Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars

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UCP - Unofficial Content Pack (Release 1.0)
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Jun 12, 2021 @ 9:49pm
Jan 29 @ 10:03am
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UCP - Unofficial Content Pack (Release 1.0)

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Unofficial Content Pack Bundle
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The Unofficial Content Pack (UCP) is an All-in-One mod and totally FREE, it will contain a great part of my old buildings which will be entirely reworked and new ones.
With the Picard Update, "UCP" becomes my unique mod for Surviving Mars, I disabled all my old mods because I don't have engouh time to keep update each one.

IMPORTANT : Make a Backup of your Savegame before!

Mod Compatibility
Currently, should be compatible with all mods.

Surviving Mars : Picard Update (Steam version)
Surviving Mars : Green Planet & B&B (Optional but Recommended)
No mod dependency

Techfield "EXTENDS" : All techs are already available at the start. No Random position. Fixed costs.
Automated Systems
Martian Geothermal
Martian Thermal Reactor
Ultra Deep Field
Advanced Refining
Modular Engineering

Advanced Solar Panel
2 Automated Extractors (Metals, Rare Metals)
3 Automated Factories (Polymer, Electronics, Machien PArts)
Diner Spire
Extra Large Water Tank
Medium Fuel Refinery
Medium Air Tank
Medium Water Tank
Madium Apartments
Martian Observatory
Passage Hub
Thermal Reactor
Water Recycling System
Toys Store
Mega Apartments
Modular Apartments
Hall of Fame
Concrete Plant
Waste rock Extractor
Geo Reactor
Forest Greenhouse

Martian Geothermal system

Essential Links
Details & Roadmap :
Full Release notes :
Feedback :

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SharkSam Jun 26 @ 8:40pm 
I understood why there haven't been many major additions and content. For this mod. After it was stated that. The dev for this mod was working on the most recent DLC for surviving Mars. And I'm not trying to sound like a Karen here but it seems like the dev is reluctant add new additions to the mod. I don't know if this is because they need a break or if they have abandoned the mod altogether. I understand that we all have our own things that we need to do And sometimes we just need to take a break but I hope the dev is just taking their time with things We all have those moments, we feel burnt out after all. And we might get the agridome back along with some of the other good content from his older mods. Who knows? Only time will tell.
PsiFive Jun 25 @ 6:49am 
@The_Pixel, the Paradox Mod Manager has been attracting trolls/vandals/idiots who keep reporting it and Paradox, despite having this pointed out to them any number of times, are unwilling or unable to do anything. My advice is to give up on Paradox, delete Silva's UCP mod in the Mod Manager, and then re-download it here on Steam instead. Works fine for me that way.
The_Pixel Jun 19 @ 10:04am 
I downloaded the mod on the Paradox mod menu but it said that the mod was deleted.
EatThisBaguette Jun 15 @ 3:21pm 
Is it normal that my colonists aren't using the hub passage to go to work in an other dome ? I built a "Residence Dome" with only housings. I connected it through a passage hub to an other dome where jobs are available. Thing is, all my colonists in my Residence Dome are unemployed. They won't use the passages to go work.
PsiFive Jun 15 @ 5:44am 
Probably dead, Agent Pointdexter. I miss some of the old buildings too, and I had to bin a saved colony or two when the Picard update broke them because of certain mods, Silva's included. Such is life. Modders make free stuff to enhance our games and if they're able to keep them updated that's great, but if they don't have the time or have moved on to creating mods for other games I have to accept that. It's an excuse to create some new colonies.
Agent Pointdexter Jun 14 @ 8:53am 
What happens now? Will this get fixed eventually or is our save file dead?
xavier.blaise Jun 14 @ 3:49am 
Any particular reason the mod is now disabled on EPIC platform and here too ?
Silva  [author] Jun 13 @ 10:36pm 
I stopped the dev of my mod and merged "all-in-one" for various reasons (indeed the trolls are very annoying when you have a lots of mods ) but the main reason, I didn't have the time for the modding. I've a job & familly. I modded on my free time and all content is free like ALL other modders for every game.

You can hate the policy of Paradox, using the Modders to create paid contents, but thanks to Paradox to give me this opportunity because, I have got a very good job in the game industry now. :steamhappy:

So, sorry for your "broken savegames", or if you want to see a specific building/mod, but when you chose to add various mods in your game you're taking a risk. :steammocking:
Ghost Fox Jun 13 @ 8:09pm 
But we who are not Silva can — and should! — point out to Paradox that it is their conduct which is enabling the trolls, at the expense of one of their paid content creators.
MasterOfGrey Jun 13 @ 8:01pm 
It's more just pointing out that due to the nature of the environment this is in, it is unavoidably the case that the victim will need to take steps - because unlike in other victim-blaming type situations, one can't really penalise a horde of faceless trolls as the alternative. I consider this scenario more of a "yeah we know this isn't your fault, but there's not actually anything to be done about it except if you take proactive steps" situation.