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Technology Costs Rescaled
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Apr 23 @ 4:01am
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Technology Costs Rescaled

The way technology costs scale in Stellaris is... weird. It takes years to unlock the first few technologies, but by the time you hit tier 5 you're clearing out techs every couple of months. This mod seeks to address that.

What this mod does:
1) Tier 1 Techs are half as expensive
2)Tier 2 Techs are the same cost as vanilla
3) Tier 3 Techs are twice as expensive as vanilla
4) Tier 4 Techs are three times as expensive as vanilla
5) Tier 5 Techs are four times as expensive as vanilla

Compatibility: Should be compatible with anything that doesn't change the costs of vanilla technologies.
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Botroas May 14 @ 6:35am 
Ok, thanks for the info.
Mial42  [author] May 14 @ 5:19am 

In my experience, they can handle it just as well as vanilla, but it depends on how much you min-max and your difficulty settings (even GA can't keep up with technocracy-synth tech rush).
Botroas May 14 @ 4:25am 
Hi! Thanks for this mod.
It bothered me too, when the unreasonably fast research speed from middle-game kicked in.
You mentioned using StarNet yourself, can you please tell me, in your experience, can AI handle the higher research numbers? Wont they fall back too much?
Ike Apr 28 @ 10:15am 
Gonna try this out.
Mial42  [author] Apr 23 @ 7:27am 

It works by changing the scripted variables related to tech costs, specifically these ones:
@tier1cost1 = 1000
@tier1cost2 = 1250
@tier1cost3 = 1500

@tier2cost1 = 4000
@tier2cost2 = 5000
@tier2cost3 = 6000

@tier3cost1 = 16000
@tier3cost2 = 20000
@tier3cost3 = 24000

@tier4cost1 = 48000
@tier4cost2 = 60000
@tier4cost3 = 72000

@tier5cost1 = 128000
@tier5cost2 = 160000
@tier5cost3 = 192000

@repeatableTechBaseCost = 200000
@repeatableTechLevelCost = 20000

So if the new techs use those variables for their costs, it will change them. If not, they will be unchanged. New tiers probably means new variables, so they won't be changed.
Mrmarko123 Apr 23 @ 7:22am 
does this work with modding new technologies? or any future tiers?