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20XX (previously Echoes of Eridu)
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Apr 11, 2014 @ 3:31am
Aug 16, 2017 @ 5:15am

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Release date: January 2015
20XX (previously ECHOES OF ERIDU)
is an action-platformer built to play like Mega Man X and replay like your favorite roguelikes. The goal of this project is to produce a game that's co-op friendly and highly replayable without sacrificing tight, satisfying action-platformer gameplay. It's targeting Windows first with plans to port to Mac/Linux post-release. (Maybe even consoles!)

What's 20XX got going for it?
  • Action-platformer gameplay in the style of Mega Man X
  • Roguelike! (random levels, powerups, permadeath)
  • Full multiplayer! (online and local)
  • Pregame loadout system (unlock items to customize your play!)

Replayability is one of our core goals with 20XX; keeping the experience fresh is important to us. You get to choose from two (FOUR if we hit our 30k stretch goal!) completely different characters with their own playstyles. You get to play through entirely different levels every time you play -- the challenge set constantly shifts and you'll have to adapt to whatever the game throws at you.


The Story in Echoes is that S**t Has Gone Crazy and You're Our Last Hope. In the distant past (2045), a legendary inventor working for EZN, the world's largest online retailer, creates the Enterprise NeuroKinetic Intelligence (ENKI) to help with simple sorting jobs around the factory. ENKI gains sentience and accidentally starts a robot revolution. Fast forward to 2090. ENKI feels really, really bad about wiping out humanity, so he tries to empower the last few survivors to fight back (that's you!) by turning them into robo-man hybrids. ENKI resides in the ancient shipping facility of Eridu, floating high in orbit somewhere above Earth. If you can reach Eridu via a network of clumsily designed teleporters connecting EZN's various facilities, humanity might be safe -- for now.


ENKI has designed over 100 RoboSapient Alteration Blueprints for use in the ARSENAL (Automatic RoboSapient Equipment & Navigation Assistance Library). He's done a poor job of making sure the blueprints don't get lost, so you'll have to find them yourself to unlock their powers. You can select unlocked ARSENAL pieces at the start of a playthrough to radically change the way the game plays.

ENKI realizes that not all hybrids have great aim, so he's designed a weapon that shoots in every direction at the same time, but for awful damage. Want a giant plasma sword for an arm? Okay. You die a lot while running away, so he's made you a gun that shoots backwards. Want a mode that sets your max HP to 1 and makes you deal insane damage? There's an acc for that. We're pulling out as many stops as we can think of with the ARSENAL system. You're gonna like the way you play. I guarantee it.


We might be making too many items for this game. In addition to the over 100 ARSENAL unlocks, Echoes has over 100 special weapons and in-game passive pickups to collect in a playthrough.

At the end of every level, you'll get a new special weapon off of the boss. Maybe it'll stop time. Maybe it'll turn everything in the room into something else. Maybe it'll warp you into a different dimension, or just shoot fireballs. Who knows?

During levels, complete challenges in side areas to obtain powerful passives that alter your character and the way the game plays. Enter your insane hypermode at the drop of a hat, but only for half a second. Find a faerie helper who will make fun of you and also sometimes block shots. Pick up SO MANY SPEED ITEMS and dash in midair. Use your newfound powers to go find more!


NINA - A mild cow scientist who had nothing left to lose after her family was torn apart in the war. Nina traded half her humanity for a Buster arm full of vengeance, which seemed like a pretty good deal at the time. Not like there are many cows left to milk with her now-missing hand, anyway. Obliterates foes from range.

ACE - One of the few humans happy about the robot uprising -- Ace finally has an excuse to use his blade again. Previous occupation: unknown, but presumably involved slashing. Current occupation: known. Definitely involves slashing. Swiftly deals with adversaries up close.


Levels are built from chunks, chunks are built from bits, and bits are built by the Grand God of Randomness, srand(t). The short version here is that the game shifts from precise platforming to intense combat in a blink and does so in new ways all the time. Each level adheres to a certain mashup of themes with its own set of mechanics and enemies. You'll have an idea of what CAN come at you but no idea how it WILL.

If you do a little thought experiment and guess what would happen if Google or Amazon were able to research whatever it wanted for the next 40 years and then crumble, you might be able to guess some of our level themes:

  • an arctic data center (to save on cooling costs of course)
  • a nuclear power plant (to sate savage electricity needs)
  • a massive stone city in the sky (how else to ominously ship insane quantities of stuff across the globe?)
  • a deep-earth volcanic transmission center, using geothermal energy to move goods beneath the earth's surface
  • a high-orbit botanical research station, intended to yield shippable oxygen
  • at least one other unrevealed level!
Three of these are done! Help us flesh out the rest.

Thanks for reading! We'll make you proud.
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