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Mines 2.0
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Mines 2.0

This version of Mines mod makes it possible to mine resources added with mods

The Mines, a place for your pawns to excavate the treasures of the earth.
This is a remake of the mod from AngleWyrm to version 1.3.

Adds a new building to the game - a mine in which you can mine all the available ores and rocks from the main game and mods. This mine is essentially a resource generator, which greatly simplifies the game, it can disrupt the game balance and be too OP.

You need "Minecraft" research to build Mine.

You don't need to download WexMan's version of Mines for this to work.

There is a mod now called Choose Your Recipe. Which lets you disable some recipes from your workstations. I didn't tested it but it should work with Mines!

-Adding options to disable some ores and rocks.
-Patch for material mods to make them mineable after researches.

Original mod is at: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=34231.0
and at: https://github.com/AngleWyrm/Mines/releases/tag/17-8-17

Savegame compatible.

24.09.2021 -
-Fixed wealth tab. But unfortunately this only fixes new games, not the games that already have this bug.
-Updated 1.2 version too.

20.09.2021 - a.a.a.smol Update (I should clean this)
-Added option to disable logging. ( The thing appears in debug log at the launch of game)
-Fixed the issue with special characters in resource names. (ex. "(")

19.09.2021 - smol Update
-Fixed missing resources.
-Betterloading makes some bills disappear for some reason. Statist is looking in to it.

14.09.2021 - another smol Update
-Recipes not appearing should be fixed now.
-Name change, so that people don't confuse "automated" part of the mod.
-1.2 support added

14.09.2021 - smol Update
-Same name resources from different mods are showing up now.
-Harmony need removed from About.xml. It won't ask for it.

13.09.2021 - BIG Update
-Code rewritten from zero by StatistNo1
-New mod settings
-No more Harmony needed

You should destroy your old mines, research for "mineshaft" again and rebuild it. It should work fine after that.

Its like a new mod.
Hope you like it.

Got rid of false positive antivirus problem. Thanks to Statist.
Virustotal link renewed. You can check it.



Latest Virustotal scans for 1.3 file:

AngleWyrm - For this awesome mod.
WexMan - For updating it to 1.2.
StatistNo1 - For rewriting the mod from 0.

Special Thanks
SirLalaPyon for this awesome texture.
Rebel_Rabbit for letting me use it and making it possible to update mod.
StatistNo1 for rewriting the mod from 0.
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Nov 24 @ 11:58am
< >
Mad Monke 11 hours ago 
nvm found it by going through the list of items one at a time... its "Unfinished Drilling Plan" for anyone else who needs to know
Mad Monke 11 hours ago 
anyone know what the unfinished version of the resources are called for storage reasons? my miners keep stopping what they are doing halfway through to go eat without a table and then my hauling bots run off with my half done steel and main storage is getting kind of full of them (set to allow all on low)
For some reason I can't mine for salt from Vanilla Cooking Expanded.
You have to use a deep drill to mine salt in that mod.
Was just wondering if you've heard anything about that or a workaround, not requesting a patch or anything. I have Mines loaded after it.
Cain  [author] Nov 26 @ 7:46am 
Hi, yes I am aware of that. Currently working on it. It happens because normally stonechunks doesnt have market value. Their value depends on the map you play. I am trying to find a way to avoid this without braking game balance.
Generouski Nov 25 @ 1:14am 
Just putting this here that if you change any of the mine settings in the mod options menu it completely breaks the game and the colony wealth value blows up to like 3 million or trillion as soon as you start the colony
Dimitrion Nov 20 @ 11:14pm 
ok ty
Cain  [author] Nov 20 @ 4:19am 
Btw, Dimitron, from your hugslib report, a few things at a glance:

You have Rimpy database in your mod list. Remove it. Only needed for the Rimpy mod manager to check rules. Should never be active.
You're using No Skill Decay and Mad Skills - MS has a toggle for no skill decay. Redundant?
You seem to have a mod thrown in to /Mods without its own sub folder.
Switch back to the main version of Harvest Yield.
Looks like some of Lady Elizabeth's z star Wars armors are throwing errors, related to a DLL, and some users are reporting that pawns wearing those armors can't be drafted.

Thanks to Kayeadon for this.
Dimitrion Nov 20 @ 3:55am 
removing betterloading fixed this indeed
Cain  [author] Nov 20 @ 12:39am 
Hi, do you use mods that changes how things load at the start of the game? Like Betterloading, rocketman, rimthreaded. If you do please try again with them removed.

Dimitrion, I read your log and you do use Betterloading and Rocketman. Could you please try again with them removed? They should not affect your ongoing save game but backup your save to be sure.
Dimitrion Nov 19 @ 11:45pm 
it let me build the mine, but it does not let me choose the bills