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[GG] Imperial RP | Collection
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Media Player
Created by Sam
Watch videos or listen to music with friends in Sandbox—based on the Cinema gamemode.

How to fix this mod (HTML5)

⚠️ GMod developers are working on a fix, this...
Rp_stardestroyer infinite
Created by Lord Trilobite
Rp Stardestroyer Version 2.6 Infinite

map file name: rp_stardestroyer_v2_6_inf

Alternate version with teleporters on the sides of the map.

Role Play

Star Wars Imperial Playermodel
Created by 8848 Draka.™
This is the playermodel of the Imperial Cadets or of the Imperial Combat Drivers if you want......
[IG] Imperial Officer Pack
buncha officers with bodygroups, skin changes heads....
[GG] Budds' IRP Content Pack
Created by Budds
[GG] Imperial Server Content #1
Created by s8n
I don't claim any of this content to be my own, I have packaged it into a larger content pack for an easier download.

All content belongs to their respective owners, thank you to them.

If there are any issues or concerns, feel free to contact me....
[GG] Sith & Inquisitors
Created by s8n
I don't claim any of this content to be my own, I have packaged it into a larger content pack for an easier download.

All content belongs to their respective owners, thank you to them.

If there are any issues or concerns, feel free to contact me....
[GG] Imperial Bounty Hunters
Created by s8n
I don't claim any of this content to be my own, I have packaged it into a larger content pack for an easier download.

All content belongs to their respective owners, thank you to them.

If there are any issues or concerns, feel free to contact me....
[TFA] StarWars Galactic Weapon Reworked Pack
Created by ChanceSphere574
StarWars Galactic reworked weapon swep Pack from Battlefront II.


  • Bowcaster
  • CJ-9
  • CR-2
  • CR-2c
  • Defender
  • Defender Sporting
  • Dual Defender Sporting
  • Dual Defende
[TFA] StarWars Imperial Weapon Reworked Pack
Created by ChanceSphere574
StarWars Imperial reworked weapon swep Pack from Battlefront II.


  • DLT-19
  • DLT-19X
  • E-11
  • E-11 (noscope)
  • E-11D
  • RK-3
  • ScoutBlaster
  • T-21
  • T-21B
  • TL-50
[TFA] StarWars Rocket Launcher Pack
Created by ChanceSphere574
StarWars Rocket launcher pack !


The best rocket pack at all, contain 8 rockets launcher from StarWars and with 3 additionnal rocket mods, the Pointing Mod, the Tracking Mod and the Control Mod, a la...
[TFA] StarWars Reworked Shared Resources and Assets
Created by ChanceSphere574

This This pack contain all resource needed for all my weapon pack, contains basic reload sounds, view and world models, also some icon and textures

CVars Serveur Side :

  • rw_sw_bit_
[TFA] StarWars Reworked Grenade Pack
Created by ChanceSphere574
StarWars Grenade pack !


  • Ping Launcher
  • Grenade Bacta
  • Grenade Dioxis
  • Grenade Flash
  • Grenade Impact
  • Grenade Incendiary
  • Grenade Smoke
  • Grenade Stun
  • Grenade Thermal
[TFA Official] Star Wars Shared Resources [ Sounds, Icons, Shared Support Menu ]
Created by Servius
To discuss this addon and receive support, join the discord below!


SeNNoX's Lua Status Effects
Created by Senoquese

GMSNX:AddStatus( target, dealer, type, a, b, particles)
  • target - ( entity ) The person receiving the effect.
  • dealer - ( entity ) The person giving the effect.
  • type[
StarWars Ammo Dispensers
Created by ChanceSphere574
StarWars Ammo Dispenser or Ammo Distributor


  • Ammo Dispenser (Ammo)
    - give 750 ar2 ammo, so the same ammo as my weapons.

  • Grenade Dispenser
    - give 2 grenade.

  • Roc
[wOS] Animation Extension - Base (Full Version)
Created by King David™

[wOS] Animation Extension - Blade Symphony
Created by King David™

This is the Blade Symphony integrated animation extension.

The register for this addon is as follows:


I take no...
[wOS] Animation Extension - Riddick
Created by King David™

These are custom animations made by Riddick for wiltOS Technologies. All rights belong to

[wOS] Inquisitor Hilt Ability Extension
Created by King David™
Spin it to win it!

This addon extends the functionality of the Inquisitor Hilt model ( NOT MADE BY ME ) so you can roleplay as your favorite flying sith!

- Inquisitor hilt added to the hilt menu for the RobotBoy toolgun
- Inquisi...
[wOS] Advanced Lightsaber Combat (Content Pack)
Created by King David™

Note: All media is generated entirely in-game for a transparent showc...
Inquisitor Saber [Model]
Created by Zero-Nine
This addon was provided to you by -
StarLight, David, Myself:
Programming / Rigging:
David / StarLight
Ingame Screenshots:
SWTOR: Lightsaber Pack
Created by ArsenicBeast
121 Lightsabers from SWTOR!

Please give a rating as it really helps the addon grow, it takes 1 click to do so.


This pack is pretty much holds almost all of the unique lightsabers from SWTOR.

I'll update...
RPW - Binoculars Pack
Created by Arctic
In Greek myth, Prometheus stole fire from the Gods and gave it to Man. This has nothing to do with that. This is binoculars.

Join the OFFICIAL Discord server here:

Please read the FAQ and description before...
Star Wars Fusion Cutter
Created by Alydus
Star Wars Fusion Cutter Repairer

This addon adds a new utility weapon (class: alydus_fusioncutter), which allows you to repair and perform operations on numerous entities created by different authors. It is a multitool, and I'm constantly tryin...
Star Wars: Turrets
Working Star Wars Turrets
Updated Version by TAC: Click Here

This addon contains four different turrets, all created and based on starwarsrp.

Turrets Include...
[LFS] - Planes
Created by Blu-x92
Lua based flight system. Included vehicles are located in your "Entities"-tab under [LFS]

Every plane has a simple inbuild AI-system which can be enabled using the Edit-Properties menu (as admin) or by using the AI-Enabler Tool located under Tools=>
Aura's LFS Overhaul
Created by Aura
Introducing, Aura's LFS Overhaul!

What does this addon contain?

This addon features many updates to the LFS base, here is a list of changes or additions

  • In-flight HUD with Throttle monitor, Altitude mete
[LFS] Ground Vehicle Base
Created by Heracles421
Heracles' LFS Ground Vehicle Base

This is the base which all LFS vehicles I create will use. This allows rapid deployment of changes that affect all vehicles, instead of having to update every single one to add new things.

Feel free to use t...
[LFS] TX-225
Created by †₭𝟛℟Ø
This addon contains TX-225 GAVr "Occupier" combat assault tank from Star Wars.

TX-225 located in entities in [LFS] Star Wars

  • 2 forward-locked medium laser cannons.
  • 4 side medium laser cannons.

[LFS] Star Wars Mega Pack
Created by Nashatok
An assortment of miscellaneous Star Wars ships from nimble interceptors to versatile corvettes, mostly from Legends, brought to LFS for the enjoyment of anyone and everyone, representing nearly every major era of Star Wars.

This pack can also be ...
[LFS] T-65 X-Wing Starfighter
Created by ϟLightning Boltϟ
"All wings report in."
  • T-65 X-Wing Starfighter
    HBOMBS Base Pack
    Created by Business Cat
    HBOMBS Materials Pack:

    FAQ (Will be updated as I get questions)

    Q: I'm missing tex...
    Star Wars Materials
    Created by con premier
    This is a Big Pack of Materials (Textures) of Star Wars Walls.
    There is actually 45 Materials!

    Do not forget to leave a I like and putting the addon in favorites if he seems to you useful ^^

    Vanilla's Turbolaser Tool
    Created by miss vanilla
    - Multiple colours
    - Turbolaser sound
    - Ability to shoot from toolgun and from sky
    - Customizable presets

    Meoo~we - Original ...
    Vanilla's Ship Destruction Tool
    Created by miss vanilla
    - Customizable explosion length
    - Easy to use
    - Works on entities and props...
    Vanilla's Hyperspace Tool 2
    Created by miss vanilla


    > Call in any entity, NPC or prop from hyperspace!
    > Send any entity, NPC or prop into hyperspace!
    > Adjustable Height, Angle, Delay and more!...
    [GG] Mercurius' Imperial Content
    Created by MERC
    Rhinous Resources
    Created by Rhinous
    Rhinous Objectives
    Created by Rhinous
    Jania materials 2
    Created by [HUB] NeOnoid
    Материалы для карты
    Название карты: rp_classic_swrp

    Текстуры и пропы - KingPommes and Lord Trilobite

    Карта сделана для русского сервера Классический сврп
    Дискорд -

    © Classic SWRP. Все права защищены...
    Imperial Vehicle Models
    Created by Benigane
    Imperial models from Star Wars

    These models were ported by Stefano. The models featured in this pack are the Victory Class Destroyer, Immobilizer Class Destroyer, Adjudicator, Corvette, Dominator...
    Mass Effect Props [FIXED]
    Created by AussiWozzi
    Many might know that the Mass Effect models ported by cires992 had a glitch within them that cause games to lag/crash.
    I have gone out of my way to fix these issues for the people who are a fan of these props.

    This contains every prop from those addons...
    Star Wars Prop Pack
    Created by Doctor
    Star Wars Prop Pack
    By Doctor Jew

    This prop pack is a collection of Star Wars props ported from various locations, previously not found on the workshop. Still a work in progress, and will be constantly updated until I have run out of pr...
    Star Wars - Misc Prop Pack
    Created by Lord Trilobite
    A pack of props based on various things in the SW universe. I made these for my maps but they didn't really fit into their own content pack before so now I'm releasing them as a pack where I can put various props that don't fit anywhere else.

    Star Wars - Rogue One Prop Pack
    Created by Lord Trilobite
    A pack of props based on those from the film Rogue One: a Star Wars Story.
    All the black and orange items are used by the Empire including on the base on Scarif. The small white container was used by the Rebels on Yavin IV. The white version of the Imperi...
    Star Wars - Skybox Space Props
    Created by Lord Trilobite
    A pack of Star Wars space props that I made for my maps, mainly rp_stardestroyer.

    - skybox Imperial Star Destroyer at 1/16 and 1/128 scale
    - skybox...
    Sci-fi Props Megapack
    Created by Lt_C
    Over 70 Unique Sci-Fi Themed Props!

    Included in this release is the bulk of two years’ work on a specific visual theme. When combined with my other similar releases, this is little short of the cores assets needed to make a total conversion source mod....
    Gargantuan SWTOR Prop Pack
    Created by niksacokica
    Gargantuan - Nearly immeasurably large.

    This is a prop pack filled with over a thousand props directly extracted from the Star Wars: The Old Republic game assets. Included in this pack are the ...
    Star Wars : Imperial Propaganda
    Created by con premier
    Imperial Propaganda from Episode 4 to 6. (Props)

    There are at present 25 propagandas, its only the first part, there will be certainly others packs.

    If you have any suggestions, leave a comment on my profil and after add me.
    Empire at war placeables with insides
    Created by niksacokica
    These are some of the models from the Empire at war. Most of them are imperial.

    - Boxes
    - Droid pile
    - Factory
    - Imperial barracks (with insides)
    - Imperial heavy factory (with insides)
    - Imperial light factory (with insides)
    - Imperial...
    [PT] Materials #2
    Created by Bananakin
    Map Content for an upcoming map.
    This includes materials and models that will allow the map to work....
    Star Wars - Imperial Materials
    Created by Lord Trilobite
    This is a selection of materials I have made over the years for some of my maps. This addon includes two folders with materials. One folder automatically adds the materials to the ingame material tool so that these can be used for any build ingame. The oth...
    Combine Human Voices
    Created by Bizarre Boy
    ///////////////EVALUATE PLEASE/////////////////

    This replaces almost all combine voices to human voices.
    If you wanna make the fight much brutaler, I recommend you this.
    The voices have been exported from BMS Steam Ver.
    You no longer be worried abo...
    [RDV] Library
    Created by |< Nicolas >|
    Mysqloo Configuration File[]...
    Modular Canal Props
    Created by Zak
    A collection of canal props, which can be used to make your very own canal systems. Use it for posing, roleplay servers, building, scenery, whatever the heck you wanna do with them.

    Each prop is named according to how it was designed, so just hover over...
    Star Destroyer - prop with interiors
    Created by niksacokica
    This is a major rework of a Star Destroyer from this addon:

    Some textures are by Lord Trilobite:

    This addon has 3 size...
    Fallout 4 - Facial Hair Pack v2
    Created by dickmosi


    What's different in "v2"?
    • Improved diffuse, normal and specular textures
    • Tweaked VMT parameters to be slightly less awful, especially skin 1
    Fallout 4 - Hairstyles Pack
    Created by dickmosi


    *You can not use bonemerge on them, I will not make you able to to either, as they're all very proportion sensitive so if I lined up them to fit perfectly on one...
    Hologram Tool
    Created by hisui
    A hologram was a three-dimensional visual projection of an object or data, most commonly including maps, technical plans or other information. Holograms were used for many different purposes, including entertainm...
    Inquisitor Lightsaber Sounds
    Created by Vaqxai
    If you have Rubat's Lightsabers addon, use the console commands:
    rb655_lightsaber_onsound <path>
    rb655_lightsaber_offsound <path>
    rb655_lightsaber_humsound <path>
    tb655_lightsaber_swingsound <path>
    to set these sounds as your lightsaber sounds.

    Ultimate Star Wars Sound Pack
    Created by Apollo

    DISCLAIMER: I have recently quit Garry's Mod and thus have halted all support/updates for this addon. This means I will not be fulfilling any requests for additions to the pack. If I ever return to Garry...
    [TFA][TW] Reciprocating Quad Blaster
    Created by Sim
    Reciprocating Quad Blaster (Blue laser)
    Imperial Reciprocating Quad Blaster (Red laser)

    SHIFT + E + R (Safety) to deploy/retract
    Reloads passively when retracted

    [GG] Droids
    Created by s8n
    I don't claim any of this content to be my own, I have packaged it into a larger content pack for an easier download.

    All content belongs to their respective owners, thank you to them.

    If there are any issues or concerns, feel free to contact me....
    [LFS] AT-ST
    Created by JR | IFN.GG
    Original Vehicle:

    Right click fires grenades.
    Space fires rockets.

    Me - Lua code.
    Cody Evans -...
    ImperialRP Model Pack
    Created by FallenLogic

    Credit for textures goes to (in alphabetical order): Akiran, Bananakin, cc0textures, and LordTrilobite

    Model meshes created by FallenLogic (me!) or ripped from BFII by Hauptmann or Lorenzi.

    • Drug
    Fortification Tool for SWRP
    Created by TheJoe
    This is a fortification tool that is mainly aimed at a Star-Wars-RP Audience.
    It features two sweps:
    A Admin Swep that lets players modify your current ressource pool
    A "Trooper" Swep that allows players to spawn in preconfig...
    Modular Sci-Fi Warehouse Set (Models/Props)
    Created by Arne3D
    I genuinely have nothing funny or quirky to write here

    This is just a roleplay set for people who make event buildsets, but it can be used by really anyone. I originally had the idea working for a CWRP community, but it never got approved. This...
    Skybox Editor Tool

    What can this tool do? Well, using this tool you can:
    • Change the Sky texture, thus changing the mood, day time
    Star Wars Artillery
    Created by DolUnity
    Star Wars Artillery

    This addon adds two new entities to the game which can be placed on the map. Next you can call in an artillery strike with the help of the "Artillery Strike Marker" weapon
    [AP] Star Wars - Sci-Fi Prop Pack
    Created by ReizeR
    Made by ReizeR for StarLiveRP.

    Inside this addon you will find 36 props such as benches, fences, towers, consoles and so on.
    Some props have bodygroups for more customization.
    This was done with star wars theme on mind. But obviuosly it is also...
    [GG] Imperial Event Resources
    Created by AussiWozzi
    This content pack has been made for gateway gaming.
    feel free to use it for your own server

    I don't claim any of this content to be my own, I have packaged it into a larger content pack for an easier download.

    All content belongs to their respective...
    [GG] Imperial NPCs
    Created by AussiWozzi
    I don't claim any of this content to be my own, I have packaged it into a larger content pack for an easier download.

    All content belongs to their respective owners, thank you to them.

    If there are any issues or concerns, feel free to contact me....
    [GG] Imperial Resources
    Created by AussiWozzi
    I don't claim any of this content to be my own, I have packaged it into a larger content pack for an easier download.

    All content belongs to their respective owners, thank you to them.

    If there are any issues or concerns, feel free to contact me....
    Star Wars Jetpack Swep
    Created by 16 bears
    Star Wars Jetpack

    I did not make this, with that being said I can only make small edits to the original code due to my knowledge with LUA, if any issues or bugs occur with the addon please feel free to contact me.

    [LFS] TIE Hunter
    Created by chhhhh
    lfs is required

    simple addon

    has s-foils (space to toggle)

    model is from rs3
    STAR WARS: Imperial Scout Troopers
    Created by AussiWozzi

    Imperial Scout Troopers

    Scout troopers, also known as biker scouts and Imperial sharpshooters, were specially trained stormtroopers of the Imperial Army's Stormtrooper Corps. They were used by the Galactic Empire on...
    STAR WARS: Colored Mandalorians
    Created by AussiWozzi

    Mandalorian warriors, also known as Mandalorian commandos, were soldiers of Mandalorian warrior clans that were active throughout Mandalorian cultural history. Many Mandalorian warriors were part of Mandalorian organizations suc...
    [TFA] StarWars Weaponized Shields
    Created by ChanceSphere574
    StarWars Shields with their weapons !


    /!\ This addon can get some bug in multiplayers /!\

    these shields are effective against NPCs, they can block 70% / 90% of shots, but in PvP it can be ...
    [GG] Imperial Jania
    Created by s8n
    [GG] Prop Pack
    Created by AussiWozzi
    [GG] Map Content
    Created by AussiWozzi
    I don't claim any of this content to be my own, I have packaged it into a larger content pack for an easier download.

    All content belongs to their respective owners, thank you to them.

    If there are any issues or concerns, feel free to contact me....
    Placeable Particle Effects
    Created by Rus Rakieta

    ======== What is this addon about? ========

    Placeable Particle Effects is an addon that lets you place or attach (weld) various effects to spice up your work, like sc...
    Snowtroopers Playermodels Pack
    Created by Sono
    Snowtroopers Pack
    By Sono

    Cold assault stormtroopers, also known more simply as snowtroopers, were Imperial stormtroopers trained to operate in arctic climates. Some snowtroopers were deployed under Death Squadron's Blizzard Force, as w...
    [LFS] LAAT/i Gunship
    Created by Fisher
    Lore :

    Originally posted by Wookieepedia:
    “The Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry (LAAT/i), also known as the Republic attack gunship, Republic Gunship or Assault Gunship, was one of the several models in the Low Altitude Assault Transport line of stars
    [AS] Star Wars: Rogue One Imperial Officers
    Created by Nada
    "Imperial officers were individuals, predominantly human, who held a position of authority and responsibility in the military forces, and some civilian elements, of the Galactic Empire. When the Empire succeeded the Galactic Republic after the end of the C...
    Star Wars Food
    Created by FallenLogic
    Contains 15 food models, commissioned by Remnant Roleplay
    • Bantha burger
    • Blue flour
    • Blue milk
    • Canteen
    • Food basket (bodygroups for empty, porg wings, and nerf nuggets)
    • Macaroon
    • Mon Calamari Pizza
    • Ration bar
    [LFS] Slave I
    Created by ϟLightning Boltϟ
    "Slave I belonged to the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy..."

    Take the role as either Jango Fett, Boba Fett, or simply claim Slave I for yourself and you'll bring fear into your foes.
    [LFS] Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle
    Created by ϟLightning Boltϟ
    "Inform the commander that Lord Vader's shuttle has arrived."

    The imperial engineers have begun to produce the elegant Lambda-Class T-4a Shuttle again. To quote from the wiki, "the shuttles were often used by high-ranking Imperial officers an...
    [LFS] TX-130 & TX-130t | Extended
    Created by †₭𝟛℟Ø

    This addon contains extended version of TX-130 and TX-130t Saber-class fighter tank from Star Wars.

    TX-130 located in entities in...
    [wOS] Animation Extension - Experimental
    Created by King David™

    These are experimental animations made by wiltOS Technologies. They are reworked animations specifically designed for Garry's Mod taken from various games.

    Current Inclusions[/u...
    [GG] Stoneman's Content Pack
    Created by furry femdom
    Stoneman's Content Pack for epic gamers...
    [TFA] StarWars Rebels Weapon Reworked Pack
    Created by ChanceSphere574
    StarWars Rebels reworked weapon pack from Battlefront II.


    • A280
    • A280C
    • A280-CFE
    • DH-17
    • DH-17a
    • DLT-20A
    • RT-97c
    • Dual DH-17a

    Star Wars Squadrons: Tie Pilots
    Created by Nada
    "TIE pilots served in the Starfighter Corps of the Imperial Navy by piloting the various TIE Series starfighters. Distinguished by all-black flight suits and bulky, fully enclosed, vacuum-sealed helmets, the Galactic Empire at its height produced millions ...
    [40k] [LC] Imperial Artillery
    Created by Ordo Redactus
    This addon was commissioned by and done for the Legion Community, a Warhammer 40,000 roleplaying server. Go visit them!


    Gonna write a better description later on.

    For now I'll just say that this addon adds to t...
    [LFS] Nicks AI Turret Base
    Created by niksacokica
    LFS AI turrets

    This addon was made solely by me, but I did have an inspiration from the original lfs ai turrets base. If you wish to make your own turrets, but you don't know how to, join this discord[] and I will he...
    XX-9 Heavy Turbolaser
    Created by niksacokica
    XX-9 Heavy Turbolaser

    The XX-9 Heavy Turbolaser was a shipboard emplacement weapon produced by Empire. This type of turbolaser battery was most known for being equipped on the Imperial I-class Star Destroyers and the Death Star.
    More: https://...
    Star Wars - Nightlife Prop Pack [v1.0]
    Created by ReizeR
    Version 1.0 release!

    This pack contains 31 props that was inspired by Old Republic Nightlife Event.
    All props has bodygroups for more customization!
    Press that LIKE button if you like it.

    Credits: ReizeR - models and textur...
    Republic Triggers - In-Game Mapping Tool
    Created by furry femdom
    The Third in the Republic Utility Series, a tool for Event Masters in Roleplay servers to use!

    Using this tool, you can create triggers to grant effects on any player that touches them.

    Death walls, spiked floors, jump pads, or maybe even a...
    [LFS] Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order LAAT/LE
    Created by Nada
    "After the formation of the Galactic Empire, the patrol transport saw a broader use as a patrol craft for the Imperial Military on various worlds, as well as an escort carried on some of its capital ships. Patrol transports saw extensive use against variou...
    [GG] Imperial Server Content #3
    Created by Cap
    Server Content.

    All content belongs to their respective owners, thank you to them.

    If there are any issues or concerns, feel free to contact me.
    [PR]Star Wars Medical Sweps [Bacta Grenade, Bacta Injector, Force Heal]
    Created by |⁧⁧Riddick
    UPDATE 1/10/2017: New additions are coming out, including a Bacta Grenade that does not reset an event character's health, overhealing bacta injectors(they were too outshined by bacta grenades!), and a medscanner to provide health AND armor!

    I hi
    [TFA] StarWars WristBlasters Pack
    Created by ChanceSphere574
    StarWars Wristblasters pack !


    • Light Wristblaster (9 colors)
    • Heavy Wristblaster (9 colors)
    • WristFlame
    • WristNade
    • WristRocket

    - Support c_hands.

    [TFA] StarWars Disruptors Rifles Pack
    Created by ChanceSphere574
    StarWars Ion Disruptor and EMP Rifle !


    • T-7 Ion Disruptor
    • T-4 Ion EMP

    - Disable engine on LFS.
    - Disable Shield and set the HP to 10% on LFS.
    - Oneshot and disintegrate NPC...
    [TFA][AT] StarWars DC-17m
    Created by ChanceSphere574

    Finally here, the real StarWars DC-17m modular blaster in Battlefront 2 style, i work on it since some months, i commissioned a major part of this models, i made a version from my mind and an original version f...
    Macrobinocular Waypoint System (SWEP)
    Created by hisui
    A simple waypoint system, built with SWRP servers in mind.

    Key Features
    - Place and remove as many waypoints as you want!
    - Choose from up to 5 different colors!
    - Name your waypoints!
    - Server admins can remove anyone's waypoints, y...
    Sparks' Shared Materials Pack
    Created by hisui
    This addon contains materials that may be shared requirements across several of my other addons. If one of my addons requires these materials, it will be listed as 'Required Content' on the right side and you wil...
    Created by infanticide gaming
    What is GmodAdminSuite?
    GmodAdminSuite is a pack of administration utilities which work on top of your admin mod (e.g. ULX) to supercharge your server's staff experience.

    Learn more[]
    HCN Civilian Models
    Created by Mr.RaVеN
    HCN Civilian content 2
    Created by Mr.RaVеN
    HCN Civilian content
    Created by Mr.RaVеN
    Star Wars - Tatooine Prop Pack
    Created by Lord Trilobite
    A pack of Tatooine themed props that I made for my Sandcrawler Prop Hunt map.

    - Moisture vaporators (4 variants)
    - Droid Detector
    - Salvage Droid (a...
    SWTOR: Blizz & Jawas
    Created by Jajon
    I'd appreciate any kind of feedback as it will help improve my future work.

    This addon contains:
    - Our Lord and Savior, Blizz
    - Jawa Chef
    - Jawa Warrior
    - Jawa Mechanic
    - Jawa with Backpack
    - Regular Jawa (With bunch of bodygroups!)
    - R...
    [TE] Nar Shaddaa Armour Pack Playermodels
    Created by Kralich
    Nar Shaddaa Armour Pack.

    This pack includes the following:

    Archaeology Master
    Armourtech Master
    Armstech Master
    Forgotten Clone Armour
    Heavy Crusader Armour
    Light Crusader Armour
    Medium Crusader Armour
    Scavenger Master
    Scrap Armour

    Some ...
    Star Wars Universe
    Created by DolUnity
    Star Wars Universe

    If you get any error make sure you have downloaded all required content and play on a supported map.
    Check if you have any conflicting addons installed, you can find
    [AG] Probe Droid Sound SWEP
    Created by Benni
    A basic SWEP for The Probe Droid from Star Wars!

    Left Click = Most known Probe Droid Sound
    Right Click = Some Wierd noises Sound
    Reload = Some more wierd noises Sound

    This SWEP was made by me, but all the coding goes to the original creators: Uku...
    [AG] Gonk Sound SWEP
    Created by Benni
    A basic SWEP for Gonk from Star Wars!

    Left Click = Gonk
    Right Click = More Gonks
    Reload = Deep Gonk

    This SWEP was made by me, but all the coding goes to the original creators: Ukushino & Servius.

    This SWEP was made for Atomic Gaming | EmpireRP ...
    [LFS] 74-z Speeder Bike
    Created by niksacokica
    74-z Speeder Bike

    The 74-Z speeder bike, sometimes referred to as the Imperial speeder bike due to its use by scout stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire, was a speeder bike manufactured and used by the Republic and the Empire. It was mostly u...
    Imperial Titan Base - V2
    Created by Nils
    Imperial Titan Base - V2
    The Imperial version of Titan Base was in need of some revisions and updates.
    This was originally made for a community, but as the community moved on I’ve decided to give this to everyone instead.
    Hope you enjoy all...
    Star Wars | Imperial Base
    Created by Bananakin
    This map is no longer supported. Feel free to edit it. (please provide credit)

    In-game : rp_banankin_starwars

    Lord Trilobite(Textures) :
    King Pommes(Props) : https://steamcomm...
    Star Wars: Inferno Squad
    Created by Nada
    "Inferno Squad, also known as Inferno Squadron or simply Inferno, was an Imperial Special Forces commando unit commanded by Iden Versio during the Galactic Civil War. Inferno was first commissioned to infiltrate and destroy the Dreamers, an extremist group...
    Republic Conquest - Capture Points
    Created by furry femdom
    The Fourth in the Republic Utility Series, a tool for Event Masters in Roleplay servers to use!

    Inspired by the Star Wars Battlefront series, this tool allows you to place down Command Posts / Control Points that players or NPCs can capture!
    Star Wars: Phase Zero Dark Trooper
    Created by Nada
    "The Phase Zero dark troopers were created in the early years of the Empire to deal with a shortage of experienced troops. The program was overseen by then-Lieutenant Rom Mohc and was based on the Empirical, a hidden space station in the Dominus system. He...
    Star Wars: Death Troopers
    Created by Nada
    "Death troopers were an elite variant of the Galactic Empire's stormtroopers specializing in stealth, espionage and lethality. Operating under Imperial Intelligence, they served as protective detail for significant Imperial officers and members of the Tark...
    [RR] Reborn Knights and Marauders
    Created by Nada
    "The Reborn were a deadly force of Dark Jedi of the Imperial Remnant faction. An accomplishment of artificial infusion of the Force into individuals, the Reborn were the instrument of Counselor Gallius Rax's master plan, bringing back the ideals of Emperor...
    Clone Wars Adventures: Lightsabers
    Created by ArsenicBeast
    Lightsabers ported from Clone Wars Adventures!

    Please give a rating as it really helps the addon grow, it takes 1 click to do so.


    In this addon there are 40(give or take 1 or 2) lightsabers that have been ported ...
    Starship Troopers - Building Props
    Created by Wibble
    United Citizen Federation
    "The battlefield can be a dangerous place but thanks to the Federations top engineers and architectures our troops are kept comfortable and safe. These new designs will depl...
    Server Content
    Created by Topher III
    Tool Search & Favorites
    Created by Bell

    A lightweight solution to look through your hundreds of tools!

    Update: Added auto-selecting tools! Turned on by default.
    Update 2: Right-click tools to make them your favorites!...
    Star Wars | Vardos Revamped
    Created by Bananakin
    Map Info
    Map name : rp_vardos_bananakin_revamped
    For the best experience : GMod -> Properties -> Betas -> Set game to Beta "x86-64 - Chromium + 64-bit binaries."

    [img] [/img]

    This map is a re...
    Vardos Content
    Created by Bananakin
    This content pack is meant to remove the need for these full (2.5GB) addons as required content. To lessen the amount of content needed for Vardos.

    Addons created by Piggo, and Hauptmann :
    Star Wars Mortar
    Created by DolUnity
    Star Wars Mortar

    Newest Update
    Luiggi33 was so nice and added two new shell types to the mortar. So you now can select between three grenade types.
    [LFS] - Star Wars Pack (Prequels)
    Created by Blu-x92
    [LFS] - Star Wars Pack

    Vehicles can be found in your "Entities" tab under "[LFS] - Star Wars Pack"

    It is absolutely necessary that you have LFS version v301.GIT(GitHub) or v301.WS(Workshop) or newer. This addon will not work properly i
    Created by 122jimbo
    Do what you want with all my maps.You can upload your own version on the workshop as long as you give me credit in the description!

    Map takes place in the Hive area of Geo...
    Star Wars: Tank Troopers & AT-ACT Pilots
    Created by Nada
    "Imperial combat assault tank pilots or tank troopers were Imperial combat drivers specialized in operating the TX-225 GAVw "Occupier" combat assault tanks. Under Imperial occupation, the streets of Jedha were patrolled by Imperial combat assault tanks." -...
    [LFS] UT-AT
    Created by Svenman
    UT-AT (Unstable Terrain Attilery Transport):
    The Unstable Terrain Artillery Transport (UT-AT), also known as the "Trident," was a military transport and assault vehicle that served the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars wh
    UT-AT Skin Pack
    Created by Svenman
    Contains the Skins for my UT-AT Addon....
    Realistic Military Smoke Grenade
    Created by Cail
    Realistic Military Smoke Grenade is an add-on for all fans of tactical Gunfights.

    It contains a default smoke grenade, 5 colored smoke grenades, a smoke grenade Dummy and an Entity, giving all of the colored smoke grenades.

    The colors included are:
    Anti-FriendlyFire (NPC)
    Created by LibertyForce
    This mod allows you to turn off Friendly Fire towards and between NPCs.

    If you where ever annoyed by your allies killing each other ...
    TFA Base
    Created by YuRaNnNzZZ
    Documentation Archive[]
    (discord and template links dubbed in changelog tab above)

    Created by Gale
    This map was originally developed for Icefuse Networks, and has been okayed for public release!
    Feel free to check out the server here:

    CSS + HL2 Content recommended!

    This map was designed with both CQB and medium-long rang...
    Syria Content
    Created by Gale
    Textures, Models, sounds!...
    [DrgBase] Colossus of rhodes
    Created by AnisZeus

    LMouse : slap attack
    RMouse : stomp attack
    R : roar
    E: kick attack
    Key 2 : punch combo
    Key 3 : slam attack

    The Colossus of Rhodes wa...
    DrGBase | Nextbot Base
    Created by Dragoteryx

    DrGBase is built on top of the default nextbot base to add stuff that you usually have to code yourself when creating a nextbot, such as AI behaviour or a relationship system. It also comes with a built-in poss...
    [LFS] Ork Dakkajet
    Created by [VG] Vrag
    Consider donating, this helps put out additional content, cheers!
    Venmo: @Lawrence-Zeno-1

    Join the discord for suggestions and community projects

    The Dakkajet is an Ork fighter aircraft s...
    [LFS] Ork Deffkopta
    Created by [VG] Vrag
    Consider donating, this helps put out additional content, cheers!
    Venmo: @Lawrence-Zeno-1

    Join the discord for suggestions and community projects

    A Deffkopta is a rotary-wing aircraft tha...
    [LFS] Necron Doomscythe
    Created by [VG] Vrag
    Consider donating, this helps put out additional content, cheers!
    Venmo: @Lawrence-Zeno-1

    Join the discord for suggestions and community projects

    A Doom Scythe is a Necron aircraft and At...
    [Codex RP] Ork Structures
    Created by "Technae"
    Shows up in the spawn menu under addons, might be called just [Codex RP]

    [Codex RP]...
    [Codex RP] Eldar Structures
    Created by "Technae"
    [Codex RP]

    Eldar Structures

    advanced warp generator
    eldar warp generator
    landmine (tiny, good for fighting rats)
    listening shrine
    soul shrine
    support platform D
    support platform Scatter
    support portal
    webway gate

    GP Army Rangers [PM/NPC/Ragdolls]
    Created by Ceiling★Spiders
    Okay what did I just make here? I have no idea why, but when I looked at the Ratchet and Clank Ranger model and the TNB Cyberpunk "scrap" model. I came up with this idea.

    The Lore Behind This:

    As [data expunged] took way too long than the ...
    Warhammer 40k: Tyranid SNPC's
    Created by Zadi

    This is a standalone snpc pack, you do not need the base SNPC pack if you do not want it.

    A SNPC Pack consisting of Tyranids from the Warhammer 40k Universe. This pack will get updates somewhere along the...
    Warhammer 40k: SNPC's
    Created by Zadi
    Any other addon listed as a requirements is addons designed to work with this "base". VJ Base is the only REQUIRED one

    A SNPC Pack consisting of characthers from the Warhammer 40k Universe. I will continue ...
    VJ Base
    Created by DrVrej
    VJ Base, short for Vrej Base, was originally created in 2012. Its purpose is to assist the creation of many types of addons. It is popularly used for creating Scripted NPCs due to its highly customizable and advanced artificial intelligence systems.
    Improved Hydra SNPC Pack
    Created by JebDaKerbal
    The famous cut creature, Hydra.

    This SNPC can be found it the Entities tab under the section "Improved Hydra".

    What is this?: This is an addon that is a improved version of the old Hydra SNPC, giving it better textures, lighting, making it partia...
    [VALKYRIE] Star Wars Creature NPCs
    Created by FallenLogic
    The majority of this content was commissioned by iROCONIAN of VALKYRIE Networks, and supported by Robbo of OnBlasterGaming.

    This pack includes the following NPCs:
    • Dathomir Rancor:
    [Atlantis] Star Wars Creature NPCs
    Created by FallenLogic
    Commissioned by the French Community: Atlantis[]

    Contains 15 NPCs

    Duneclaw (Hostile):
    The duneclaw, also...
    SWTOR HK Mega Pack (PM & NPC)
    Created by Odd
    [img] [/img]
    "Recitation: Yes, as I said, I am an assassin droid. It is my primary function to burn holes through meatbags that you wish removed from the galaxy…" - HK-47

    Here is a pack consisting of all HK...
    Jedi Academy: All Map Props (300+)
    Created by FallenLogic
    This is exactly what it says on the tin:
    This is a pack of every single static prop model from the game Jedi Knight III: Jedi Academy, with collisions manually created for over 90% of them, and custom animated and glowing textures to bring the fe...
    [VJ] - Fallout SNPC's
    Created by crab machine race !
    In this addon you'll find Silverlan's Fallout Models converted to SNPC's running on the VJ base.

    You'll get 18 SNPC's:
    - Giant Ant
    - Bighorner
    - Bloatfly
    - Brahmin
    - Cazadore
    - Deathclaw
    - Feral Dog
    - Gecko
    - Feral Ghoul
    - Mirelurk...
    Star Wars Clone Wars Ships Prop Pack
    Created by Salty™
    The Venator and Victory Ships have working Hangar Bays

    This Addon contains 12 Star Wars Ships, 4 Republic Ships, and 8 CIS Ships. All of them are scaled to GMOD Size so that they will fit in a
    [CodexRP] Imperial Guard Structures
    Created by "Technae"
    All credits to Relic Entertainment for models and textures

    Imperial Structures ported from dawn of war, I did the porting and it took 5 days to figure it out and do it. I incidentally lost my mind in the process. But I digress.
    Star Wars : Yuuzhan Vong Ships Pack
    Created by con premier
    If you have any problems let me know in the comment section , if I see that the request for the size of the ships is strongly ask I will make an update to change their sizes for a large size, meanwhile you can use the Resizer for now.

    No More Square Particles!
    Created by CubicApocalypse
    I've always had problems with square fog particles on maps like sb_omen and gm_solarsystem. This should fix them....
    Empire Officers Pack
    Created by Tigran
    This is "Empire Officers pack" for a gmod server: Star Wars Legends of the Old Republic
    Pack include: 2 Sith officers, 2 Human officers, 1 Zabrak officer and 1 Chiss officer.

    Models & Textures - EA/Bioware/Lucasarts
    Other job: me

    I hope u...
    [40k] Imperial Field Cannons
    Created by Ordo Redactus
    Maps are gm_mellifera_island and rp_spring_offensive_v4


    This small addon adds Imperial Field Cannons - my take on the heavy weapons of the Astra Militarum. These simple but devastating cannons come in several types and loadouts intended to be used...
    Imperial Royal Guard (playermodels)
    Imperial Royal Guard from Star Wars universe

    -Royal Guard PM
    -Royal Guard PM playercolor version
    -Shadow Guard PM (texture variation)
    -Sovereign Protector PM (texture and head variation)
    -Staff Weapon prop

    If you want to re-use this ...
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    [GG] Imperial RP | Maps
    Contains 61 items