Solasta: Crown of the Magister

Solasta: Crown of the Magister

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Gear up before adventuring
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Gear up before adventuring


Rather than an adventure module, this is a utility dungeon designed to let you gear up your characters however you see fit.

From grabbing a longbow and thieves tools for your elven greenmage, to getting plate mail and a +1 longsword for your level 5 Paladin who still lacks them, to beefing up so much the Gods will fear you, this dungeon has you covered!

To use, subscribe to this item, create your characters, find this dungeon in the Dungeon Maker tab, pick up your items, go to any exit, click "update file" on all characters, and then load your characters into the campaign or whatever user dungeon you were going to run! Unfortunately there is no way to get these items to characters who are already in the campaign, hence "before adventuring."

Hope you enjoy, and don't forget to check out all the amazing user content all over the workshop!
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Wulibo  [author] Oct 8 @ 9:40pm 
@jacob4408 check the table, there are rations there.

I didn't want to provide too much since some dungeons tightly control how many rests you get via food drops, but in saying this I realise that's against the spirit of this, so I may add more. In the meantime, you can just run it multiple times to stockpile food.
jacob4408 Oct 8 @ 10:35am 
It has everything except food which is what I need. LOL Other than that, great job and thanks for the mod.
spazz8263 Oct 4 @ 8:21pm 
This doesn't appear is the dungeon maker at all
neptune612 Sep 18 @ 6:28am 
I like money
scarab Sep 16 @ 5:32pm 
Thank You!
Gryphon_oFH Sep 8 @ 1:05pm 
Just absurdly useful!
Wulibo  [author] Sep 3 @ 9:24am 
Hi all! I'm happy to announce my return to making Solasta content.
I've updated the mod to include all the requested items, as well as the Sorcerer clothing that is now in the game. I will try to be as responsive as possible in the future to add or change things as they are brought up to me.
I did not initially include instructions here since I didn't expect to get featured in an article and blow up, and figured anyone who got here would know what was going on. The description now has basic instructions, which hopefully addresses those concerns.
I'm really happy that this has been so useful to so many people! It just goes to show the advice that you should make the things you'd want to use and not what you think will be popular holds up in so many domains, as I initially made this for myself! I hope this helps you enjoy all the astoundingly good content available throughout this game's workshop!
peteguy1 Aug 22 @ 10:30pm 
How does this mod work and how is it accessed? There is no real explanation for the mod beyond it's purpose. Could someone please explain if it is accessed at a point on the map or by N.P.C. Thank you in advance.
chrisr99 Aug 13 @ 8:24am 
Is there a chest with the improved bag allowing you to carry more by chance?
Syndra Aug 5 @ 4:14pm 
How does this Mod work? Does it work in the vanilla game or only for player made dungeons?