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Garry's Mod

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Slave of GMod
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Apr 14, 2014 @ 10:16am
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Slave of GMod

In 1 collection by Necrossin
Slave of GMod gamemode + maps
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Current version: 31/10/2021

Originally started as Hotline Miami fan art. It still is.

A top down gamemode that is pretty much based on how toxic and greedy gmod community is nowadays.

Featuring 5 gametypes (can be changed by pressing F3 in-game):

Story Mode (can be accessed by starting via singleplayer)
Dive into 20+ levels of what gmod really is about today. Youtubers, greedy people, obsessed server owners and other horrifying things. Also features 8 playable characters.

RDM gametype
Simple deathmatch with player/bots. 6 available characters.
Axecution gametype
1 vs all PVE/PVP gametype, where one player has to eliminate everyone on a DarkRP server. 3 available characters.
Serious Drama gametype
PVP only gametype with 2 teams (community), where one has to ddos/destroy another, just like in real gmod. 4 available characters.
Nemesis gametype
4 player only survival gametype, where you fight off a horde of greedy coders, who are hungry for your wallets and flesh. 4 available characters.

Need more maps?

- Full Frontal
- Construction
- Motel
- Siege
- Oxy
- Coastal
- Bottom
- Storm
- Stakes

Or If you want to make a map, for some reason, check the discussions below.

Since October 2021 SoundCloud streaming no longer works in gamemode, but you can still get the offline content pack for Story Mode music below:

Playlist with in-game tracks is HERE[]
Playlist with tracks from cutscenes is HERE[]
Axecution playlist[]
Nemesis playlist[]
And another playlist for story mode[]

May contain content inappropriate for gmod fans and youtubers.
Popular Discussions View All (39)
Oct 10 @ 9:05am
How do you kill the final boss?
Nov 17 @ 7:01am
can i kill the final boss in development hell?(bonus act)
white circle
Nov 17 @ 7:02am
Problem with sounds and music.
< >
Necrossin  [author] Nov 29 @ 3:04am 
Could try disabling other addons just in case
Stevie Nov 28 @ 7:13pm 
every time i start up a map, it will say all the lua files are good but then it will just quit out
Depraved Arachnophile Nov 27 @ 12:32pm 
It seems really, really easy to get caught on items and be unable to move at all
Maciek Nov 25 @ 6:28am 
uhh whats is something not right uhh big server men was stucked is error car
Necrossin  [author] Nov 25 @ 3:33am 
Yes, you need CS:S
Stevie Nov 25 @ 3:20am 
Do you need any content mounted (css?) to play this
DI BOX Nov 1 @ 11:55pm 
Necrossin  [author] Oct 18 @ 12:36am 
As much as I hate this solution, I might end up making a separate content pack with story mode music at some point, since Soundcloud streaming seems to be out of option now (after 8+ years of working fine).
Necrossin  [author] Oct 16 @ 4:11am 
Just a heads up, soundcloud has completely messed up the music streaming, so I'm not quite sure if or how this is gonna be resolved for now.
Maciek Oct 10 @ 9:04am 
is hard to beat him but im crashed