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Clerks Delenda Est
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May 20 @ 8:44am
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Clerks Delenda Est

Clerks are terrible. There's no two ways about it: you're better off having an unemployed pop who will migrate to a real job then one stuck in a useless clerk job. This goes double for the AI; a player can easily just disable all clerk jobs (although this quickly gets annoying with a lot of colonies and does not work well with Planetary Development Notifications, which I consider essential), but the AI is stuck, forever, with a large chunk of unproductive pops. This mod fixes that.

What this mod does:
1) Remove clerks from branch office buildings. Branch office buildings are supposed to be mutually beneficial, but right now the ones that give clerks are basically shooting the host in the foot. Instead, branch offices that used to do this will give +5 trade value instead.
2) Remove clerks from city districts, residential arcologies, and city segments. You want these for housing and building slots, not clerks.
3) The "Interstellar Franchising" tradition now gives +3 trade value and +1 amenity where it used to give additional clerk jobs.
4) Resort worlds no longer have clerks.

Overwrites all branch offices that add clerks, as well as the city district, residential arcology, and city segment. Also overwrites the resort world static modifier.
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JustRunFromThisPsycho May 31 @ 9:35pm 
Personally I think it would be a cool idea if your trade policy affected what outputs clerks had in addition to trade.
Botroas May 19 @ 6:20pm 
Thanks for your mod!
I was too thinking about clerk use(less)fulness, when I found it. :)
Could you please include basic tradition 'Commerce'?
It have adoption effect of giving 3 clerks to all planets.
Mial42  [author] Apr 29 @ 5:32am 
That would explain it. I play with Starnet, so I didn't see any issues. Should be fixed now.
Peter34 Apr 29 @ 5:31am 
Hah! I was fairly sure that there wasn't a mod conflict...
SingABrightSong Apr 29 @ 4:52am 
Found the line "str_city_district_allow = yes" as an allowance condition in your city districts overwrite, deleting the line corrects the issue. The property being references doesn't appear to exist elsewhere in the game files so I'm not sure if it's important but it does seem to be the cause of the issue
SingABrightSong Apr 29 @ 4:44am 
Confirmed once again that this mod prevents construction of city districts. No other mods enabled, no apparent effect from origin, ethics, traits, or civics, not an issue with no mods enabled. Notably, the district slot is *listed*, but disabled, such as on a resort world.
filopedo Apr 29 @ 4:18am 
@Mial42 But what about Trade Districts (and Commercial Segments of Ring Worlds) ? Have you got any plans to change those?
Mial42  [author] Apr 28 @ 2:51pm 

Habitat residential districts don't provide clerks, so I saw no need to edit them.
filopedo Apr 28 @ 2:23pm 
p.s. it's "cleks delendi sunt "
filopedo Apr 28 @ 2:20pm 
what about habitats?