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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Callirgos DA14 FixMod
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Apr 19, 2014 @ 7:26am
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Callirgos DA14 FixMod

This mod fixes bugs in the original DA14 Questline and adds mod content to enhance each quest stage. Story-line and intent are honored by this mod. Significant work has also been done to account for various possible gameplay contingencies not addressed in the original version.

General Notes

1) Fixed unresponsive NPCs.
2) Fixed script on wrong door not updating quest correctly.
3) Fixed loose ends with quest items.
4) Fixed broken triggers in quest dialogue for quest essential NPCs.
5) Altered some NPC AI packages to cover more possible gameplay contingencies.

1) Quest Items no longer "stuck" in inventory for the duration of the entire quest.
2) Quest objectives now quest items. Players can pick up and drop items throughout the quest.
3) All quest items listed for the player to find can now be found.
4) Significant work with quest objectives to cover various unhandled contingencies.
5) Upgraded Quest monster into Quest NPC.
6) Changed appearance/placement for some NPCs to better regulate game flow of quest.
7) Fixed loose ends with post quest issues
8) Edited Quest specific dialogue of Quest essential NPCs
9) Created new themed area for quest NPC, GrokHerd Hill.
10) Partially mitigated invincible NPC exploit.

Giant Mod Pack Race info, 5 Male heads, 5 Female heads, and adjusted combat data. Everything you need to make your own talking giants!

Version Notes

V1 - Initial Release

*SPOILERS* Specific notes

1) Moira will now initiate her AI Package if you've intimidated or persuaded ysolda.
2) Removed quest script from the interior door at Morvenskar and added it to the exterior door.
3) Fixed contingencies where players kill Moira but Ysolda does not want the ring back.
4) Fixed Ysolda's broken Intimidate topic. Players can now fail to intimidate her.
5) Moira will now perform her dialogue and attack under any contingency.

1) Alto Wine is now tracked by an invisible quest that ends once the temple is cleaned up.
2) "Repair Items" indicated in Sam's letter are no longer quest items. They are now tracked by a script that updates the player's individual quest objectives.
3) Holy water is placed in Markarth temple. This is a unique item but player may use it as a poison vs. Undead if they wish.
4) Leaving the temple without cleaning up will now fail that objective. The player can apologize to the Senna to advance the quest. Players can still advance the quest normally, by meeting Ennis or Ysolda.
5) Ysloda is now a gatekeeper for the quest. Talking to Ysolda deactivates previous content and activates later content. It is possible to accidentally find Ysolda, as in the original implementation. All contingencies for possible quest states and objectives are handled at stage 100/110.
6) Returning the wedding ring is disassociated from the rest of the quest to allow returning the ring at any stage. Specifically during Morvenskar, or even post quest.
7) Quest objectives at Morvenskar that overlap original quest objectives have been cleaned up. Newer, more specific objectives, are added while older, more generic objectives are quietly removed.
8) Quest objectives are always relevant. Some objectives may be failed, optional objectives may be initiated or removed, and core objectives are always addressed.
9) Grok the Giant is upgraded from standard attacking Giant to a full NPC with dialogue, fully functional area, and potential side quest.
10) Grok is placed after talking to Ennis
11) Moira is not placed until talking to Ysolda