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Your Personal Castle
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Apr 6, 2014 @ 11:22am
Mar 21 @ 12:00pm
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Your Personal Castle

This mod brings the benefits of a family palace to feudal rulers, and also adds flavor random events and decisions.


- When the mod is enabled, you (as well as the AI) can build unique castle upgrades in your capital holding. These will give you stat increases, decisions and random events!

- Don't worry if the upgrade has no immediate effect listed in the building menu, you will get the bonuses through events!

Click here for the full list of Current Features


=F4D=Nuubialainen: Founder, coding
dangitsdaaaaang: Localisation, balancing, ideas
Protosebastokrator: Spanish localisation
Xyarvius: German localisation
Sanxa Reiven: French localisation

Please, read this FAQ before asking. :)

If your question was not answered there, feel free to ask below! If you have ideas, bug reports, feedback or balancing requests for the mod we'd be happy to hear!

Please rate the mod if you like it!
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Wobbly Aug 16 @ 4:16pm 
Any chance of it being compatible with HIP or CK2+?
ichrisler Aug 11 @ 12:11pm 
as did I in the end
✾Riael Kratek ✯ Aug 11 @ 3:11am 
@Grave How is it compatible?

I activate it and nothing changes in the game. Must you start a new game or something?

Actually nevermind it does do something, it doesn't let me access the saves in the AGOT folder anymore, had to manually move them to the default save folder.
ichrisler Aug 9 @ 10:42pm 
First, I adore this mod, it scratches a very particular itch.
Question: any way to make this and the Europa converter work together? Right now I can’t find any converted saves.
Grave Jul 26 @ 5:12am 
This is one of my must-have mods when playing. Compatible with just about everything, including AGoT... well done!

@Nuubialainen, I do have a suggestion/request: Right now, there isn't a building that helps increase your Personal Combat Skill. Would you consider splitting the Training Yard into two seperate buildings: the Training Yard and Strategy Room? My idea is basically: the Training Yard can work to improve your Personal Combat ability, where the Strategy Room can increase Martial ability?

I'm currently in the process of modding this into my copy of your YPC, however I just thought I'd also share the idea with you.
Goose Stepping Jul 18 @ 12:06am 
Is the mod supposed to show up in the mods tab/list be for you launch to the main menu? If that is the case it is not showing up fore me.
Morgoro Jul 16 @ 8:34am 
great mod, Is there any chance you could make something like this for a tribal holding. I always found tribal holdings to be a bit bland. Again great mod
EarthboundDevil Jul 12 @ 6:15pm 
Court Physician is still broken, assigning the title results in the character losing the title next day tick. The character was found by the "recruit court physician" intrigue option, and has renowned physician trait and over 15 learning
Nuubialainen  [author] Jul 7 @ 4:56pm 
I've patched it to avoid conflict with reaper's due some time ago. I have not tested enabling it for an ongoing save so I cannot say about the save game compatibilty.

The mod is in working condition as far as I know, I don't actively test it for each patch but if people start reporting that it is broken due to a patch I always try to look into it.
UncleLarel Jul 7 @ 2:58pm 
does it still work, and is it save game compatible?