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(L4D2 4 pack) Neptunia Little sisters to replace L4D1 survivors
Created by [HTT✰] Ayase Eli
My 4 little sisters survivor pack ported and fixed from L4Dmaps

Uni- Bill
Ram- Francis
Rom- Louis...
Cage Moon
Created by SKINNIE
Nicolas Cage Full Moon replacement. You don't say?...
Created by MrMik3y
This is my first animated TV mod for left 4 dead 2
35 Frames nothing big but it is my first.
If there is anything I need to fix/improve please leave a comment and i will do my best to do so.

The hardest part on making this mod, was looking for the rig...
CPU candidates Cosplay Pack
Created by Anila
My gift for Halloween: Cosplay Pack for CPU candidates

Uni: Bill
Nepgear: Zoey
Ram: Francis
Rom: Louis

Happy Halloween!!! >0<

No flex animation, jigglebones...
Hatsune Miku Concert and Credits
Created by Eririn
Louder concert songs (tank themes are loud enough)
Changed intro song to San Kyuu (sasakure.UK x DECO*27)
Changed credits song to Deep Sea Girl

This mod will replace both the concert music, tank themes at the Dark Carnival conc...
Lucky Star Survivor Models #1
Created by Shadowking58
Konata, Kagami, Tsu kasa. and Miyuki (Also Includes First Person Arms)

This mod does NOT come with voices, so you can mute the survivor voices using this. (Applies to both Left 4 Dead 1 campaign ports and Left 4 Dead 2 campaigns, even custom ones)
Lucky Star Survivor Models #2
Created by Shadowking58
Yutaka, Minami, Akira, and Misao
There are some problems with the FP Arms, some textures disappearing. And the survivor thumbnails displaying the original survivors. That may just be other addon's conflicting with this mod in my game though, try it it out...
Miku Hatsune Replace Witch! [FIXED]
This is the final mod with the same sounds and music but the color now are the originals :D

Enjoy and rate 5 :D...
Misaka replace Jimmy Gibbs Jr poster
Misaka Mikoto from "To aru Majustu No Index / Railgun" anime replace Jimmy Gibbs Jr poster in mall atrium (Dead center)
Neptunia 8 pack
Created by [HTT✰] Ayase Eli
My 8 pack ported from L4Dmaps.

Ellis- Neptune
Nick- Blanc
Rochelle- Noire
Coach- Vert
Zoey- Nepgear
Bill- Uni
Francis- Ram
Louis- Rom

------For custom names please download from here:
Nicolas Cage Bus Stop Ads
Created by Tя!cky 3 ツ
For you Cage fans 6 movie posters animated...

Nicolas Cage Glowing Laser Sights
Created by SKINNIE
"Cause all you really need is Nicolas Cage and Laser Sights."

*(DANGER: May cause the intense need to steal The Declaration of Independence.)

Version 2.0 Now Glowing.

Thanks to Doom Zero for all the support!

Optional Laser Sights sounds can be download...
Nicolas Cage Flashlight
Created by Izqui
"All those crazy mods from Grand Theft Auto IV and Skyrim can go home now." - Kotaku

"This mod brought me back from the brink of suicide and cured my HIV. Thank you." -Trap Lord

Flashlight texture replaced with Nicolas Cage....
Nicolas Cage Pills
Created by Lucy Fur
Nicolas Cage Pills ready for swallowing
Created by XenoAisam★
Left 4 Dead 2 ; Survivor Model Pack
Tag: Naluri, Rokiahi, Rohani, Nurani, anime , model , xenoaisam

TITLE: PASKAL Girls L4D2 Survivors
AUTHOR: XenoAisam
E-MAIL: amauaisam@hotmail.com
WebSite: http://xenoaisam....
Rosario+Vampire Mizore Shirayuki Combat Rifle Re-Texture
Created by Diggs XIII
A Re-Texture of the Combat Rifle to Feature
Mizore Shirayuki from the Manga/anime Rosario+Vampire. the Blue Parts of the
gun glow. I shouldn't need to say this, But Mizore Shirayuki and Rosario+Vampre
are not owned by me. Enjoy!...
Created by мяFunreal
I saw this as a TF2 mod, on the tf2 frying pan, and thought i should port it to L4D2.
the pan is skin compatible.

Before you fight about whom this panty belongs to: It's a panty that half of the japanese female population has at least one of. It do