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HD Textures, above 60fps, 4k, Reshade, VR compatibility, and Nvidia SGSSAA
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HD Textures, above 60fps, 4k, Reshade, VR compatability, and Nvidia SGSSAA
I recommend to use this with my hd texture mod here:

To get high resolutions for the game, the easiest way is to use Timeslip's patch You'll be limited to 1920x1440 or 1920x1080 though.

If you want higher resolutions, smaller UI, above 60 fps, Reshade, Virtual Reality compatibility, or Nvidia supersampling, here is my guide. This may also fix performance issues with some systems. You'll need the game running off dgVoodoo2 with DirectX. I played the game at 2880x2160 (4:3 aspect), 120fps, and 8x supersampling using this.

1. Install Summoner v1.40 game patch if you haven't already (check in-game at options menu)

2. Go to and download a stable release. I used v2.73
3. Extract dgVoodooCpl.exe to your Summoner folder (for Steam, should be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Summoner)
4. Also in the zip file, open MS --> x86 --> and extract D3Dlmm.dll and DDraw.dll to your Summoner folder

5. Open dgVoodooCpl.exe from your Summoner folder

6. In the 'General' tab, set 'Appearance' to 'Full screen'
7. set 'Scaling Mode' to 'Stretched, keep Aspect'
8. set 'Keep Windows Aspect Ratio' and 'Capture Mouse' to enabled/checked
9. Hit Apply

10. Go to 'DirectX' tab, set video card as 'dgVoodoo Virtual 3D Accelerated Card'
11. set VRAM to 4096 mb (or less if your card supports less)
12. disable dgVoodoo Watermark
13. set Resolution. I recommend 4:3 aspect ratio, any other ratio will stretch the graphics, but we can fix the UI as explained below. You can set a multiple of your resolution to get a Supersampling antialiasing effect, although real supersampling has less of a performance hit.
14. Hit Apply

15. When using DirectX with dgVoodoo2, the game will crash on start. (if you tried the game and it crashed, you'll need to end the sum.exe process from Task Manager in order for the game to work again) It thinks you're a glide card(Voodoo) trying to run DirectX. You can either:

15a. Download my patched Sum.exe and Summoner.exe from (files already has 4gb aware patch applied if using texture mod) Backup your current Sum.exe and Summoner.exe, then override them with my versions
15b. Hexedit Sum.exe and Summoner.exe, replace all 'Voodoo' with 'null'

16. Open Summoner.exe then open 'Setup'. 'Detect Available Cards' then select your modern Direct3D card
17. Make sure 1024x768 resolution is selected.
18. Hit Apply

19. Launch the game. At the in-game options DISABLE 'Vertex Lighting' and set others to taste. (Vertex Lighting is an optimization for older cards that makes the game uglier, so we turn it off)
20. Be sure to hit the check mark for settings to save
Installing Timeslip's Patch and Scaling down the UI
Timeslip's patch gives numerous tweaks like console commands and unlimited mouse zoom. DgVoodoo2 overrides Timeslip's patch for resolution. We can then use Timeslip's patch to scale the UI.

1. Go to and look for Summoner Patch on the left toolbar. Download and extract to your Summoner folder.
2. Open dinput.ini and remove the semicolon from 'ScreenWidth' and 'ScreenHeight'

-A default 1:1 scale of the UI would use 'ScreenWidth=1024' and 'ScreenHeight=768'.
-You can use 'ScreenWidth=1366' 'ScreenHeight=768' to give a 1:1 scale of 16:9 resolution. If dgVoodoo2 resolution is also set to 16:9, this will still give stretch gameplay, but a normal UI.
-You can increase to a maximum of 2048x1536 for 4:3 or 1920x1080 for 16:9. This will make the UI smaller and give more gameplay real estate.
1. Go to and download
2. Run the setup. Go to 'select a game', browse to Sum.exe
3. Select 'Direct3D 10/11/12' as your api
4. Select your preferred effects.
Summoner has a lot of texture shimmering, especially when using high res texture mod. You'll want some form of supersampling from either a higher than display resolution or preferably supersampling. Reshade FXAA just blurs the image and MSAA/SMAA only detects geometry edges.

This guide will enable Nvidia supersampling (can also be used for any other game). The supersampling is called SGSSAA Sparse Grid Super Sampling Anti Aliasing. I played Summoner at 2880x2160 with 8x SGSSAA, 100% stable.

1. Go to and download the latest release
2. Install anywhere and open Nvidia Profile Inspector. Go to 'Summoner' profile
3. On the top toolbar, go to 'Add application to current profile'. Point it to your Sum.exe

-For the next few settings, all your numbers must match. So all three settings must be 8x if you want 8x SGSSAA-

4. Under 'Antialiasing' section, set 'Antialiasing - Setting' to either '2x [2x Multisampling]', '4x [4x Multisampling]', or '8xQ [8x Multisampling]'
5. set 'Antialiasing - Transparency Supersampling' to '2x Sparse Grid Supersampling', '4x Sparse Grid Supersampling', or '8x Sparse Grid Supersampling'
6. select 'Apply changes' -if you update drivers you may have to do steps 2-6 again
7. open dgVoodooCpl.exe from your Summoner folder
8. Go to 'DirectX' tab, set 'Antialising' to 2x, 4x, or 8x
Virtual Reality
You need to buy vorpX to use Summoner in VR. Also requires dgVoodoo2 (running directx) and a modded Sum.exe and Summoner.exe. Summoner profile is available in the vorpX cloud search.
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76561197975033234  [author] Sep 10 @ 4:08pm 
1. Drop included .tga files into your main summoner file.
What does in mean, drop world map tga files in some directory as Summoner.exe?
Yes. Thank you, I have edited my guide for clarity.
RuThaN666 Sep 10 @ 6:40am 
Other i had also problem with screen blinking.. it was caused by MSI Afterburner, i had to shut it down - im using its overlay by default..
RuThaN666 Sep 10 @ 6:38am 
HD textures- world map how to install have some very strange line:
1. Drop included .tga files into your main summoner file.
What does in mean, drop world map tga files in some directory as Summoner.exe?
Judge Dan Jun 3 @ 11:31pm 
Could really use some screenshots to demonstrate the results.