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Space and space
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Une sélection de jeux spaciaux (parmi tant d'autres sélections toutes aussi valables).

Les jeux Greenlight qui ne sont pas présents, ne sont pas forcément mauvais à mon goût. C'est simplement que je ne les trouvaient pas adaptés à cette liste.
Il y a aussi d'excellents space-operas en développement que j'aurais tellement voulu ajouter à cette liste mais absents du programme Greenlight comme :

> Infinity : The Quest for Earth
> Limit Theory
> Rodina
> Enemy Starfighter

Jettez un oeil à ces jeux, vous pourriez aimer.

N'hésitez pas à commenter :)

Crédits images :
Avatar de la collection: Limit Theory, développé par Josh Parnell
Bannière : Infinity : The Quest For Earth, développé par I-Novae Studios.

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A space-opera games selection (among many other selections equally valid).

The Greenlight games that are not present, are not necessarily bad in my opinion. It's just that I did were not suitable for this list
There are also great games in developement I would have to add to this list but wich are absent from the Greenlight program :

> Infinity : The Quest for Earth
> Limit Theory
> Rodina
> Enemy Starfighter

Take a look about those games, you should like.

Feel free to comment :)

Pictures credits :
Collection pict : Limit Theory, developed by Josh Parnell
Banner : Infinity : The Quest For Earth, developed by I-Novae Studios.
Items (14)
Created by SpaceEngineer
SpaceEngine is a scientifically accurate and photorealistic 3D space simulator that models the entire Universe. It lets you explore any object that can be found in space - stars and galaxies, planets and moons, asteroids and comets, black hol...
Created by meteoric games
It is 2563, the human colonies are divided, caught in the grip of an interstellar cold war.

As an independent ship captain, you are hurled headlong into a hostile and dangerous universe. Make your way by whatever means you can, defend order or sow chaos...
Created by studioblackish

"New Orbit manages to accomplish something very rare in the increasingly all-encompassing video game industry: it does something new. I’ve never played anything quite like it."
Wayfarer: The Outer Reaches
Created by Bayliun
Captain your ship with your friends as your crew, fly across space and land on planets with the freedom to progress, explore and survive any way you wish!

Craft weapons, upgrades, items and even new ships as you explore the Stoddarian Sector.

Created by PixelFoundry
RTS space defense game on spherical environments with destructible everything and physics.

Beyond the threshold of manned space travel is the void known as Blackspace. On this fringe, a territorial dispute has escalated to the brink of war. A cluster o...
Galaxy Union
Created by critic
Economic based 3x with some features never seen in 4x games. Galaxy Union places you in a densely populated galaxy as a CEO of a corporation with a mission to unite the galaxy under your rule. Colonize systems, build colonies, research stations, become ric...
Galaxy at War
Created by qoubah
Galaxy at War is a game about space fleet command: battles, sieges, invasions and cunning tactical maneuvers. You're a battlegroup commander; you have to work with fleets you have and the few additional ones you can field through smart control of ke...
Created by Nyphur
Predestination is a turn-based sci-fi 4X game that revives and improves on the gameplay of classic strategy games. It blends classic turn-based galaxy management and fleet combat with modern 3D graphics and new game mechanics that 4X fans have been waiting...
Created by Gray Wood
The Year is 3030, space just got personal and you're not even sure if your ship is air tight.

About The Game:

Take on space pirates, rogue factions, in overwhelming scale and unlimited freedom to define a role for yourself in the universes’ ...
Created by Team Jolly Roger
Interplanetary is a hard scifi turn-based strategy artillery game, where players wage wars by developing their home planets and firing their interplanetary barrages through the planetary system. Our goal is to have all the classic features a devoted str...
Mars Colony: Challenger
Created by hdortch
Mars Colony: Challenger is a 3D first / third person game that offers you the challenge of setting up a remote base on the surface of Mars. At its core, the game was derived from a simulator where everything is interactively tied together. You will have to...
Lacuna Passage
Created by xOR10Nx
Lacuna Passage is a story-driven exploration and survival game set on Mars, drawing inspiration from titles like Dear Esther, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and even Pokemon Snap. You play as Jessica Rainer, the only survivor of the cra...
Created by schema
StarMade is a cube Space Shooter. The game is currently in the ALPHA phase, and you can try it out completely free.

The game is COMPLETELY FREE in the alpha: get it at

Explore: Infinite space in all directions. Explore distan...
Shallow Space
Created by Mawhrin-Skel

Shallow Space is a fully 3D real time strategy game with RPG-style progression and questing alongside unit construction and shi...
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psyinx Apr 22, 2017 @ 8:39am 
Hello Atreus Ceo! :steamhappy:

I have for you a unique and absolutely gorgeous space sci-fi puzzle adventure game ORB !

It would be perfect for your collection as it's set in space! Please consider adding it to your collection!! :steamhappy:
Any all all support is truly appreciated!
Thanks :steamhappy:

Aileron Mar 24, 2017 @ 6:27pm 
Please consider Solar Core if you get the chance, thanks
FingolfiN Dec 25, 2016 @ 4:21am 
Hi everyone! Roots of Insanity is on Greenlight! Please support us! Game will be released in Q1 2017 :)
dragmacom Sep 3, 2016 @ 2:39pm 
Space Chip Jan 11, 2016 @ 4:45am 
Space Chip is already on Steam Greenlight!
ZigZag Games Nov 20, 2015 @ 9:33am 
Play our new game: Abrix the robot:
And if you like it - vote and help this game to get on Steam.
yield Nov 5, 2015 @ 3:01am 
Hello, please check out our first game my Indie team made, we all love fun and challenging games. This game features beautiful space environment with dodging mechanics and usage of different abilities, a lot of challenges, bosses, many levels with a lot of difficult settings (wood,bronze,silver,gold,platinum,diamond) ,the better you are the more stuff you unlock like bonus bosses,levels,more upgrade points, and many more!

Every comment help us in our improvement and will make us better Indie game developers! Thank you a lot for your time :steamhappy:
Tiny Starship Oct 1, 2015 @ 11:43am 
Please check out my game A Long Way Home

A Long Way Home is a gravity based physics puzzler. Timing jumps from asteroid to asteroid you must collect enough dark matter to warp to closer to home. You will have to deal with all sorts of hazards on your journey, comets, exploding asteroids, teleporting dark matter and black holes.
Naloki Aug 25, 2015 @ 12:37pm 

Please check our game - Epic Showdown:

Mysterious Alien obsessed with TV Reality shows decide to organize his own reality show - Epic Showdown. He gather the best fighters from all dimensions, universes, and realities to survive in a battle to the death!

Please consider to add it to your list! Thank you!
Paloma Costa Feb 12, 2015 @ 3:15pm 
Hi! could you please take a look at Planet Apolion to see if can enter in your collection?: , it's a Shoot'em up game but MetroidVania style!! (adventure / Rpg). There is also an arcade mode :)