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Dynamic Traits
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Dynamic Traits

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Disclaimer: if you are looking for more traits for your game and you expect that and only that, then this mod is not for you. This mod will change mechanics and will add more mechanics, and some of them will make you die if you are not carefully enough. This mod is aimed to make the player struggle to survive, and will try to avoid the player for becoming Kratos with tons of positive traits (at least without fighting for that). The old Dynamic Traits focus doesn't exist anymore, the mod will keep this way.
If after all of this you still want to keep playing with this mod. Then keep reading and good luck :)

Transform your traits based on the way you're playing!

The purpose of this mod is to add the possibility to win or lose traits, either negative or positive during the gameplays, being able to not get stuck with the same traits that were picked during the character creation. On the other side it adds more mechanics to the game that will be affected by different traits.

What it does?
  • Win or lose traits based on the kills you have done and the time you have survived.
  • Win or lose traits by leveling up your perks.
  • Win or lose traits depending on your weight condition.
  • Win or lose traits depending on your current mood.
  • Win or lose traits based on other conditions, like moving objects, stop smoking, stop drinking, etc.
  • Learn the vanilla recipes by leveling up specific skills.
  • New Traits, some static and some also dynamics!.
  • Vanilla traits cost rebalance.
  • Vanilla professions cost (and some, even Traits and Perks!) rebalance.
  • Adds additional tweaks or mechanics like overdose by taking too many pills and alcohol or additional code to tweak how the player get wetness by being outside while raining, and others.
  • Expanded Moodle effects (Overload, Stress, Panic, Cold, Sickness, etc) (affected by the traits).

Supported Translations
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • PTBR

Planned features
  • An affinity system (since the devs mentioned something like this in one of their blogs I wanted to expand that idea in DT too) to generate that based on certain professions, the traits can be obtained or removed easier or harder. Some related things are already in place but I would like to expand it much more.
  • An overhaul to how the current blood and dirtiness works in the player. Generating negative effects but also positive if kept controlled.
  • Changes to the current health system, making the wounds more dangerous to give first aid perk more importance to the gameplay.
  • More traits and Moodles that combines well with all the new mechanics that this mod is adding.

High level guide of Dynamic Traits (Still a work in progress but already with a lot of details) []

Q: Does this Mod works with the latest update
A: Yes, it is fully compatible with the latest update, both singleplayer and multiplayer.

Q: Does this works in existing games?
A: Yes, it does works in existing games, but take into consideration that the logic of the mod will start instantly, that means that some traits may change at the moment you start again your game.

Q: Does this mod affect the nutrition system?
A: No, this mod only checks for the Weight traits (Very Underweight, Underweight, Overweight, Obese or none) and based on that it adds or remove other traits, but it doesn't touch anything related to the internal logic.

Q: Are all the vanilla traits dynamic?
A: No, not all of them but most of them. Some are still missing (will be added in the future maybe) and some makes no sense to have them dynamic so they are not. Also this mods adds new traits that are also not dynamic.

Q: Why the kills are so high? Why it takes too much time to earn X trait? etc
A: The intention of this mod is not to give free traits or earn them that easy that they are almost free. The idea is to be able to develop a character in the mid to long term survival. Also I base my balance on my games and the games of some of the players I know. (In fact, this mod is not aimed to new players).

Q: Does this works with other traits mods?
A: It should work with all traits mods out there (except with Dynamic Traits Sauce Edition), but the traits of the other mods won't be dynamic, except for More Simple Traits that has a specific mod that is made to be played with this mod. There is a submod to make "More Traits" traits also dynamic.

Copyright 2022 [PepperCat]. This mod doesn't have authorization to be published in Steam, except under the account name PepperCat.

Workshop ID: 2459400130
Mod ID: DynamicTraits

Workshop ID: 2459400130
Mod ID: DynamicTraits
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eggboi988 Mar 22 @ 5:29pm 
Will this mod conflict with become desensitized and become brave?
laley04 Mar 16 @ 8:30pm 
@wpsp2010 as far as I understand you only get it if drink pills with alcohol (which isnt recommend irl either)
Kitty Of Pathos Mar 16 @ 1:44am 
sick guide
Kenpari Mar 16 @ 12:36am 
Shouldn’t Underweight give more points than it currently does? Since being Underweight automatically gives you Out of Shape and Feeble, shouldn’t it give you more points?

Feeble and Out of Shape may go away after raising your weight, but since the stat decreases are permanent anyway, it seems like you should get the points, especially for Feeble since it doesn’t (afaik) have any effects beyond the stat decrease in the first place.
wpsp2010 Mar 15 @ 1:02pm 
Overdose is a very dumb thing to have most them time. You mean that because I drank 2 beers over the course of an hour my character gets alcohol poisoning and dies?
redskull Mar 15 @ 1:58am 
I'd say its really good, adds a lot, works with other mods, no lag, win in my book if you're looking for more traits
Hi5Ghost Mar 13 @ 4:13pm 
Where is the Pills Allergy in the mod files? Can't seem to find it.
CherryDarling Mar 12 @ 10:42am 
@PepperCat thanks for the clarification. (it s because of the spiffo picture, i started to think the mod amplified the effects of food). Goodluck IRL, i doubt anyone can blame you to set your priorities right, that s unpaid job, life goes first. and thanks for the mod, it s making the game a lot more nice :)
PepperCat  [author] Mar 12 @ 6:34am 
Guys, I'm not looking at the comments all the time, I have a life too apart from modding. I did not ignore you because I wanted to.
Regarding the roll, it is character hours not world hours @I WANT TO BELIEVE
@Kinaniso: ok
@CherryDarling: all calories system is untouched by this mod because neither me know how it works and I don't want to touch that complex mechanic. There's a Retanaru video explaning how it works in details if you want to check that channel on youtube
@Caldo de Ministro: I think you're meaning to Snake's modpack Strongback and Metal Strongpack traits?
CherryDarling Mar 12 @ 5:14am 
hello, i have real troubles to keep my weight. eating 5 or 6 packs of chips plus cookies plus cooked food with meat etc, i keep losing weight. i start to suspect the mod as usually under same circonstances, i tend to gain weight and have to focus not to get over 85. right now i m at 68. even spent 3 days reading books and eating and lost 2k. that s weird.