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[Outdated] Halo - The UNSC
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Apr 18, 2014 @ 8:37pm
Jun 26, 2014 @ 8:05pm
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[Outdated] Halo - The UNSC

THIS MOD WILL NOT BE UPDATED, nor do I guarentee that it will work with the latest update. Feel free to use any included assets and resources. Data Realms has moved on from Cortex Command, and I have as well.

The Human-Covenant conflict has died down, after the defeat of the Prophets, the annihilation of the Flood, and the revolting of the Sangheili.

Not everything is fine and dandy though, rebel activity has flared up since the lowered density of Covenant. The UNSC has diverted the majority of its attention to putting down the rebellions to end humanity's recent hardship, and to initiate a new era... of peace.

Trade Star has been given permission to deploy and utilize UNSC resources to help keep rebels under control.

What you'll be able to use in this mod:
-The Pelican
-ODST Drop Pods
-Lots of UNSC weapons
-Spartan IIs (With shielding!)
-Carter, Kat, Jorge, Emile, and Jun from Halo Reach (All pre-equipped, also with shielding!)
-Sergeant Johnson (And all of his hilarity, pre-equipped)
-Annnd Master Chief (Pre-equipped with his manly voice and shielding)
Vanilla Balanced (except for Master Chief)!

Protip: use high particle count weapons to take down shields, then bullets to tear flesh

If you ever have 1600oz free, try deploying the whole team! Its the coolest squad ever and pretty fun/flexible.

You no longer have to rely on those slow, fragile, defenseless Mk1 DropShets and instead, you can use the sturdy(ish) and speedy Pelican! Deploy in places you never could! No longer fear the lone soldier guarding the drop zone! NOTE however that like any other dropship, LOAD MATTERS. Unlawful occupancy of 6 or more may lead to unnecessary death.
How to pilot: double tap directional keys to switch the direction you're facing and triple tap crouch to open the hatch. Don't aim with the directional keys, move your mouse and it will lock to it.
Thank Abdul for his great amount of help! and Izak12 for getting me started on the sprite!

The Grenade Launcher has a non-obvious alternate fire mode which is triggered by holding the trigger, and letting go when desired! Just making it clear, its just like the Halo Reach one except no EMP.

Vote this up if you like it :D
I would love feedback!
I don't know lua well, and there is a lot that I can't do without it, so if there is anything you guys could help me out with, that would be great :P

Frequently Asked Questions:
Do you plan on making the Covenant faction?
-- It's currently in progress (i've made sprites and a whole lot of cool ideas, but that's about it) and I intend to work on it during all of summer. Hopefully I can get something functional out to the workshop by then. Don't expect it any time soon, sorry.

Plz add [insert thingymahbobble here]!
-- As much as i'd love to, it's probably not in there because A) I would but I am currently not skillful enough to implement it (Target Locator, MAC Cannon,...), B) I won't because there are millions of variations of that gun in the Halo universe and including another version aside from the one already in game would obligate me to populate it with the rest, and they just aren't functionally different enough for that (Magnum, SMG, Sniper Rifle, AR, Shotgun, probably more). or usually C) I am working hard to get the Covenant faction on its feet, which is a better use of my hobby time. :P

What if I want to help out?
--Woah! Anything is appreciated if it means speeding stuff up. I recommend going to the DataRealms forums and PMing me (AndyChanglee), because that's linked to notify my email whenever something interesting happens.

Special thanks to my friend Monfufu, or whatever he'll go by if he ever creates an account, for providing me the inspiration to work on this mod,
to adeathclawtroll for playtesting and giving me quick feedback and for being my friend,
to Pirate Speedboost for a variety of things,
to Denninja for how to make actors regenerate health,
to Numaire for a few sound improvements,
to Gotcha! for letting use and modify his stuff and being a nice guy, though really I only looked at how he did somethings,
to Coops for letting me use his script for decelerating Drop Pods,
to CaveCricket48 for making the ~Spartan Shielding!~ and a lot of the Grenade Launcher,
to DudeAbides for the recoil script, bullet properties script, and other cool stuff,
to Bad Boy (really! thanks!) for the fantastic Shielding improvements, overheating script, and other awesome stuff,
to Izak12 for helping me start the Pelican with his sprites,
to Grimmcrypt for a variety of help, including sprites, feedback, and lua,
to Abdul for his great amount of help with the pelican,
and to Chaos for his awesome pics and videos (check out his channel)!

Thank you for downloading!
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