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Amnesia: The Dark Descent

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How to remove enemies
By UncleGwen
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I also made a guide for Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. I still haven't finished the game so I haven't found all of the bugs yet.
Known Bugs [Spoilers]
1. Chancel

After you've gathered all six orb pieces, you have to go back to the Chancel. Once you enter then Chancel, you are ambushed by Grunts. This is supposed to happen, but because you used this guide, they won't spawn and you can't continue the game. So after you've collected them and re-entered the Nave, Save and Exit your game and re-enable the monsters. Then after they have ambushed you and you have moved on in the story, you can Save and Exit and disable them again.
How to remove enemies

This removes the Grunt, Brute, and Kaernk/Water Monster/Lurker.

1. Go to your Games Library.

2. Right-Click on Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

3. Click on 'Properties'.

4. Go to the Local Files tab.

5. Click on 'Browse Local Game Files'.

6. Go to the 'entities' folder.

7. Minimize the window.

8. Go to your Games Library.

9. Start up Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

10. Launch the game.

11. Don't select a profile yet. (If you are just starting the game, make a new profile and then restart the game. If you are wanting to restart, delete the profile you want to use and relaunch the game).

12. Shift+Tab (default key-bindings) and open up the Steam overlay.

13. Alt+Tab and go to the desktop.

14. Open the Amnesia: The Dark Descent Folder we were using earlier.

15. In the entities folder, rename the 'enemies' folder to anything else.

16. Minimize the Amnesia: The Dark Descent Folder.

17. Alt+Tab and go back to Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

18. Start up your profile and enjoy a monster free game!

19. When you are done playing, (that session of play time), rename the file back to 'enemies'.

Sadly, you have to do this each time you play. Also, this just removes the Monster entities. It does not remove the sequences. For Example: In the Archives, after you solve the book puzzle and get the key, there will still be a bang on the door and when you walk out of the hallway the music will play as if a Grunt was there, but there won't be a Grunt. Even though it isn't a hostile, it is still part of the 'enemies' folder. Another example is in the Refinery. About a minute into the Refinery, you would see a Grunt. But, with this you won't because even though it isn't a hostile, it is still part of the 'enemies' folder.
How to remove Monsters in Justine DLC
I was informed of this by stamatisbakalis2000, all credit to them.

"Guys if you want to remove the enemies that appear in justine rename this folder:
<Amnesia the dark descent folder>\entities\ptest\enemy_suitor
Op please add this to the guide so people see it."

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Hey this is a lot of help I love the atmosphere, music and story and I really don’t like replaying Justine over and over just to see what happens. Don’t know why someone helping someone enjoy the story and atmosphere without monsters makes them so angry. Thanks a ton for making this.
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hello, how to remove enemies on amnesia TDD and justine. manipulation does not work