Hood: Outlaws & Legends

Hood: Outlaws & Legends

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8 Steps To Win EVERY Game... No Really, every game!!
By Minop

Step 1: Get a mic

Step 2: During the start of a round, ask your teammates to gather and spam crouch. Derping is cool.

Step 3: Explain to your team that NOTHING in this game matters except extracting the chest. Kills? No. Finding the key? No. Backstabs? No. Juking? No.

Step 4: Wait 12 minutes as the enemy team completes every objective. You'll need charisma to keep your team with you the entire duration.

Step 5: The enemy team has the chest! Go take all of the spawn-points. Your enemies will be dumb-founded with how easy this game was and they will tryhard to protect the chest.

Step 6: Now wait for them to extract to 90%

Step 7: Kill them.

Step 8: Extract the last 10% as the enemy team runs from the opposite side of the map

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JayJax May 22 @ 5:35pm 
The same guys that do not understand that this is obviously sarcastic are the same guys that plague every forum about the 'insane skill ceiling' in this game, without acknowledging that it isn't blind fanboy-ism, but honest critique and addressing of the glaring issues that will improve and keep their game alive. They also wear exclusively Velcro shoes.
Discomelon May 12 @ 1:13pm 
honestly this guide doesnt work at all, they have already fixed this issue and now if you just get chest and not the notches you only get about 40% of the gold
GrimTactics May 10 @ 8:18am 
Honestly seems boring af played this way. That's why it won't catch on. People play games to have fun, this strategy is not fun. If they want to hide somewhere on the map for 12 mins for a win they'd play Warzone.
SirCrown May 9 @ 11:12pm 
main downside of that is hear me out .... what if you fail to kill them all cuz they all better?
zevs May 9 @ 3:12pm 
Absolutely true.
Kilo May 9 @ 2:41am 
I personally find that singing Tina Turner down the mic adds a good morale boost to the team (this may even be an intended mechanic) and usually results in a win
Navarc May 9 @ 2:19am 
i love when my enemies pull this strategy & then proceed to fail step 7, meaning we get a perfect smooth boring victory
Robert May 8 @ 5:15pm 
As you say, that is a strategy to get the victory screen.
But as the others mentioned this is very inefficient as there are bonuses from all tasks.

1. STEAL the key
2. OPEN the vault
(2,5.) PLACE the Chest

For ALL steps you get money and experience.
If you only extract with the last 10% you get less than 50% of all Gold an NO experience.
Also I think this strategy is very boring!
Kevst0r May 8 @ 10:24am 
this is clearly sarcastic
Wolfspeer May 8 @ 6:39am 
You don't get any bonus gold or exp... not to mention... fun? the main resaon to play?

It's players like you who don't understand the game that are shitting on it xD