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Better City States (UI)
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Better City States (UI)

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New version 1.2 as of 14.06 - Grouping by types.

Enhanced City States screen.

This mod integrates and improves the screen from the Concise UI (which I've always considered to be the best improvement of the CS window), some functionality from CQUI and adds my own improvements (spies, resources). Everything is adopted to the New Frontier Pass and compatible with CQUI and should work on Linux out-of-the-box.

Works with the base game, Rise & Fall, Gathering Storm, CQUI.
Supported languages: all.

This mod enhances the main screen of the City States window.
1. Compact style, all key information available at hand.
2. At the bottom - suzerain statistics.
3. City State quest visible.
4. Information about spies assigned, waiting for instructions and traveling.
5. Information about resources.
6. 2nd best place in the suzerain queue.
7. And last but not least... I've added a mark on Amani's icon showing in which CS is our Amani; it drove me crazy for so long that all Amanis are the same and you don't actually know easily where is yours.

CIVITAS City-States
This mod is NOT compatible with CIVITAS City-States. CIVITAS has its own City-States screen to support 10+ envoys feature. It fully replaces any other City-States screen (there can only be one), so there's no "compatibility" possible.

Linux users
Please let me know if the mods works. I cannot test it.

- original design of the compact window - eudaimonia's CUI
- suzerain stats at the bottom - eudaimonia's CUI
- city quest line - eudaimonia's CUI
- 2nd best position - CQUI
- info about spies - Infixo
- info about resources - Infixo
- Amani's mark - Infixo
- compatibility with CQUI and Linux - Infixo
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iLoveTF2 Sep 25 @ 7:33am 
does not display bonuses of city states outside suzerainity
iLoveTF2 Sep 19 @ 10:54am 
btw most probably incompatible with the civitas city states mod
( )
Saku Jul 13 @ 4:22pm 
Thank you for all your "Better" mods :chocolaova:
Nizoulou Jul 5 @ 9:43am 
This mod is just incredible ! A must have for every player exploiting City-States :D

Also I noticed some errors in Lua.log though I did not see anything when playing :
OrangeGuac May 28 @ 11:51pm 
Nice job on this mod, very helpful, thanks.
infixo  [author] May 27 @ 9:35am 
@geminus Compatibility with Citivas is not a matter of replacing the screen. You can make an easy experiment. Change load order in BST, it is really easy, and let me know if you are happy with the result.
Geminus Leonem May 27 @ 6:52am 
@infixo So that it would work with the CIVITAS new city-state types? I... I don't understand why you are even asking that after a ton of people asked for compatibility.
infixo  [author] May 27 @ 6:19am 
@geminus I could. But why would I do that?
NotKhalil May 27 @ 4:28am 
Geminus Leonem May 27 @ 12:26am 
Sorry if I'm wrong about this, but couldn't you just give this mod's files an higher loadorder value than CIVITAS so that it replaces it?