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Nobles | Small Box Games | Official
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Nobles | Small Box Games | Official

Nobles by Small Box Games. Official TTS Mod.


You will complete Events by using Nobles.

When either one Noble deck and/or one Event deck is empty, the game ends and you score points for the Events you
Completed (each worth one point).

There is no winning or losing in Nobles, you are playing to complete as many Events as you can.

Separate the Noble cards into a face down deck and the Event cards into a face down deck. Follow the instructions on the back of the Noble and Event cards.

Place the Turn Order Card in front of you. What you can and must do during the game is found on this card.

Begin the game by following the prompts on the Turn Order Card.

Each Noble begins the game in one of three face up decks. Nobles are discarded from the top of these decks for Abilities and to complete Events. Discarded Nobles are “Deceased” Nobles, and are placed face up to the side of the play area.

Each Noble has a Noble Ability at the top of its card (indicated by the italicized text). Each Noble has an Effect on the bottom of the card when it is discarded to complete an Event.

Each Event begins the game in one of three face up decks. When you complete an Event, you must discard the appropriate number of Nobles as indicated on the Event’s Requirements. Completed Events are placed face up in front of you.

If an Effect or Ability allows you to “take an Event” you ignore that Event’s Requirements and add it to your Completed Events.

Effects and Abilities are not optional and must be followed to the best of your ability.


I sincerely hope that you enjoy Nobles! If you’re enjoying this digital version of the game, I hope you’ll consider heading over to and help support the digital versions of the games I design, or to to check out my other games.

Small Box Games is a small, independent, one person operation, and your support helps me to continue making the card games I design and publish.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you for checking out the games I design!
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McMugwump Aug 26 @ 12:35pm 
Excellent game! Thank you for having this here!