battles for victory.

FaeVerse Alchemy can be found in the steam store [URL=
Powered Up!
Created by Undertow
Whether attempting to look like you stuck your finger in an electrical socket or are cosplaying your favorite anime character, this hair will get the job done!

- Paintable
- 2 Levels of detail
- Adjusted to fit each class

** I keep seeing this qu...
Space Predator GFX-40
Created by luXor
"The latest development of the Mann Co company,touch the future today but be careful it bites...."
-normal map
Demon Ushanka
Created by Black Forest Games
While not as fluffy as a dead owl, this snazzy counterpart to the Owl Cowl will warm your ears with the power of hellfire!

Themed after Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams and [url=http://store.steampowered...
Lil Reaper
Created by ]TPG[ emrfish
The reaper is back and ready to try to reap your soul once more! Don't look over your shoulder, you just might have death stalking you.

Unfortunately it isn't as detailed as it was last year, I had to shave off 700 tris so it could be imported. But it s...
Oppressive Omelette (Original)
EDIT: Latest revision here - Oppressive Omelette (FIX)

Really hungry with the fridge buried and no cash, you snoop into your magic chucking former roommate's room to borro...
Mask of Mayhem
Created by Hawkins308
A mask for serious mayhem!

all class, paintable, team colors...
Gurglewocky Cap
Created by Black Forest Games
We have studied the head-shrinking techniques of the Jivaro to turn what may be one of the most aggravating dragon things ever into a funky trophy! Who’s the boss now?

Themed after Giana Sisters: Twisted Dr...
Lava Shark Companion
Created by Deinol
Scare that guys who try to kill you with your little Lava Shark Pet!

(My first all-class model :D)
Lava Shark Attack (Pyro Helmet) Here:
I must thank Frenchfry for the comment giving me the i...
ozfortress highlander third
Created by Ruskeydoo
ozfortress highlander third...
The Groundbreaker
Created by [m00] Elbagast
"It's always tough to seperate a man from his buildin', 'specially if its one o' them engineer lads. "Why are ye always blowin' up everythin' I make?" they say, like they don't know it's a vicious monster that's killin' all me mates. They're like the owner...
The Scorched Shot
Created by nano393
"Scorch the land and your enemies with this nice gift from your pal, Pyro. Oh, also is a good ligther."

2 LODs

Now i've got some ideas for more "fire theme" items. Maybe i should do more weapons like this. You know, for "Meet the Pyro"...
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