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Crows Electronic Warfare
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Jun 13, 2021 @ 8:12am
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Crows Electronic Warfare

A arma 3 mod that allows zeus to add additional eletronic measures available for the players.

This mod requires Zeus Enhanced (ZEN), and CBA3.

The wiki for the features is available at:
I can recommend reading it to see how features work and whats available. The list below is more like a short summery.

Set Spectrum Signal Source: Allows Zeus to select a object that can be tracked by the spectrum analyzer with selected frequency and range it can be tracked from. Frequency has to be unique due to game limitations. Does not work on remote-controlled units. However a player-zeus would be able to use the spectrum analyzer himself.

C-Track trackers: Player items that can be attached to self or vehicles with ACE Attach, or basegame scrollwheel options, and make whatever they are attached to, trackable with the spectrum device

Add Sound: Allows Zeus to select a object and play a selected sound with options such as: initial delay, on repeat, delay between repeat, removal if unit dies. Sound follows the unit around. (Be aware if using the long sounds, they can't stop mid-playing, only when played to end)

Play Sound: Allows Zeus to play a sound at selected position. Sound follows the unit around. (Be aware if using the long sounds, they can't stop mid-playing, only when played to end). Can also be played only for selected players.

EMP: Added EMP module which makes Zeus able to fire an EMP. The EMP will remove NV/Thermal for men, weapons and vehicles. Vehicles electric components (lights,engine,turrest) will also be damaged. Launchers and static weapons that has NV/Thermal/electronic components will be damaged/removed. Binoculars and Scopes on weapons that has intergrated NV/Thermal will be either removed or replaced with base-game item that do not have NV/Thermal. This is configuable by the Zeus. If TFAR is loaded the radios of affected units/vehicles will stop working (Requires TFAR Beta). However new items picking up not affected by the EMP will work. Some equipment might not be removed if they are modded items that does not share base-game parent. In that case please let me know and I will add it. As I can't cover every single modded item, the module will have item/equipment limitations and is meant to be operated by trust with the players. Zeus are immune to the EMP effect and will not have equipment removed or damaged and will also not get white-out/screen blur effect, like the players.

EMP Immunity: Set any unit or vehicle immune to the EMP effect. Units inside a vehicle set immune is also immune to the effect.

RadioChatter: A module to put on AI that simulates the AI using radios to each other. The radio broadcasts a spectrum signal while "transmitting". Configurable by zeus. The player can "listen" to these transmission with the spectrum device if there is enough signal strength. The sounds/voice-lines played depends on the voice-pack used by zeus. There is a few different available.

Jamming of UGVs: spawned UGVs/Falcons automatically has a signal source attached to them. This makes them jammable when using the "jamming" antenna on the spectrum device. Jamming it will stop all AI functions and it is possible to walk past it while jammed without it being aware of your presence afterwards. Zeus can remove the signal-source on the UGVs and thus making it unjammable. The units can still be remote-controlled by zeus while jammed.

Multiple Editor modules: Most of the zeus functions have editor modules that can be synced to triggers for more complex control, including ways to set what units or classnames should be jammable when spawned.

Features requiring TFAR:

Set TFAR Jammer: Allows Zeus to select a object that will work as a TFAR jammer with the chosen settings, until death or removal. Zeus has a continuous updated map marker showing the area it is active in. Zeus is not affected by the jammning and does not have to think about where the zeus character is currently placed to avoid jamming.

TFAR Radio Tracking: Zeus can enable the module which makes all usage of the TFAR radios broadcast a spectrum signal while transmitting. Can be used to track enemies using the radio. If the player has the Icom radio (misc equipment) in the inventory the player can listen to the TFAR traffic being tracked and hear the other players.

Big Thanks to:
Monkybager (VO work)
TechnovibeGames (VO work)
WindWalker (VO work)

Q: Is this clientside?
A: No, this is not clientside. Every player and the server requires to have the mod loaded.

Q: What about the system chat in TFAR Jammer? Is it visible to everybody?
A: The systemChat in the video was only because the video is of a pre-release build with debugging enabled. The release build posts nothing in the systemChat.

Q: Does it require Contact?
A: No, it uses the simplified basegame version of the spectrum analyzer API. Its tested on a dedicated server without contact. However if you don't own contact you might get DLC watermark when using the spectrum analyzer like any other DLC item use. Nothing I can do about that.

Q: Will you make jamming with ACRE2?
A: Possible. Its on the list, however as I have never used it before myself, or know how it works I can not promise any estimation on when. Pull-requests are more than welcome!

Sounds used in the sound module is credited on the github readme:

Feature/bug submission:
Version: 1.5.0
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Kazuto Nov 19 @ 9:11am 
Why I have -5 000 000 Hz on spectrum?
UEemperor Nov 18 @ 8:50am 
Indeed was unticked. Fixed, thank you!
UEemperor Nov 18 @ 8:44am 
Aaah that makes sense! I havent changed it methinks, ill report back! Thanks.
Crowdedlight  [author] Nov 18 @ 7:13am 
If you were both on the same side, then by default you don't track eachothers radio communication. You can enable/disable this in CBA settings under Crows Electronic Warfare. It has an option for "Track Friendly with Tradio Tracking".

Was made in the sense of radio tracking would be able to recognize friendly/known transmissions and ignore them, so you could declutter and focus on enemy/unknown/new transmissions.

Please check what that setting is set to, and if that solves your problem?
UEemperor Nov 18 @ 5:49am 
Thank you. I also wanted to ask one more question:

As a zeus, i placed TFAR radio tracking module, got a specturm + mil antenna, + icom, but i cannot see/track (and also listen in) any radio transmissions.

Is zeus module bugged? Or is there something im missing?
Have not tried with editor, i was on a dedicated server (mod installed on all) with a buddy.
Crowdedlight  [author] Nov 18 @ 4:58am 
By default Zeus is immune to EMP, to avoid zeus playing himself within range and remove all radios etc.

Could potentially look at making an override setting where you could set in your CBA settings that you don't wish to be immune if you are a zeus.
UEemperor Nov 18 @ 4:20am 

I usually play as a secondary/emergency Zeus, but am a player.
Will that mess with the EMP/will i be immune? If so, any way to make that optional?

Incredible mod man, really cool stuff.
hpt_leiche Nov 14 @ 3:14pm 
Also, to jam their comms, to prevent reinforcements / QRFs from being called.
hpt_leiche Nov 14 @ 3:12pm 
This would add the possibility in a mission, to use comms to deceive and send the group of the signal source on patrol away from you, like in contact.
hpt_leiche Nov 14 @ 3:06pm 
Awesome! Thank you!