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Civ6 Plus: Harmony in Diversity v1.2
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Civ6 Plus: Harmony in Diversity v1.2

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Useful UI MOD Collection(实用界面MOD合集)
48 items
[Harmony in Diversity] FULL set (和而不同:全集)
107 items
Corporations Diversity(和而不同:行业与公司模式)
8 items
CityStates Diversity(和而不同:城邦扩展)
3 items
District Expansion HD Edition(和而不同:区域扩展)
12 items
Harmony in Diversity: Gameplay Expansion(和而不同:游戏性扩展)
19 items
[Harmony in Diversity] Multiplayer Set(和而不同:联机推荐)
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Harmony in Diversity (HD) is a large-scale mod that made systematic improvements over Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. You would experience a brand new game where civilizations would develop in a more natural and historical way. Our goal is to make the game more interesting by providing the players more options to choose. For more details, please read the Features Section.

We have also made an online civilopedia that you can easily access, available at: .
You can compare it with online civilopedia of the official version to see what have been changed: .

NEWS and Plans
  • [2022/05/01] v1.2.8 have been released. The English voice package is available here.
  • [2022/02/01] The balance update v1.2.1 have been released, Happy Chinese New Year!!!
  • [2021/12/31] The v1.2 version (HD: Vying Barges) have been released. This is a major update, the old saves is NOT supported. Only Chinese version of ChangeLog[] is available at this moment.
  • [2021/12/31] The major part of v1.2 update is released as a standalone mod that provides support to JNR's District Expansion mods (now 6 out of 11).
  • [v1.1] We have released a new set of Agricultural and Maritime city states based on CIVITAS with a standalone mod.
  • [v1.0] Introduction video for v1.0 release[] (in Chinese).
  • [v1.0] We have released Corporations Diversity that overhaul the Corporations Game Mode. Part of Leugi's Monopoly++ is required, please see
    this collection.
  • [2021/07] The first stable version v1.0 is released.

Features Highlights
(2022/01/13)TO BE REWRITE
The aspects we have overhauled:
  • Terrain, Feature and Resource Yields: We remove the scale of the chopping yield, and re-balance the basic yields.
  • Map Generation: We enlarge the fertility lands for popular maps, and improve the algorithm for deciding starting plots.
  • Buildings: We add more regional effects (like factory) and encourage specialized development of cities. We also overhaul the buildings made it more balance and useful.
  • Citizen Yields: We introduce many effects related to the population, and make it more important. We also increase the importance of experts in the districts, they now yield great person points and will have more yields when there are more buildings in that district.
  • Districts: The costs of districts no longer grows with respect to the number of techs/civics completed. Instead, they grows with respect to the number of previous districts of the same type being constructed.
  • Religions and Beliefs: We have overhaul the beliefs and made it more balanced. Now you would have much more choices on the combinations of the beliefs.
  • Governors: We have re-balanced the governors . We have also introduced many interesting abilities (See figures above), which brought your brand new strategies based on the powerful governors.
  • Civilizations: We try to diversify all civilizations and leaders by buffing. Most of Civilizations have been enhanced with highlighting their characteristic. But note that we haven't fully balanced the Civilizations yet, so there might be some civilizations are too strong or too weak.
  • Improvements: We have made balance tweak on most of the improvements, and add new interactions mechanism between districts and improvements.
  • CityStates, GreatPeople: we have balanced the effects of different CityStates and GreatPeople.
  • New Tech/Civics Tree: The new tech tree and civics tree add some new Technologies and Civics.
  • Other Adjustments

Requirements and Supports
Only Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm DLC are required.
Other DLCs are recommended to have for better game experience (but not necessary).

Language supported: Chinese (zh_Hans_CN), English (en_US)
Spanish (ESP) localization have been made independently by josearte777 at this mod.

Mod Collections
We have summarize the mods we are using into the FULL set. It contains 5 parts, you can find their link at the head of this page:
  1. Harmony in Diversity: Gameplay Expansion (supported Gameplay Mods for Expansion)
  2. Useful UI MOD Collection (UI only, very useful)
  3. District Expansion HD Edition (support for JNR's District Expansion)
  4. CityState Diversity (Add Agricultural and Maritime citystate)
  5. Corporations Diversity (for Industries and Corporations Game Mode)

Mod Compatibility
Only the mods in the FULL set and the HD compatible mods collection are known to be compatible. We cannot ensure the compatibility for mods outside this two collection.

MultiPlayer Support
We are currently doing MultiPlayer Testing and try to fix the desync issues.
But as it is a black box to modders so that we cannot know which one cause desync directly, so please be patient.
Currently we would recommend to use this MOD only (no other mods in the FULL set) and player within 4 people for HD.
NOTE: Please ensure all players have the same version of the MOD. Also, hosted by slowest computer might help.

Useful Links

How to Provide Feedback
Just leave a message below would work, we would check that every week.
For Chinese user, you can join the QQ group 954041014.

Thanks the whole Civ6 workshop community that share ideas and methods.
Thanks the whole CEP group for comprehensive testing.
Thanks Hemmelfort for his Modding tutorial on Bilibili.
Thanks the Civ6 Modding Helping Line (Discord).
Thanks all our subscribers and hope you are having fun.

Credit: Cover made by @Paru

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