The Last Spell

The Last Spell

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I beat the last spell on run #3 (ever). Here's what I learned, my strategy, and tips for players of all levels (40+ tips)
By DrakenKin
Hi friends. I did night 6 on my very first run ever, night 8 on my second, and i beat it on my third. Currently doing and streaming the apocalypse runs. Just some background to show that what i am about to say might makes some sens. Find here a lot of tips for players of all skill levels. Should anything be missing, let me know and i'll be happy to cover your questions.

You can check the videos on twitch for a demonstration of the above runs.
My main strategy, as briefly as i can put it :

1. Don't get hit in combat. You will benefit from perks like confident, never have to worry about temples or health or potions, but most of all you can totally ignore tanking stats which will snowball your damage output. If this doesn't seem possible watch my twitch plays, it's definitely very possible and ill explain some more on why further in this guide.
2. Be super greedy and careful with resources. From gold to mana to materials, don't use anything that is finite unless you have a very good reason.
3. Good base structure, using the most cost efficient builds such as relying on cheap barricades as much as possible. More on that further down.
4. Squeeze as much lethality out of your heroes as possible. Learn to prioritize which monsters to kill and wound. And yes both killing and wounding have purpose.

Basically never let your heroes get hit, and if you do this, you won't need healing, you won't need the temple, you won't need potions. This will save you a lot of gold and let your economy snowball early on. But the main benefit is as you level up (and pick items) you can focus on damage and utility (teleportation, move points, multi hits) instead of picking useless stats to survive.

Let me say this again. Defense stats are dead stats. I completely ignore defensive stats and simply do not get hit 98% of the time. You can watch my streams on twitch, user "drakenkin" if you want to see how i play the last spell[]. So ignore health, armor, block, etc and focus on your damage, movement, and utility. Mana regen is a dead stat, health regen is dead, evasion is the same, dead dead dead.

A little bit of armor is not bad, maybe, if you make a mistake in the later waves and take a hit. But that's about it. Keep in mind, don't waste your level up stats on armor. You will almost always end up with a little bit of armor from items without even trying.

Max mana *could* matter a bit early (because it restores by the amount it adds), but becomes useless once you have mana per crit 20-25%+ crit chance (15% of that can be from a perk), etc. You will simply get back all the mana from attacking and never need potions, and occasionally you won't even need to build the mana well itself. Again watch my videos to see this in action.

Second, prioritize your economy in order to snowball it asap. Pretty clear and self explanatory. On the first turn ill usually build 2-3 gold mines (depending on what you unlocked and what apoc you're on). Then i'll focus on upgrading them ASAP. This is not written in stone. If you see an amazing item on day 1, like a 15% propagation trinket, a much better weapon, or anything valuable, grab it. Sacrificing some economy to buy something rare and valuable is worth it. So basically, focus on economy, but know when there is an exception to be made. As they say, understand the rules to know when to break them and all that good jazz.

Third principle, be super greedy with your resources. Mainly mana. If I can kill a wave or kill all immediate threats without spending mana, especially in the first days, then i won't spend the mana. OFC factor in your mana regen, just make sure you don't spend more mana than your regen. If i do this enough, i never have to build a single mana well or buy a single mana potion until i can get mana from crits and have unlimited mana. All those savings feed into my economy, lets me snowball, lets me have seer, inn, crafting, etc much earlier.
I've watched some beginner streams to prepare a few tips and see what are the biggest mistakes out there. Here are some tips that a lot of people are missing :


- I see people sticking to 1 weapon too long. And when they do get a second one, they are not aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon so they don't use them properly. Why are you attacking healthy targets with the hand crossbow when you have a shortbow equiped? Shortbow can one shot most things, and you should be using the weak damage multishot to clean up the surviving monsters rather than doing most of the damage. Also, did you notice the -1 move per attack on the HC? you don't need to finish off monsters that won't be able to move or attack anything of value. Make an effort to understand your weapons and use them properly, it will help you a lot. First, have 2 different weapons if you don't already. This has a lot of benefits. It will balance your melee by giving you ranged options until you get more move points. It will give you more AOE, since they are limited to 1 or 2 per weapon pet turn you can switch to the second weapon and use its AOE in a tight spot. This is insanely useful for dealing with massive group of enemies. Finally, the additional weapon gives you more options to skip defenses... such as having attacks that can't be dodged (shortbow) or that skips resistance (magic weapons) or that's amazing at isolated single target (isolated attack on the dagger or longbow). But most of all, a lot of weapons have a really good attack that only costs 1ap but is limited in charges to maybe 2 per turn (think power shot from shortbow that can do 130+ dmg per shot right from basic level 1), so having a secondary weapon lets you use more of those charges, sparing your mana and your more powerful attacks for where they are needed. Second and again, read what those weapons can do, and be aware of their strengths so you can use them properly.

- Another mistake i see often. Why do you feel obliged to keep bad items equipped? Those -5% accuracy boots are hurting you, that -1 move point armor is really weakening your melee character. Get rid of bad items! Fight naked if necessary. Truly only the weapon matters, and ill be doing a fully naked run soon to prove this fact.

- Don't freak out about panic! You still get a lot of gold and materials on 100% panic. I see people taking hero damage and blowing off all their mana going to zero to avoid a bit of panic. Don't do that. Think of panic as the icing on the cake, it's nice to have less panic or even zero and get that juicy item, but you can do fine by having some. For sure it's not worth having your hero taking face damage to avoid it. You'll spend more money healing him than you got from less panic. Notice the difference in gold between perfect and some or even 100% panic, it's a lot less dramatic than what you might think. And if you're starting out with the game, focus on surviving longer. This happens by keeping your heroes healthy and mana pools maximized, rather than freaking out because a runner can hit one of your ruined buildings.

- There is no class for heroes in this game. Weapons make your class! What this means is, if you absolutely hate that 6 movement melee hero you start with, nothing prevents you from slapping a ranged weapon on him and making him ranged, skipping the move point issue entirely. Pick ranged damage as you level up and you'll be just fine. In fact often a hero will start with stats and traits making him better in a different purpose than what he started with.

- Stop throwing your AP around without thoughts!. I see big streamers like Day9 doing this and then complaining that the game is hard or doesn't explain enough and immediately give up on it. It is pretty sad to be honest. It breaks my heart. You heard that this game is hard, didn't you? So why do you throw abilities around almost randomly, and be frustrated when you lose? This game is more like chess, and definitely not a shooter or hack and slash. So think about what you're doing before you do it. Before moving your hero you should know your priority targets, you should know what you are attacking and why, and you should know how you will move your hero after attack to keep him safe. If you can't answer these questions before moving, you will struggle. Yes you can just blunder your way through the game and eventually be just fine after getting a lot of unlocks. But frankly, this is not how the game is meant to be played, and i do not think this is how you will get the most enjoyment out of it. Of course, this is my opinion, everyone enjoys their games differently and that's perfectly fine.

- Be very greedy with mana in the beginning, you get a tiny bit of mana regen (most likely 2 or 3) and that's it. Ideally, you don't want to build the building for mana nor buy potions immediately because your gold will be more valuable invested in other things. You want to invest that early gold into making more gold. So don't use more mana than your hero's mana regeneration on that first battle, ideally. If these are your very first runs and you don't have much unlocked, investing into fully upgrading the shop (to get level 3-4 weapons asap) is probably one of the best things you can do. So it is still valid to save your health and mana (as not to have to buy temple and mana well) for that reason alone.

- Move your mouse over enemies, you see exactly where they can move and what they might be able to attack, use that to make better decisions. It literally takes a second, and it makes you aware of critical information. This immediately makes you a better player. It's well worth doing!
—> EDIT : New patch, you can now press left ALT to see where all enemies can reach in a glance.

- Move points are one of the best stats in the game! Expect to get about 2-3 move points from armor, the rest you need to get from leveling up stats. It is often better to pick move instead of almost anything else, for the exception of AP. Keep also in mind that 14 is the maximum move you can have. Increasing it beyond that level is wasting stats as it will stay on 14. Beyond that number think about getting armors with teleportation, and other movement related abilities and items.
(For some reason, Steam has a max limit on each section's size. So let me continue the beginner tips here)

- This is stupid and i hope it's fixed soon. But equipping an item with +health will wound you. It increases your max health, but doesn't add hp points for that. This is important because it disables your 50% reliability perk, or forces you to waste resource on healing. For this reason I would recommend you buy the item, but only equip it once you are already wounded and will heal anyway. Personally i just avoid +health items because i rarely build the healing building until night 7+ (and when i do its because i need it as a wall) as i almost never get hit. And i don't want to waste gold on health potions early either.

- You have to balance killing with delaying, and this is why the hand crossbow is so ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ sexy. Having 3-4-5-6 attacks with 1 ap (stacking multishot) and having each one of these attacks remove movement from enemies will completely neutralize big meanies like the boomers, lancers, and whatever else is increasing your blood pressure. Have you ever seen a boomer with ZERO move points? it's a beautiful thing to behold. Keep him there, and explode him when he's surrounded by walkers. Just like that, boomer works for you now.

- Ok this is a fundamental principle, and i assure you it is not contradictory with the above tip. You want to kill things instead of delaying them whenever possible. For this reason, you will always prioritize damage over stun and utility / tanking stats, and you will always prioritize weapons like the dagger and spear over the hammer, because those can actually kill instead of wound and stun. What you want to do is kill as many per turn, ideally wiping the wave completely sometimes. If your decisions are always focusing on being able to kill more and more efficiently (instead of defense, tanking, utility, or some other distractions), the game becomes a lot easier.

- Grab those armors with teleport every. single. time. Those are amazing. They basically add +4 moves to your hero, and let you jump both enemies and walls. Huge! I'll take those over anything, and even better they always come with a +1 move on the armor itself. 5 move points from one item, take that and slap it on your melee. It's so broken-level good.

- If you have nice gold economy but less materials, consider using buildings as disposable walls. I almost never build the temple, but when i do, i do it because i need a cheap 3 tile wall with 150hp. The other cheap gold wall i use is the secondary armory, first one gets upgraded and is well tucked in and safe inside my base, the second one is a shield against the horde. These buildings are 55 and 70 gold, it's pretty cost efficient to cover a flank. I really like to keep my materials for the occasional wall, the occasional ballista and catapult, and most of the materials will go into making TRAPS. I am talking about the explosive type. They are just amazing. 9 tiles area, multiple charges, it chews up enemies and let you one shot them easier. By the endgame the outside of my village is surrounded by what I like to think of as the "traps donut". Mmm donuts. What more, they used to hurt your heroes and buildings, with the last patch they won't anymore. Traps are just OP, especially the damage ones and the slow ones. Think about alternating them for maximum efficiency.

- Small tip, it can be hard to tell exactly where the fog stops. What you can do, use a barricade or trap to see exactly where the fog starts. You can do this by hovering these on the edge of the map. This is very useful to calculating where things like runners and archers will spawn and where they can reach. This will help you decide where to position your heroes exactly to be safe, and decide if you need to push the fog back with seer or not.


- Build order? I don't like build orders because you often need to adapt to the situation and your skill level, and a rigid build order will not give you that. Ideally, you want 2 gold mines on the very first day, avoid building temples or wells or upgrading the shop and avoid buying anything until you have 3 upgraded gold mines. But how realistic is that? First depending on your skill level you might need mana or healing after battle. And even if you play perfectly, the shop might have a +15% propagation trinket, a +1 action point item, or something else that you want to grab right away. If you're just starting out with 4AP, grabbing the best weapons every time you see them (shortbows, daggers, etc) can not be missed. And if you have unlocked a lot (chance for crafted items to be magical) then you'd best skip a gold mine or two and go faster into crafting. What i would advise on the build order is to try to get as much economy going as possible (skip anything that you don't need, and buy the gold mines asap) but make exceptions when you see something special that will greatly help you survive. I will make a specific economy guide later on, so stay tuned for that one.
—PS : You unlock the gold mine by spending 1000 gold at the shop.

- Stop using villagers to destroy buildings. I only destroy ruins manually, never use villagers. Between gold, materials, and crafting, your villagers have plenty to do. You might use them on ruins before unlocking the gold mines, but once you do you can fully take advantage of them right from day 1 and never bother villagers with ruins anymore. That's gotta be worth a few more votes for you on the next election for mayor of doomsville. Nice.

- Don't waste your villagers on the other seer services. All you need is the occasional pushing of the fog. And you should only do it if enemies can spawn and immediately hit your buildings, else it's just fine. It doesn't matter what enemies comes. And it doesn't matter the ratio, since you can see right from wave 1 where the most are coming from, and switch your heroes around. Just make sure to position your ranged and high mobility heroes between directions to be able to easily switch. — I'll repeat because it's important, my rule of thumb is that if enemies can spawn and attack my walls / building immediately, i will push back the fog... else it's a waste. Using the seer too much other than pushing the fog will weaken you.

- Don't know what you want to craft first? I recommend you craft armors first. Because everyone can use armor. If you have 1 magic guy, crafting magic weapons will not be the best thing you can do because only 1 of your heroes can benefit from it. But if you have 3 magic users, then yes crafting magic weapons will be high on your priority list. You probably still want armor crafting first however.

- Possibly obvious, but worth mentioning. Always repair a wall before upgrading it. It ends up being cheaper.

- Shop maxes out at items level 3-4. This means that the only way to get level 5 items is crafting. Valid for both armor and weapons. Don't underestimate crafting. Also, crafting is the only way to make more gold once you max out your gold mines, either use the item or sell it. It's a pretty nice income.

- The max heroes you can have is 6. That's when the Inn upgrades max out. Plan accordingly.
—PS: You unlock the Inn (building that lets you have more heroes) by having 5 nights at less than 1 panic.

- The ideal moment for a seer is probably day 5. So plan your expenses around seer, inn, economy, crafting, etc. accordingly.

- Think barricades instead of walls. Early on, the barricade will soak up 2 hits. BUT you should probably save your materials until day 4-5+ because the first waves are so easy wasting materials is not optimal. Also you don't care about those ruin walls that you can't repair, it's OK to lose them in the first days while you build up your economy. The only thing i would spend materials on early are ballista and catapults (catapults are best) since they will help you for the length of the run and they are never a waste.
—> Later on enemies do so much damage than even big walls will fall to 1 or 2 hits, so you might as well spend 7 materials on a barricade instead of 60 and get more of them. But i have to say that your walls should never be hit anyway (except by archers). Your big walls serve as cover vs archers. Your barricades are the things that will buy you some time should something slip by. Think of your barricades as your first line of defense, and your walls as a backup if something goes wrong. Literally, archers should be the only thing able to attack your walls 95% of the time. Again to see this kind of tactics in action, come say hello on my twitch channel[].
- After you understand the basics, the biggest tip i could give is to learn to prioritize. This alone can go a long way. I've been looking at a few new people playing the game to work on this guide, and it's infuriating to me to see someone wasting an AP to finish off an enemy that is 10% health, has no movement, no ability to reach or attack anything of importance, while there are plenty of enemies that can hit the walls, hit the buildings, hit the hero, and that are full health. It is often better to wound a bunch of enemies to make them lose move points, if they cannot reach your hero and buildings and town, rather than finishing off wounded ones. The only exception to this are the armored guys with tons of armors, obviously finish them off so you don't have to deal with their armor going back to full next turn. Let me be more specific on priorities in these sub tips :
- Priority #1 is whoever can attack your heroes or circle or buildings or cause panic. Again hover your mouse over enemies to see what they threaten.
- When i say priority it doesn't always mean kill. If a monster can attack a building, you hit him once, and now you removed enougn of his move points that he can't reach anymore, forget about him and move to the next target. Your AP is very precious, don't just throw it around, make sure every AP is spent for a purpose.
- Priority #2 are things that can attack your walls, barricades, or things that can do a lot of damage like splitters since they can attack 3 tiles at the same time.
- Priority #3 are groups. Meaning you need to get value out of your AOEs. A good rule of thumb is to always get value if enemies are grouped in such a way that your AOE can get more kills than single targets. So even if nothing is threatening you this turn, if you keep shooting single targets, eventually you will get overwhelmed because you're not getting value out of your AOEs. Remember this is a game about HORDES of enemies, AOEs are very valuable, and unless you're saving mana and you know you can get away with it, you should be casting 1 AOE on average per hero per turn. The only exception is when the hordes are not positioned in a favorable way for your AOE, in this case it might be better to save mana.
- Sometimes archers can be a decent priority since they can keep smashing your defenses at a range, and they also prevent your hero from being close to the action since they can shoot him out of cover and reduce his move points.
- Finally if things are looking grim and you might die this night, a better tactic to survive is to stop caring about panic. Focus on whatever can attack your important buildings (gold mine, inn, seer) and circle, and ignore the rest. Let them wreck the walls, the ruins, the less important buildings (like un-upgraded temple, mana well, etc) to buy you time, and focus on the biggest AOEs / Kills you can do per turn. In my first and second runs this let me go all the way to night 6 and 8 respectively, simply because i didn't care about panic (i was focused on the unlock and surviving as long as possible) and i was just using buildings and barricades as delayers of enemies while my little band of 3 heroes was focusing on numbers. Night 5 and 8 are important thresholds for survival since they unlock important things. I'll spare you the spoilers.

- Be aware of what monsters are present in this night. If this wave doesn't have ranged enemies like archers, you don't need to move back to cover every time. You can simply move away out of range of all melee, and be safe AND be close enough to be efficient with your moves next turn. I see too many people freaking out and moving their melee guy way back... you don't need to freak out my friend, simply back him off to a place where he can't be attacked, and no further than that. Similarly if the fog is close, and there are runners in this wave, even if you don't see them assume they are in the fog and move back accordingly so they can't hit you.
- More on that. It seems the game starts you off on night 1 with 2 types of enemies, and every night you get +1 additional type, until you get to 6-7 types then you get a night with only 4 types but stronger enemies. Once you have the seer building, you will be able to tell exactly how many types there are. Spending villagers to know what enemies are coming is NOT worth it by the way, the only thing you should be using the seer on is pushing the fog back.

- Worth repeating, move your mouse over enemies to see where they can go, and click them and read their attacks and statistics to know what they are capable of. For example archers do ranged damage and dodgers do MAGIC damage, for this reason they are a lesser threat to your heroes compared to physical damage dealers, since those do double damage to armor. Each enemy will reveal something worth knowing, for example the Accursed will always cast their first debuff when they can (-25% resistance) but because this debuff only has 3 range, when your hero is out of that range they will do their second debuff (-2AP) instead, just because it has a range of 6. So your heroes probably want to either kill them, or be closer than 3 range, or farther than 6 range, or be behind cover... since there is nothing pleasant about losing 2AP. Another example, a dodger might have 15 dodge. One of your heroes has 15 accuracy, and another has 5 accuracy. Do i need to say that it's your higher accuracy hero who should take care of the dodger? So once again, READ the stats on enemies, and read their capabilities. Be also aware of your own capabilities. Keep in mind enemies get better stats every day, more hp, more dodge, more move points, more everything. So every wave, it pays to read and be aware of what you are dealing with.
- Observe and learn how the AI makes decision. They seem to almost always prioritize buildings when they can. So even if they can reach your hero 2 steps away, they will stop 1 step away and hit that barricade instead. They will also tend to attack whatever is closest on their path rather than whatever is a juicer target. For example an archer could attack your building or your hero (he is in range and has vision), but he'll most likely attack the wall simply because the wall is closer. This is important to understand because if you can avoid getting hit ever, you don't need to build temples, wells, or buy potions. That's a huge saving in terms of gold, and every little bit saved will help snowball your economy.

- Always consider all the options before making a decision. That building you just made might prevent you from being able to buy an amazing new weapon or armor that would be a game changer for your hero. For this reason i will often look at the shop first and spot the items i want before spending any gold elsewhere. So think, and pick the option that will result in the most power gain for you. In terms of build ordrer, i usually prioritize maximizing my economy first (building gold mines and upgrading), then focus on the shop and tavern, then items, then finally materials generation and item crafting. I beat the game with 80% of my gear being level 1-2-3, so you don't absolutely need the level 4-5 weapons to win.

- Worth repeating for any skill level. Be very greedy with health and mana. For instance after the first night, since i don't need healing and mana, i will invest my gold into either better items or gold mines, or both. Bottom line, delay buying the temple and mana well for as long as possible, and you do that by being good at the fighting part. You will eventually be so comfortable with the fighting that you won't ever need to to build these 2 buildings at all. Watch my streams on twitch. tv / drakenkin you can see that i never bother with these until i need a cheap wall, maybe around night 8-10. The not getting hit mindset works very well.

- This is not a tip to succeed, more a tip to be efficient with your time and sanity. After the first few runs the game gets much easier, even on apocalypse levels. So why are you holding on before buying that extra hero? It is optimal to wait as long as possible before getting more heroes, yes, so all of them be of higher levels. BUTif you are comfortable with winning and the game is getting too easy, get that new hero earlier, play faster, win faster, do more runs, experiment more. Sometimes min maxing the game is wasting your IRL time. So i'd recommend min maxing your IRL time at the cost of some ingame efficiency, it's a worthwhile exchange.

- One more tip following the above to make faster decisions : Look at the enemy wave in this direction. Can you kill everything? If you can, go in both guns blazing. It will make the turn faster. If you can't, then look at priority targets and give it more thoughts. There is no reason to overthink things when you can obviously kill everything comfortably. Again, it comes down to min maxing your IRL time.

- If you're bored with the game becoming easy, give yourself a challenge. I stopped using hand crossbows and shortbows since apoc 2. I will stop making a 3rd gold mine on my next run. If that's not enough to spice things i'll find other ideas to make things harder. Try some new weapons, even bad ones. Try different builds. I hate tanks and i don't want to get hit, but i will build one soon just for the sake of increasing the challenge and learning something new. I don't believe in poison builds but again, ill make one soon for the lolz. Do something interesting and challenge yourself!
Weapons guide
Weapons can be the subject for a small ebook on their own. Instead of going into every single one of them, let me refer you to the excellent guide written here on Steam. You can't miss it, it's literally the #1 guide for the game on steam.

However let me at least cover what weapons are currently the best in my opinion. These might change with future patch and updates :

RANGED : Shortbow (hand crossbow is #1 but it needs multihits and + propagation to truly shine so it is more RNG dependant, shortbow is solid from the start). So i like starting with the shortbow, and switching to hand crossbow once i find some multihit or propagation. Hand crossbow is hands down the #1 weapon in the game, mainly because it scales from 2 different stats at the same time (multihits and propagation), has both insane AOEs, insane single target, the ability to remove a lot of move points for cheap, some utility, and if that wasn't enough you have a hand free for a shield or an off hand weapon. Isn't that just insane? There is nothing the hand crossbow can't do, except maybe deal with high block targets. And you can often hold an entire side with a single hand crossbow hero. We can expect a nerf in the future, either directly or through buffing enemies with more block. PS: don't underestimate double shortbow on a ranged character, you can wipe out a 14 tiles area pretty easily on 4AP by casting the AOE side by side. Screenshot explanation of this coming soon. Eventually you'll want specialist to get the most out of hand crossbow or shortbow.

Worst ranged weapon? Possibly the regular crossbow. The horizontal / vertical targeting is just awkward and a huge headache.

MAGIC: Tome for mage. I like the druid staff as a secondary, for more single target charges, more utility with poison and removing enemy move points, and the additional AOE comes handy sometimes. Eventually i pick the specialist perk to focus on the tome with +20% damage and a +1 charge on the AOE lightning.

Worst magic weapon? Hmm, nothing really is too bad. The melee magic weapons are obviously a little bit more awkward to use, but i feel like all of them are decent, just not as good as tome or druid staff.

MELEE: Dagger, especially if you have sources of multihit. Not only you can attack multiple target for pretty solid damage (look at base + poison), but it also makes your melee technically a ranged character. It has piercing to one shot those armored targets, and it has an amazing isolated bonus that lets you one shot things most of the time. I like the spear as a secondary weapon to balance out the dagger, it has huge aoe, very solid damage output, and another ranged ability.

Worst melee weapon? Possibly the sword. The basic 3 targets AOE and the awkwardness of needing holes in enemy formations to move is a bit of a headache. Yes you can shine with momentum and extra range. But range stat is very rare and hard to find, so you're more vulnerable to RNG. And the momentum disappears after killing one target, and remember this game is about killing hordes, not single targets. So momentum is not exactly the stat we want to focus on. It make for nice memes with huge damage numbers however, that's fun.

Note : If you're not playing with the above weapons, keep in mind you can win with almost anything if you use the weapon well. For instance using the hammer with its big AOE stun can make it so the close enemies can't attack you, and others can't access you since your sides are occupied by stunned enemies. Effectively serving as walls. If you are using the weapons to their full potential, you will do just fine. I've stopping using hand crossbows and shortbows in my current run to increase the challenge, and will be avoiding more of the stronger weapons to show that skill trumps gear every time. My next run will probably a (mostly) naked run, so keep an eye out for that.
it's sad to say but most of them are useless. Lets check the most important ones :

You want the 25% xp first. This alone means 1-2-3 more levels by the end game. More importantly it makes sure the inn heroes will start at higher level, since they scale with your current hero pool level.

You want either the +multishot, the +souls, or the +50% reliability to single targets. Reliability is a huge boost to DPS on weapons like the shortbow or tome and should not be underestimated. Most likely you will pick souls + reliability on everyone, except on the hand crossbow and tome who will want multishot / propagation.

Most likely you want the 50% reliability when healthy and the -1 mana cost per turn also, this alone buys you 2+ more castings of your major AOE per night.

Later you obviously want the +15%crit on health targets and the mana per crit. If your crit is decent, pick mana. If it's bad, start with the crit chance instead.

Finally, you want the AP per kill chance in the last line of perks. If you're struggling with the game, pick the 30% damage to enemies inside the village instead, until you're more comfortable keeping your village safe.

After this you can go back and pick things that make your build better or more fun. But there are very few exceptions to this build order. You can watch my video dedicated to perks (June the 15th called "strategy guide, perks"), it has a lot more in depth explanations of the logic behind these choices. I believe it will really give you clarity on what's good and what's not. The video also explains stats and which are important. Refer also to my "strategy" section in this guide, as it will explain why i don't value defensive stats at all and avoid them.

The last spell - Strategy guide, perks and stats[]
Finally I must say that there are many ways to win this game, don't think there is only one path to victory. This game is difficult, but there is plenty of room for different play styles and you don't always need to min max or use the same ideas to win. For instance, i like to have very few walls, very few static defenses like siege weapons if any (i love traps however, and catapults are very strong), and i like having a lot of move points for rotations. You might like a lot of walls and a lot of ballista or catapults and be able to shoot things with longbows over walls from the watchtowers. That's fine. So even if you read or watch someone over the internet, remain free to experiment your own ideas and play style... that's where the fun is!

If you want to see all those tips in action and more, watch me go through the game on Twitch. I comment and explain almost every decision i make, and i will be happy to answer your questions should you have any.

This strategy guide on Steam will hold all my current, past, and future tips. I will keep it updated as the game evolves with updates. Let me know there is anything you want me to cover here!
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sgtbrutalisk Jun 25 @ 8:36am 
So, the strategy is to:

1. Equip all heroes with Shortbow
2. Choose the Specialist perk to have +1 use for all attacks
3. Choose the mana discount perk
4. Buy mana pots
5. Spam AoE
6. Hope the RNG gods smile on you

That was not working as intended. From what I read, devs giga-nerfed everything used in this guide, as if to spite you. They also added Mist Censers that prevent ranged attacks, forcing you to use melee weapons.
elohssa May 7 @ 5:34am 
kimoyatch Mar 22 @ 7:16pm 
I almost did a 3rd run successfully following this guide. Ended up on beating the game on my 5th run. Thanks! But this guide doesn't work for the 2nd town. You need to start salvaging.
Ninephoenix Jan 23 @ 1:37pm 
XD Good luck :ranald:
DrakenKin  [author] Jan 23 @ 11:21am 
Nine, I haven’t played the game since a few patches ago. But challenge accepted I’ll pick it up soon and attempt to reset the save and 3rd run it again soon.
Ninephoenix Jan 23 @ 9:51am 
I think when he posted the guide doing it on a lucky 3rd run would have been possible. Now however with some of the stuff in the metagame like extra action points, the inn and fog distance. I don't think its possible.
The guide's got some good tips just don't expect to 3rd run the game.
DrakenKin  [author] Jan 22 @ 10:28am 
Good to hear Erohir, you’re welcome!
Erohir Jan 22 @ 5:42am 
Nevermind, after analyzing your play style carefully, I managed to beat it on normal difficulty on run three. What I learnt is those ranged weapons are brutal. Thank you for all your tips. The guide is quite beneficial.
DrakenKin  [author] Jan 20 @ 3:18pm 
Erohir, not sure what to do about people disbelieving other than point them towards the twitch videos on my channel. You will see that I come at the game from a very strategic perspective, almost overthinking everything. When I see other playing they have a more learn by mistake approach, rather than trying to min max every decision and doing it right from the first attempt. That’s the only way I can explain how you can beat these kind of games quickly like this.

And as I said before, I only did one run in the beta for the full 5 days. I did not play more because I didn’t want to burn myself before the full game even comes out.
Erohir Jan 20 @ 2:51pm 
This game heavily relies on RNG maybe you got lucky with your heroes IDK. However, I'm having a hard time to believe that you've beaten the game on standard mode on your third run. There's no such thing as a dead stat, all stats do work in their own way. You're right on gold mines though and cheap barricades. Also the game's main intention to have player keep playing the game via unlocking the unlockables. I believe you've played the game for formidable amount of time on BETA. The reason why I'm so negative against your approach is simply I'm not a beginner, I've been playing the game for a long time too, but my point is this is not a speedrun friendly game dude. Nevertheless If you really did achieve it congratulations on your achievement. Not achieving what you've done does not render one as a beginner though.