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WolfHunter - Entangle
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Apr 18, 2014 @ 12:49pm
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WolfHunter - Lone Druid's set
12 items

This set is a result of months of work and a lot of feedback from the Polycount forum and the Dota community over Reddit. The full pack contains:

✔ 5 items
Spirit Bear fully made from scratch, with all new animations and particles
Trueform fully made from scratch with all new animations
✔ 140+ Blendshapes for the facial movements on the Trueform
✔ 3 styles for the Spirit Bear
✔ 3 styles for the Trueform
✔ 2 loading screens
✔ Custom entangle

A huge thanks for everyone that helped on this project: My wife Viviane for the concepts of the Trueform, Milles for the help with the blendshapes, everyone that joined my stream for the support and the guys on Reddit and Polycount for the feedbacks. This project changed a lot after it was started and was a really good learning experience.

Set Items

The Loading Screens in full resolution can be downloaded for free at IMGUR[]

I am also planning on creating some tutorials now that im going to have some free time, (and if you managed to read till here you may have some interest), so if you want to know something about making items for Dota and you think that i could help with some information, please let me know about what you eant to learn on the comments

For more projects you can watch my streams at Twitch stream[] or follow the facebook page at []
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