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Project Zomboid

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Planetalgol's Worse Searching (build 41) HARDCORE DIFFICULTY ONLY!!!
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Planetalgol's Worse Searching (build 41) HARDCORE DIFFICULTY ONLY!!!


This mod is inspired by Escape From Tarkov, and the tension generated by the time it takes to search containers in that game

With this mod, containers must be searched with a timed action in order to see their contents.

Unsearched containers will be blacked out with a question mark superimposed over them. Click on a container in the inventory interface, or use the mousewheel to scroll onto the container, to start searching it.

It you wish to cancel a search action hit the Escape key.

The time it takes to search a container is determined by the size of the container and the items within it, and is modified by the Dextrous and AllThumbs traits. The conceit is that containers also contain useless junk items, and it takes time to sort through them.

Currently searching one container of a vehicle reveals all containers of that vehicle;I'd like to rectify that, but it might not be feasible.

This is a mod that deliberately increases the difficulty of the game, and as such, is intended for experienced players looking for more of a challenge in their playthroughs. If you are new to Project Zomboid, or are easily confused or frustrated, please do not use this mod.

Please note that this mod makes significant changes to the functions used in the ISInventoryPage.lua file, and, as such, will probably not be compatible with any other mods that also do the same.

As this mod involves radical changes to the inventory interface, there may be jank, glitches, or other issues that I missed when making it. Nothing in life is perfect, but if you encounter problems you may simply disable the mod for your save in the interface for loading savegames.

Workshop ID: 2462558471
Mod ID: Worse Searching