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Empyrion - Galactic Survival

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Omni ATK
Blueprint: Small Vessel
Custom: Airtight
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Apr 23 @ 3:27pm
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Omni ATK

The Omni ATK, Fleet-Action Raider ( Made for REFORGED EDEN )

The Omni ATK is an all-purpose, Low Cost, Low Cpu, fleet-action attack vehicle as well as Solo-POI and CV attack craft. At just 47k CPU, The Omni mounts 8 Plasma cannons & a single head-mounted 'seeker' Laser turret. Your turret is both your Drone-killer, and your generator-finder, set by default to gens, your turret will paint right where you need to lay it down to quickly end POI's and enemy CVs.

Built from the Omni III ( as yet un-released ) Airframe, the ship was originally a very able laser miner, with a tight-to-form shape for tunneling, the Omni provides the smallest of targets to enemy fire. It's small profile also allows it to easily hide behind enemy ships or POIs to core them out safely while exploiting turret blind-spots, a feature unique to this craft. You won't many SVs that can squeeze between the rear thrusters of a Kamirat, but Omni can! It's small form also makes it an excellent Fleet-action ram-raider for diving through hulls.

With a uniform yaw & Pitch of 80+ and a smooth roll at 50+, the Omni ATK provides phenomenal reticle control and all-way steering. Strafing that drone and doing a full 360 to hammer down the next is a snap. With more-than-sufficient 5G+ Thrust, Omni can perform rolling upthrust maneuvers to outrun both missiles, and lasers, In AND out of atmosphere.

& All that thrust ain't for nothin, the craft can comfortably hold an Ammunition load of over 2000 Plasma rounds and 25+ minutes of Type A laser rounds. & with a nearly 20k Ammo container, the craft can also hold a significant amount of salvage, so you can retrieve the CPUs from the destroyer you just killed directly into your ammo controller.
With Heavy emphasis on anti-shield weaponry, the Omni ATK is able to kill every Zirax CV up to and Including the Kamirat Battlecarrier w/ Drones in tow, quite easily. POI's? No problem, and Omni is a High-G able aircraft, too. Face up, face down, upside down in atmosphere? No problem!

With a Heavy Shield, stellar steering and control, and packing a serious Punch, the Omni ATK is a premier low-cost, high performance, fleet-fighter, Pop 5 of them out and go nuts with your friends on some enemy CV's, or wipe the POI's off an entire planet! The omni can do it all, does it well, and is dirt cheap! Fly away in Reforged Eden 's premier PvP & PvE non quantum SV!

Fly it, I promise you'll love it.
Happy hunting,
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ArtemisRouge  [author] Jul 5 @ 2:18pm 
Katyc, It's a Reforged Eden ship. If you'd like to use it in Vanilla, youll need to replace those items with the Standard vanilla versions of those components.
Kaktyc Jul 3 @ 9:44am 
When i try to spawn any of yours OMNI SV they all witout generators, shields and may be something else. Can you update it? :)
Dadrick Apr 24 @ 5:59am 
That is one nimble little SV!
RedScourge Apr 23 @ 9:31pm 
Fire one into a wall of combat steel, it's shockingly destructive!
RedScourge Apr 23 @ 9:31pm 
The good thing about torps is for exposing the core, you really only need one or two :)
Wi1d Apr 23 @ 7:32pm 
more bad-assery. Can't wait to build and try. :)
Tach916 Apr 23 @ 4:46pm 
It might be but you would have to sacrifice some agility for it for sure and only carry 2-3 torps would be my guess. I don't think it is really feasible without a Q.Core or Aux CPU.
ArtemisRouge  [author] Apr 23 @ 4:16pm 
I havent played with them that much Red, One drawback is the Torpedoes are quite heavy, the other is the Torpedoes, as far as I know, probably aren't going to take shields down by themselves, so you'd need a dual-role craft with something to take down shields, but also the torpedo tubes, and the heavy ammo. Is it doable in a non quantum? I think it might be, I'll do some testing with them.
RedScourge Apr 23 @ 4:07pm 
Can't wait to try it out. Do you think an SV with a torpedo launcher might be feasible? They blow several large combat steel blocks off at a time. You'd probably have to free up CPU with fewert thrusters, but fewer thrusters can do the same job if swept further back into a nacelle-style design