Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

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Ultimate Twelve Turns Per Year (U12Tpy)
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May 13, 2021 @ 12:02pm
Aug 25, 2022 @ 7:05pm
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Ultimate Twelve Turns Per Year (U12Tpy)

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Roma Modius Maxmius
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Ultimate Divide et Impera Collection
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This is a 12 turns per year mod, but not the standard one that just increases the turns to 12. With this mod, everything else in the game is moved, slowed, or sped up, to make all the features and systems of the game expand out to a 12 tpy system. This mod aims to be the all-in-one, ultimate 12 turns per year mod, for Divide et Impera. No more downloading half a dozen mods to stretch the Grand Campaign out to a full 12tpy game.

This mod does the following things:

- Full 12tpy mod
- Building times extended to better fit 12 tpy
- Agents and Generals require more XP to level
- Historical Characters spawning extended
- Reduced Movement of Agents and Armies to match 12tpy
- Extended Recruitment times
- Technologies take longer to research

One thing I love about Divide et Impera is the wonderful love and attention Dresden has given the seasons, it's an extremely well-done concept that adds a TON of realism, IMO. However, with 4 turns per year, let's be honest, the seasons are pretty much an afterthought, only there for the graphics effect. They simply don't add much or make you pause much at 4tpy, as they just fly by way too fast, beyond the gfx changes on the map, you probably barely notice it beyond that. Thus IMO, I believe 12 turns per year is the sweet spot when playing such a grand mod as Divide et Impera. Don't rob yourself of one of the aspects that will add a lot of realism to your campaigns. Campaign as Caeser, Scipio, Hannibal, well Hannibal did whatever he wanted when he wanted. But you get the point!

First and foremost plan your offensives around the campaigning season (Spring-Fall), as was appropriate. Fight through the Spring through Fall and then Fall back for refitting and retraining during the winter months in your forts or whatever forward outposts you design. Don't neglect to prepare for the winter, especially if you live in a region with a harsh climate. If you're planning a push during spring or fall, ensure the region isn't suffering from severe weather. Stock up on food and supplies for the winter. You can get a little lazy in warmer climates, but if you're going to live and campaign in heavy snow, or high heat, better make the appropriate precautions beforehand, or you're going to lose a lot more men to the elements than you need to.

Your Armies and agents move slower now to account for only 1 month's movement, as opposed to 3 months. Plan accordingly. Building costs and times have been extended, taking longer to construct now, better filling out the longer campaign. Agents and Units take longer to recruit and will require more experience to level up now. Everything has been extended and slowed to better fit with the longer campaign.

I hope this helps people experience the game in its most complete form. That's just my opinion but after experiencing 12tpy I haven't been able to go back to 2, or even 4 turns per year, it's just robbing so much of the experience from you, not the least of which is the fantastic work done to the seasons with this mod.

Any and all adult and reasonable comments and suggestions are welcome. Don't be rude and I'll try my best to accommodate any requests so long as I don't feel they violate the principle of the ultimate 12 tpy mod anyone would need. Feel free to comment here, but the dev will see your comments and suggestions faster over on the discord, which you can access here:

Hail Dresden, KAM, Jack, and the entire Divide et Impera team!

Part of the Ultimate DEI Collection:
and Roma Modius Maxmius:

See Ultimate Upkeep and Recruitment:

Spies as Scouts! See also Increased Expensive Agents for more realistic experience with agents, expensive offensive actions that reduce agent spam while preserving agents in the game and a whole lot more:

Join our steam group for the latest mods, updates, and news on total war and divide et impera:

Cives vale...
Roma est Urbem Aeternam!

Ave Caesar!

1.2 UPDATE: Now includes Minion-J's Calendar correction mod with Ultimate 12 Turns per year. Remove yet another mod from your load order as you enjoy the depth 12 turns per year offers. Enjoy! Please report all feedback here on steam or for faster responses over on the discord. Thank you!

1.3: Updated values to work with the new Grand Campaign Beta from the dei Team. You will need to also run the U12TPY Patch here: to use U12TPY with the new Grand Campaign Beta from DEI. Also more units are covered under the expanded recruitment. New values for recruitment are as follows: ultra Light Inf 1 turn, light infantry 2, med inf 3, heavy inf 4, ultra heavy 6 turns.

1.4 UPDATE: Updated mod for DEI v1.3. Rolled back some of the movement reductions introduced in the last patch as we got some feedback from the community. You'll still want/need to level your generals down that path for truly epic movement point, but it won't be so sharply felt at those early stages.

We've also adjusted slightly the build times and cost of buildings as well as changed their costs based on a tiering system that centers these variables around the building chain level. So a level 5 will cost way more than a level 2 building will. If only we could sort techs this way! New unit recruitment rates are: very light: 1 light:2 medium:3 heavy:4 very heavy:6 ultra heavy:8 Also, unit promotions are reworked offering more benefits, i.e. skill points the higher you get. level one doesn't even offer a point, but you'll be getting up to 4 per level by the end. This is to offset the additional movement points brought in this patch over last patch, while giving more incentive, and really making those higher level characters stand out.

Main effort of this update was to bring the mod up to date and in line with the awesome work of the Divide Et Impera mod team, there is some really epic stuff in here, and I can't wait to sink my teeth into all of it! I'm pretty well versed in history, especially from antiquity, but I'm still learning things from this mod, especially the historical characters section. Just amazing work!!!

1.5 UPDATE: Updated for DEI 1.3.1

Building costs have been reduced slightly, unit recruitment costs increased slightly, increased the experience threshold for agents and units, increased base Army, Champion, Dignitary, Navy, and Spy caps per imperium level, campaign map movement points further reduced for agents and units, unit recruitment times extended, technology costs have been reduced slightly.

Some of the feedback said certain things like build costs, tech times and cost, where too high, so they've been reduced slightly, let me know how everyone appreciates these reductions, I've increased unit experience requirements slightly to level, as well as increasing the agent and army caps per imperium levels.

As always would love to hear your feedback, enjoy!

1.5.1 - Patch to increase movement points for units on campaign map.
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Tech Support
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Leondas Oct 22 @ 8:56pm 
It's a shame to have this mod undeveloped now 1.3.3. is coming! this was the best sub-mod of all times
Paradoxorus Jul 16 @ 2:19pm 
Units take long to recruit, but ships still take 1 turn. Is this intended or an oversight?
Saigo May 24 @ 9:37am 
Your mod will delete all units from the Royal Scythia and Roxolani with the 1.3.2 update of DEI
Leondas Apr 28 @ 7:09am 
Any progress in the mod for 1.3.2?
Imperator_Romanorum Apr 18 @ 8:06am 
Also, maybe you can give some extra units for all starting factions, especially rome :)
DjDowny Apr 17 @ 4:33pm 
I can't tell if this mod is working or not. The turns are one month but buildings, recruitment, and technology times are all the same.
Terendelev Apr 17 @ 12:11pm 
Will there be an update for 1.3.2?
Imperator_Romanorum Apr 17 @ 10:49am 
I have a suggestion for that submod. Since all technologies are slowed down significantly you can give to each faction more starting technologies (for example an extra 3 technologies for all factions - rome should focus on military - egypt on economy - athens on navy + philosophy etc)

If you like you can give +2 to civilized factions and an extra to major powers. Also maybe a -1 to all germanic british factions.
MaxxoV Apr 8 @ 8:20am 
I put it 1st on top of the list and it works great for now.

Any updates on the upcoming version?
† Valerius † Apr 3 @ 3:03pm 
What is the Load order for this? or is it not useable atm and need a update before working? With the lates DEI version