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Mincho, The Mint Choco Slime ~ HAR ver.
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Nov 26 @ 8:10pm
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Mincho, The Mint Choco Slime ~ HAR ver.

========== Info ==========

Mod Version : 6.0.1 - 210809

This is HAR ver. Mincho mod.

This mod add a mincho race.

Mincho is a slime-like race whose whole body is made of mintchoco ice cream.

ICEcRIM Co., a Rimworld food company, create a slime toy for advertisement, using their top-selling product and "variant mechanite," that keeps the mixture to be like slime.

Unfortunately, during the final production stage, they have accidentally used the wrong variant of mechanite, which was planned to be disposed of due to a critical defect. As a result, what should have been slime toys, became human-mimicking, slime-like beings called the Mincho.

ICEcRIM realized their mistakes months after the production and tried to recall those "toys," but they were already delivered all over the Rim.

========== Change appearance ==========

Mincho can change appearance by eating cookies. Mincho can also produce ice cream accordingly.

The appearance changes as Mincho grow.
(When Mincho was young, Mincho only had the appearance of Mincho ver.)
(But Mincho produce ice cream according to what Mincho eat)

========== Developers ========== [Coding]   [Dalrae - 달래] [Art]   [SutSutMan - 섯섯]   [Latki - 랏키]   [Kuro - 쿠로] [Special Thanks]   [Space_Engineer - 스페이스 엔지니어]   [HoShiOki - 호시오키]   [gguake - 꾸악]   [horsefry - 말튀김]   [HellCross - 헬크로스]   [Euri - 어리]   [Némonian - 네모니안]   [Amnabi🦋 - 암나비🦋]   [SR0752 - 모너아리]   [NukaFrog - 열추적미사일]   [sinnamon - 신나몬(곤약쟁이)] ========== Copyright ========== 모든 저작권은 [Dalrae, SutSutMan]에게 있습니다. 이 콘텐츠는 Steam 계정 이름 [WHAQL5000, ENOHIDAYO]을 제외한 타인이 배포하는 것이 허락되지 않았습니다. All copyrights are by [Dalrae, SutSutMan]. This content is not allowed to be distributed by anyone other than the Steam account name [WHAQL5000, ENOHIDAYO]. ========== Patch Notes ========== [5.1.3 - 210529] : 미완성 기능 - 집중명상 유형(민초민초)가 지난번 패치에 잘못하고 들어가서 삭제. 추후 완성후 패치 예정.
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kitaumi 23 hours ago 
I got it. Thank you reply.
SutSutMan  [author] Nov 29 @ 2:21am 
It is a remnant of garam. I put it here for reference, it's a kind of dummy file.
kitaumi Nov 28 @ 3:20am 
What is probably "FaceDef.xml" is now "FaceDef.txt". It doesn't seem to hinder the progress, but I'm happy to fix it.

SutSutMan  [author] Nov 14 @ 11:00pm 
[6.1.1 - 211115] : 스페이스 슈트의 보호 범위 변경. 스페이스 부스터 추가. 보조 코어 증설 추가, 코어 증설시 사망해도 시체가 사라지지 않음. wearsetting 기능 업데이트(특정 장비랑 반드시 같이 입어야 하는 기능 추가). 일부 번역 누락 수정.

Add space booster (must worn with space suit)
Add Mincho supplementary core Implant, It prevents the body from disappearing even if it dies.
SutSutMan  [author] Nov 12 @ 4:56pm 

The problem was caused by overlapping dll names with the paniel mod using the code I provided. I've informed the mod creators how to fix it. It will be fixed soon.
PGZS Nov 10 @ 5:31am 
An error after the update on 11/9:
Mincho_ThingDef_SpaceSuit already has short hash.
SutSutMan  [author] Nov 7 @ 2:38am 
[6.1.0 - 211107] : 우주복 추가(sos2 대응, 다리가 있을때만 착용 가능) wearsetting 기능 업데이트 (뒷머리, 귀, 얼굴 부속 파츠 비표시 가능한 장비 설정 가능)

Add space suit (sos2 response)
odaswifteye Nov 6 @ 7:25pm 
Oh, there was more to that cookie function than I assumed. It's description in game gave me no idea what it would do.
SutSutMan  [author] Oct 16 @ 4:55am 
Check modsetting ~ Mincho mod setting.

You can change skill for extract mintchoco(need restart), and turn off all work for extract mintchoco (animals work)
Sannie Oct 16 @ 4:34am 
@SutSutMan thank you for updating the mod, i see the function you mention but i still do not understand the set it up part you mention..

' - ')