Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight

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Good Survivors builds
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The best survivors builds in my opinion.

P.s I'm sorry for my bad english,cuz im from Russia.If you found mistakes just let me know!
TryHard builds
Classic Tryhard build
Can't say anything,just a good old classic

Build that includes sprint burst
As a basis, we will take a sprint burst to speed up movement, you can replace it with a die hard, an iron will, so that the killer does not hear us when we wounded, unbreakable, if the maniac plays from the ground, then the perk will allow us to get up from the ground without the help of other survivors and dicisive strike, if killer tunnels us.

Build with Lithe
We take lithe as a basis, when jumping over it will allow us to move faster and rotate ourselves to another place, dance with me and fast and quiet we take to confuse the killer, iron will so that the killer does not hear us when wounded.
Support builds
Save unhook

In this build, we will use the borrowed time, in case if killer is camper, a sprint burst that will give us mobility, we'll do it, with this perk we will be able to quickly heal the survivor once we have taken him off the hook, and we can also quickly heal other survivors while the perk is active, desperate measures will speed up the healing and taking survivors off the hook for each survivor injured in any way.

Heal build

In this build, we use a sprint burst for mobility,aftercare, which gives us information when we heal survivor, autodidact which will greatly buff our heal in, botany knowledge, which accelerates our heal.

repairing generators

Our main perk will be prove thyrself, which accelerates the repair of generators, when there are survivors next to you, rookie spirit will show you the auras of generators to us, repressed alliance in an extreme situation will allow us to block the generator from killer so he does not break it, and urban evaision will help us with stealth.

Solo builds
Stealth build

The main perk in this build is urban evaison, which accelerates our movement when you crouch, distortion makes killer does not see your aura 3 times, the iron will drowns out our moans, with calm spirit, we do not frighten crows.Ideally, for this build, take a Claudette with a black skin.

Troll build

The main perk in this build is head on which will allow us to stun killer with a locker, deception this perk fakes the opening of the locker, quick & quiet to silently climb into the locker and diversion which creates a distraction for the killer at a distance of 20 meters.

find hatch challenge

Our main park is left behind to see the hatch, a sprint burst for mobility, an iron will to drown out moans, a urban evasion for easy stealth. In this build you MUST use key.
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76561198836393004  [author] Jul 8 @ 10:47am 
Yeah, we're gonna live forever is nice perk
Hory Jul 8 @ 10:06am 
Everything is a good build as long as it has We're gonna live forever.
Can't play without that
chris 'sips' lovasz age 16 Jul 6 @ 1:29pm 
people slating sprint burst in the comments. you can very much be a tryhard with sprint burst, but in their build with sprint burst dead hard would indeed be better. if you're running a gen jockey build, sprint burst is just better, or lithe ig
Qaz Jul 6 @ 11:25am 
dead hard, resilience, iron will, spine chill
Hound Fluff Jul 6 @ 1:35am 
ngl spinechill works better than botany with autodidact
Crazy Marc Jul 5 @ 5:22pm 
Dead Hard, Iron Will, Borrowed Time, Andrenaline (swap Andrenaline or Borrowed Time with Decisive Strike if required).

Self-Care hinders you more than it helps you as it wastes time that could be spent doing gens or bones. How the game has been out this long and people still cling to Self-Care as a crutch perk is beyond me.
NIUBI Jul 5 @ 4:04pm 
Too much Urban Evasion. Let's not keep tricking newer players to use this perk.
⛧ Blue Eye Devil ⛧ Jul 5 @ 2:50am 
You cant have sprint burst in the build if it says "Try Hard". Also why run botany knowledge with autodidact? You want slow healing so you get a chance for autodidact to work.
Evil Minіоn Jul 4 @ 7:18am 
Isn't Classic Tryhard build supposed to have Dead Hard instead of Sprint Burst?
chris 'sips' lovasz age 16 Jul 4 @ 3:10am 
@Agirek you're right