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Administrative and Fortress Districts for 3.0
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Administrative and Fortress Districts for 3.0

This mod does for Admin Cap and Fortress what the 3.0 update did for industrial districts. In short, bureaucratic and fortress buildings are now planet-unique, and add jobs to the new fortress and admin districts on planets. The tier 3 bureaucracy building is added back in.

This mod adds fortresses and admin districts for normal planets, ecumenepoli, and habitats. Planet automation is fully supported.

Compatibility: Overwrites the bureaucratic center, fortress world, and fortress habitat planetary designations as well as their automation files. Overwrites all three of the bureaucratic buildings, as well as their machine and hive equivalents. Overwrites the fortress and stronghold buildings. Theoretically savegame compatible, but I'd highly recommend against it.

Let me know if you notice any bugs; this is a major mod and I may have missed something in my testing.

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Boisegangpc May 12 @ 10:06pm 
Actually, there may be a conflict with Expanded Stellaris Traditions (or Plentiful Stellaris traditions, I'm not sure which one is which, part of Lots of Traditions), with their "Affinity" tradition "Persuasion", which states that it "Administrative Capacity of various buildings by additional jobs" (whatever that means). I'll also post this on the LOTs of Traditions mod page.
Boisegangpc May 12 @ 8:15pm 
So, apparently, Administrative Parks and complexes (at least on my end) don't seem to add any extra Bureaucrat Jobs (Parks add +1/District, but still are +2) and Complexes seem to be identical to Parks in the amount of jobs they give initially and per District.

Otherwise, I love this mod. I do wish something like this was in the vanilla game.
Mial42  [author] May 7 @ 6:33am 

This mod won't change. In research districts for 3.0, I may just add in the universal economic categories patch. That shouldn't cause compatibility issues that overwriting the job files would.
SingABrightSong May 7 @ 6:23am 
Just checked here, btw, the increase for production is specifically in the pop_jobs file anyway, so if you are maintaining consistency with vanilla you're going to have to modify that anyway.
frostdillicus May 6 @ 8:12pm 
What is your plan now they they are going to make buildings increase production instead of grants more jobs? Are you going to keep these mods as is or follow what seems to be the new direction?
Mial42  [author] May 4 @ 3:19pm 

Vanilla forge and factory buildings add more jobs, they don't make them more productive. Furthermore, you can't make bureaucrats or soldiers more productive without editing the job files themselves (since they don't produce resources, but empire modifiers), which would be horrendous for compatibility. This mod follows vanilla conventions (and has since I uploaded it; I didn't update it to make the buildings planet unique, they were that way from the initial upload).

I also dislike the idea of combining science and admin for a few reasons:
1) I like them as separate mods.
2) It reduces flexibility.
3) The AI would not be able to handle it (not very intelligent at setting planet designations; right now the fact that forge and factory districts are combined is a major cause of deathspirals, since the AI doesn't understand that it can't make CGs on forge worlds).
Bald May 4 @ 2:02pm 
Hi boss!
Today you made me crazy hahaha
Apparently you have updated your mod so that there can only be one laboratory or one administration building per planet (such as the factories of consumer goods and alloys)

I have seen your bonuses, they are very poor, because they only generate more jobs, I think you should follow the official style and make the jobs themselves more productive (such as level 2 and 3 of alloys and consumer goods)

On the other hand if you want a crazy (and cool) suggestion
What do alloys and science have in common?
That you always want more and you never have enough
What about consumer goods and administration?
That you only want the right amount you need and you only build out of necessity

I think you should focus your mod on dualizing science and management districts in the same way that alloys and consumer goods are currently.
It would be a total success!
Bald May 3 @ 7:44am 
Im agree with you about that @Mial42
Mial42  [author] May 3 @ 7:31am 

In this case, I think they're better off in the bottom. Reason being, you don't build too many of them in a normal game, so having them at the top of the UI and moving more-used districts like the resource districts to the bottom is annoying.
Rollout May 3 @ 7:26am 
Ooh, another mod like the research one? Can I be a nuisance again and ask if you could move the districts up to the top, like with the research district one?