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Top Picks - Original Designs
This is a collection of ships I found, personally, to be well designed, and fit the art style of the game. Most (if not all) use the official Beat Hazard part pack. I'll be watching!
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Violet Angel - Chroma Series #1
Created by Sykes
Previously used as a mining vessel, the "Violet Angel" is equipped with defensive weaponry, high-powered tractor beams, and a decent afterburner. To make up for it's high utility, it's firepower is spread thin across the ship, and it's fairly large in size...
Blue Claw - Chroma Series #2
Created by Sykes
This front-firing fighter is the most well-rounded ship in the series. "Blue Claw" is easy to control, front-firing, and small. This makes it easy to use, but only a truly skilled pilot can make the best of it's ability....
Gold Javelin - Chroma Series #3
Created by Sykes
This model spent previous iterations as a long-range, tactical bomber. Now it's fitted with high-velocity rail weaponry, anda new, upgraded targeting system to provide auto-aim. To make up for it, it's extremely heavy and quite large. The key to success is...
Green Prism - Chroma Series #4
Created by Sykes
(NOTE: Due to an oversight, the engine is really bright. If it's annoying, turn down Visual Intensity while using this ship. Sorry!)

A fighter re-imagined. Born and bred to simply fly and shoot, this fighter is extremely nimble and small, and has a mult...
RAIN-BW Mk. II - Chroma Prototype
Created by Sykes
The RAIN-BW Mk. II is a prototype ship that the "Chroma" series is based off. It's a well-rounded ship that's difficult to tame, but well worth the effort. What it lacks in acceleration, it makes up for with above average speed and damage. It's unique "Y-s...
Created by I_Burner
Fresh from the Shadow Ops R&D hangar, this prototype fighter is the ultimate predator. High-powered, high-velocity bullets in a focused pattern along with decent speed and handling make for a deadly combination that can handle any situation.

Access Rank...
Created by Ron Quiney ★
The last elaboration of the USSF (United Stars Shadow Force) capable of eliminating HUGE groups of invaders less than in a second. Despite of it's firepower this ship is super light and handles notably well. Also, to prevent sudden attacks from the flanks ...
Razer by Apocriopath
Created by Apocriopath
A User Created Ship. Just a test of both graphic making and ship design....
Star Platinum
Created by VashTheNihonjin
The second in a series of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure themed ships. Requires Shadow Captain rank to use. While the ship itself is large, it has fast, precise movements, and offers outstanding firepower in a wide cone in front of the ship.

(I forgot to prop...
Created by Kurgan Nazzir
A very slow and powerful ship.
Made by KurganNazzir...
The Yellow shadow
Created by Yellow ninja
A very fast ship with longer deceleration. It has a few bullets that fire from behind as well....
Created by Marnit
Originaly only intended for transportation uses, this ship has had its engines overcharged into make-shift weapons as an emergency assault force....
Created by Charlotte
Huge speed and firepower to cut through your enemies... just be careful it doesn't get away from you....
The Hand
Created by VashTheNihonjin
First in a series of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure themed ships. The Hand, the Stand power of Okuyasu Nijimura - apocalyptic frontal firepower, but large, slow, and slippery to make up for it. Requires Shadow Officer rank to use....
Megaton Bass Cruiser
Created by MaxMinerva
Slow, powerful bullets spread out at a wide angle, just above the speed of the ship. Push forward with your shots to create a wall of death to plow through obstacles, or queue them up with back and forth movements to release waves of ship-shredding plasma...
Created by H E R P S
Designed to outmaneuver and overpower its foes, the corsair prioritizes speed and firepower in order to take control of the battlefield. Although excelling in these fields, the corsair lacks any sort of airbrakes leading many pilots to stray away from it. ...
Assault Ship A-001
Created by Lamp
First ship in the line of Assault Class that is a cut above the bar. If you think the bar is enough, you're wrong. If you go above the bar, then you meet the standard. This ship is for the masses of pilots still finding their foothold in the battlespace, a...
Created by Lamp
Bigger Brother of the standard Assault Ship. More powerful, bullets fly faster, and just as fast at the cost of grip. Like the puck on air hockey it keeps moving and the bullets fly faster to keep up with it's speed.

This ship marks the beginning of Roo...
Infused Ship
Created by Global
Using the parts supplied by Starg, the creator of Beat Hazard, here (, I built a simple ship. All I did was combine s...
Purple Haze
Created by VashTheNihonjin
First created ship. Small, fast, concentrated forward firepower. Requires Shadow Captain rank to use....
Soviet Keeper
Created by gK.
Space Purple
Created by gK.
Red Wing
Created by gK.
Created by gK.
Ship 9 by war machine
Created by barbare59211
A User Created Ship. Edit this text and the ship name on the Steam workshop page....
Raid ship
Created by Metal fire Cow
This ship has auto fire with high damage guns....
Created by coffee009
A medium mercernary ship, the buccaneer has two powerful laser cannons on its wings and a smaller machinegun under the cockpit. Slower and bigger than its cousin, the privateer, the buccaneer makes up for it with its faster and more focused laser cannons. ...
Created by coffee009
A popular ship among mercenaries, the Privateer is a small but manoeuvrable capable of shredding through ranks of foes. The ship is also equipped with weak tractor beam to collect any salvage from enemy ships. It's machine guns fire bullets on the slower s...
Created by I_Burner
Fast and agile, this is a precision strike fighter. Firepower is fairly average, but its small size and excellent mobilty allow a skilled pilot to dish out plenty of damage while dancing around the enemy. Captain rank required....
King Cobra
Created by I_Burner
Reserved for pilots holding Shadow Captain rank or higher, this heavily upgraded variant of the highly effective Cobra fighter is even faster than the original version, and receives a boost to firepower through the addition of dual Beat Hazard weapons....
Created by I_Burner
Designed as a replacement for the Standard, the Cobra keeps a similar layout, but boasts upgrades to every feature. This ship may seem simple at first, but its high speed and manueverability make for a deadly combination....
Created by I_Burner
An all-purpose frontline fighter for the Shadow Ops Unit, this is a versitle and easy to use ship aimed at pilots that want to get the job done with a minimum amount of fuss. Excellent manueverabilty, strong pickup attraction, and decent firepower (front a...
Created by I_Burner
A tactical gunship designed for high-speed strafing runs. Its weapons cover a wide area along its flanks, but are realitively weak and lack the capabilty to fire directly ahead. Very effective against waves of small enemies, but bigger targets can be a cha...
Created by I_Burner
Originally designed to clear paths through asteroid fields, this ship generates a powerful wave of destructive energy directly in front of it as it moves. Use the two small front-facing beams to punch a hole in the enemy lines, then plow your way through a...
Colonial Viper Mk II
Created by I_Burner
The Mk II Viper from Battlestar Galactica. Small, fast, and very nimble, it relies on outmaneuvering the enemy instead of raw firepower....
Twin Rattler
Created by I_Burner
An elite-ranked ship that combines strong pickup attraction and decent speed with a pair of tightly-focused beams. Aimed at pilots who prefer precise aim and handling, but would rather spend their time and energy chasing enemies instead of powerups....
Created by I_Burner
Little more than a slightly modified Standard, the Cardinal is the standard-issue trainer for new recruits to the Shadow Operations Unit. Easy to fly and dependable in most situations, and accessible to pilots of any skill level. While aimed at beginners, ...
Created by Reinbekage
[ACCESS RANK: Shadow Force Elite]
An average-size ship with decent speed, acceptable agile and semi-wide field of fire. With focuses frontal firing, extreme firepower and dual hazard beams will definately perish whatever is on the opposite side of yours....
Holy Dove MK.II
Created by Melody
Originaly meant to be used as a low cost grunt ship, the Holy Dove went through major changes to be used for mass combats, it's relatively low cost and semi-focused high firepower for such a small ship made the Holy Dove MK.II the newest mass produced ship...
Created by lewdjan
A jack-of-all-trades ship for those who like a little bit of everything. Not the fastest or most powerful ship, but it doesn't have any of the extreme drawbacks either. Shadow Commander rank required. The missions are designed to help give that push to ...
Spray n' Pray
Created by Philnomenon
A User Created Ship. Edit this text and the ship name on the Steam workshop page....
Created by Gratuitous
[Accessible to Shadow Force Elites]
An enormous, agile and rubust ship made just for you to pilot and annihilate everything she encounters!
+ Fast
+ Maximum Beams
+ High Damage
+- Huge
- Slow bullet speed
- Slow Deacceleration
- Things fly into you...
Omega Warhawk
Created by Eranderil Nix Grey
Large and heavy- uses max firepower and slow rounds with forward and aft guns in tandum with autotarget to create a semiperminant barrier. Average move speed, slow acceleration, good breaking. Perculiar weakness to serpents- recommend additional armement o...
The Aegis
Created by SundownMarkTwo
A heavy fighter craft for Operatives. High damage output and a spray of bullets makes sure just about everything dies. Its slow speed makes it a comfortable craft to fly for newer pilots that want to just blow stuff up without really bothering to move all ...
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