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Free Helicopters
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Jun 7, 2021 @ 5:55pm
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Free Helicopters


Free Helicopters
[Client Side]
[1.17 OK] => [Do not forget to update your server side also]
Keys included
Types included

Free public version of the original mod created by => NightWolf


The author of the mod => on the site you can download the latest version of free helicopters, If you need help with installation, go to their discord:

Special Thanks & Credits:
=> NightWolf,
=> iTzJboot
=> Nutter
=> Droppoint.
=> Stéphane [Types File]

EN: You also need the [Server_Side] installed provided in the link to run this mod

FR: Vous avez aussi besoin d'avoir le mod [Server_Side] installé sur votre serveur

[FR] Installation:

1) Téléchargez le fichier "HelicopterMod_SERVER.pbo" depuis cette page:

2) Placez le fichier "HelicopterMod_SERVER.pbo" directement dans le dossier nommé "addons" de votre serveur
[Exemple: VotreDossierServeur\addons\HelicopterMod_SERVER.pbo]

3) Téléchargez et installez le mod "Free Helicopters" sur votre serveur
[Exemple: -mod=@Free Helicopters;@VosAutresMods] | VotreDossierServeur\@Free Helicopters

4) Copiez la clef se trouvant dans le dossier "Keys" du mod, et placez la dans le dossier "Keys" de votre serveur
[Exemple: VotreDossierServeur\Keys\LaClef.bikey]

5) Pour démarrer l'appareil aéronef visez précisément le bouton de démarrage pour afficher l'action

[EN] Installation:

1) Download the "HelicopterMod_SERVER.pbo" file from this page:

2) Place the file "HelicopterMod_SERVER.pbo" directly in the folder named "addons" of your server
[Example: YourServerFolder\addons\HelicopterMod_SERVER.pbo]

3) Download and install the "Free Helicopters" mod on your server
[Example: -mod=@Free Helicopters;@YourOtherMods] | YourServerFolder\@Free Helicopters

4) Copy the key from the "Keys" folder of the mod, and place it in the "Keys" folder of your server
[Example: YourServerFolder\Keys\TheKey.bikey]

5) To start the aircraft device precisely aim the start button to display the action


[Vous pouvez modifier ces paramètres dans les fichiers se trouvant dans le dossier "HeliSib" généré dans le dossier "profiles" de votre serveur]

"duration": 0.05_, - Vitesse de rotation du rotor
"Lift_power": 1.5_, - Niveau de résistance à l'air - pour les gros hélicoptères, n'hésitez pas à mettre +
"No_power": 700_, - Combien l'hélicoptère perd de la traction par rapport à la pleine puissance
"Full_power": 750_, - La hauteur maximale lorsque l'hélicoptère perd sa poussée
"side_strength": 1.3_, - Érosion du rotor principal
"power_before": 1_, - Puissance du rotor arrière
"friction": 0.3_, - Coefficient de friction
"Mass": 1500.81_, - Poids
"incline": 0.5_, - Vitesse d'inclinaison latérale_
"front_tilt": 0.5_, - Inclinaison devant et derrière
"inclineMouse": 2.5_, - Vitesse d'inclinaison latérale à la souris
"front_tiltMouse": 2.5_, - Inclinaison devant et derrière à la souris
"m_povorot": 0.5_, - Vitesse de rotation
"Chassis": 0_, Exemple 0-1- Dégâts aux roues ou au support
"Body": 0_, Exemple 0-1- Dégâts nez
"Engine": 1_, Exemple 0-1- Dégâts moteur
"Fuel": 0_, Exemple 0-1 Dégâts réservoir
"Rotor1": 0_, Exemple 0-1- Dégâts rotor principal
"Rotor2": 0_, Exemple 0-1- Dégâts rotor secondaire
"kill_z": 0_, Exemple 0-1- Dégâts infligés aux joueurs
"gasoline_costs": 0.001_, Consommation d'essence pour démarrer
"gasoline_restart": 1_, Exemple 0-1- Remplissage du réservoir au rédémarrage serveur
"c_camDistance": 10_, example 0.1-100 - Distance de la caméra
"maxFuel": 30_, Exemple 0.1-100 - Capacité du réservoir
"m_Crash_dem": 15_, example 0.1-100 - Vitesse maximum pour le son du crash
"m_engineVolume": 1_, example 0.001-100 - Volume du son du moteur
"m_rotorVolume": 1_, example 0.001-100 - Volume du son du rotor
"m_warningVolume": 1_, example 0.001-100 - Volume du son de l'alarme
"m_crashVolume": 1_, example 0.001-100 - Volume du son du crash


[EN] Configuration
"duration": 0.05_, - Rotor speed
"Lift_power": 1.5_, - Level of air resistance - for large helicopters feel free to put +
"No_power": 700_, - How much traction the helicopter loses compared to full power
"Full_power": 750_, - The maximum height when the helicopter loses thrust
"side_strength": 1.3_, - Main rotor erosion
"power_before": 1_, - Rear rotor power
"friction": 0.3_, - Coefficient of friction
"Mass": 1500.81_, - Weight
"tilt": 0.5_, - Lateral tilt speed_
"front_tilt": 0.5_, - Front and back tilt
"inclineMouse": 2.5_, - Lateral tilt mouse speed
"front_tiltMouse": 2.5_, - Front and back tilt with mouse
"m_povorot": 0.5_, - Speed ​​of rotation
"Chassis": 0_, Example 0-1- Damage to wheels or support
"Body": 0_, Example 0-1- Nose damage
"Engine": 1_, Example 0-1- Engine damage
"Fuel": 0_, Example 0-1 Tank damage
"Rotor1": 0_, Example 0-1- Main rotor damage
"Rotor2": 0_, Example 0-1- Secondary rotor damage
"kill_z": 0_, Example 0-1- Damage dealt to players
"gasoline_costs": 0.001_, Gasoline consumption to start
"gasoline_restart": 1_, Example 0-1- Filling the tank on server restart
"c_camDistance": 10_, example 0.1-100 - Camera distance
"maxFuel": 30_, Example 0.1-100 - Tank capacity
"m_Crash_dem": 15_, example 0.1-100 - Maximum speed for crash sound
"m_engineVolume": 1_, example 0.001-100 - Engine sound volume
"m_rotorVolume": 1_, example 0.001-100 - Rotor sound volume
"m_warningVolume": 1_, example 0.001-100 - Alarm sound volume
"m_crashVolume": 1_, example 0.001-100 - Crash sound volume


-Super function overrides Start Engine's Battery requierement while fuel & battery consumption still working
Would need authorisation from Nightwolf to edit it in the future maybe

- Reported issues about refilling fuel tank still empty

- Could have some issues in types files
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zraider13 14 hours ago 
@Mahipta show us the section you added to events.xml and cfgeventspawns.xml for the helis.
Mahipta Jun 23 @ 6:57pm 
Is anyone able to help me with this by chance? have tried dozens of configurations and still cannot get them to spawn.
Mahipta Jun 13 @ 5:42pm 
yeah, i already did all that and even added items to the cfgspawnabletypes so it spawns fully loaded and still not spawning. even have cross-referenced with events files for offroadhatchback and still nothing.
Styxie Jun 13 @ 5:38am 
they have always worked on my server, but can be a bit slow going up and down .ITS a free mod I love them they are fun to fly, but I installed them on a friend server and the start engine button, does not work all I get is get out yeah ideas
Styxie Jun 13 @ 5:32am 
the parts will spawn around the map but the heli's them self will not ,they will have to be set up in your in cfgeventspawns.xml
zraider13 Jun 10 @ 8:00pm 
Mahipta You'll need an event in events.xml and a corresponding spawn location (or set of locations) in cfgeventspawns.xml.
Mahipta Jun 9 @ 7:38pm 
I am currently trying to create an event on my server to get the heli's to spawn around the map. how ever even with copying vanilla files I still cannot get it to happen. does the mod have anything that would prevent this?
Daunzer Jun 8 @ 7:29am 
amazing bad i installing the mod on this option and i dont know is not spawn hellis and the owner from the mod say when want help texting me on my discord jear you can not texting him:steamthumbsdown:
Kretita Jun 5 @ 9:03am 
zraider13 , napster4152 , orlandinet I want to know that myself, any solution?
Sandman34 Jun 4 @ 7:25am 
I have it working fine on my server, i have to spawn them in else they dont spawn in by themselves. do i have to edit my xml files to get them to spawn in like other vehicles, from going through the files it appears i do.