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limitless Tao -Yan Huang
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limitless Tao -Yan Huang

Hundred years ago, the Immortal Alliance and the Demon Sect fought for the territory. This battle shocked the whole world, weeping ghosts and gods. After the war, the Immortal Alliance fell and the Demon Sect was thrown back to the realm of chaos. The world returned to its original peace.
A hundred years later, the Demon Sect revived and re-infected the world.
The last four remaining sects of the Xianmeng:
<font color='#f0ad4e'>Qingyun Sword Sect</font>,
<font color='#f0ad4e'>Ghost King Sect</font>,
<font color='#f0ad4e'>Tianxuanmen</font>,
<font color='#f0ad4e'>Changming Temple</font>
Daoists started their own way of self-cultivation in order to eliminate the Demon Sect and save the world from the destruction...

The time has come, the thunder has come and the road is limitless
Player exchange group 1: <font color='#f44336'>725665572(full)</font>
Player exchange group 2: <font color='#f44336'>874731279</font>
Player exchange group 3: <font color='#f44336'>925244771</font>
Player exchange group 4: <font color='#f44336'>739875957</font>

There are a total of 4 sects for players to choose from. Players need to experience themselves in the sect, while rushing to the outside world to complete various cultivating tasks, and at the same time, they have to take into account the arrival of the boss of the demon sect at regular intervals.

-Each sect corresponds to different attribute enhancements and special effects
-Each attribute will bring different improvements, Taoism is the key to output