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Red Algorithm

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By Eugene
In this simple guide you will learn how to get achievements in Red Algorithm
How to earn achievements in Red Algorithm?
Hey there! Getting achievements in Red Algorithm is a fun (but not easy!) activity and a big part of the gameplay for an experienced player.

Almost any achievement has 4 fundamental requirements:
  • You need to play in Hard Mode
  • You have to start with a particular perk
  • You need to have a particular weapon at the end of the game
  • You need to survive 10 minutes
Let's talk about each of these requirements a little bit more and start with Hard Mode.

By default, Hard Mode is shown only to the player who spent some time in the game, so the first thing you might want to do is to go to settings and set it to "always"

Hard Mode is... harder than the casual game :)

It's much more challenging in many aspects, but mainly monster stats will be ~25% higher. It's not suited well for a new player, that's why it's hidden by default.

A side note:
You don't actually need to turn on Hard Mode manually to do achievements, because it will be automatically activated as soon as you make an achievement your active mission

Ok, so you figured out how to turn on the hard mode, now what?

Now you should find an achievement that you would like to get.

Go to "Achiev." from the main menu

Then, hover the mouse over an achievement to read about it:

Once you find the one you would like to get, click on it with the left mouse button, it will turn it into an active mission. You can see that Conquistador was chosen on the screenshot above as the active mission. You need to survive 10 minutes in Hard Mode with Crossbow weapon and Virus perk in order to get this particular achievement.

If you have an active mission, the required weapon will be offered to you in the 1st weapon box:

And you also will be offered the required perk when you reach a new level

It will have a flag near it.

That's it! Now the only thing you have to do is to survive 10 minutes! Which, of course, is not easy, but after a few attempts (sometimes maybe even 5 - 10), you will get it for sure.

Make sure that you have an active connection to Steam in order to get the achievement as soon as you finish the game at 10 min mark. Although, achievements are also stored locally (as well as stats). You can play only a 10 minutes game with an active mission, ones you passed the 10 min mark you will get the achievement, but the game will be over. In order to play 10+ minutes game in Hard Mode you need to have no active missions (and, thus, purely random perks and weapons)

Someone might ask, why everything is so confusing and weird in this game? Why do we have to turn an achievement into some active mission? Well, you technically can get an achievement here without an active mission, but you would need to pick a certain perk as your 1st one, and as there are almost 100 perks in the game, you can imagine how unlikely it would be for you to finish the game with the exact right combination of perk and weapon (although, it's possible...).

One more thing to note, perks that are native to heroes, like Ninja for Mr.Lee, do count when you doing active missions and trying to get the achievement as your 1st perk. In other words, if the achievement requires you to have Ninja and you play as Mr. Lee that starts with that, you are fine and you can pick anything else once you get first level up.

Good luck and have fun!