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Research Districts for 3.0
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Apr 17 @ 4:52am
May 24 @ 10:25am
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Research Districts for 3.0

This mod does for research what the 3.0 "♥♥♥♥" update did for alloys and consumer goods. It turns the main source of researchers (and gestalt equivalents) from buildings to districts, with the former job building (research labs in this case) increasing researcher throughput (output and upkeep).

This mod adds both regular and arcology planetary research districts to the game, and as such requires UI Overhaul Dynamic or some similar mod to actually display all the districts. Research districts have the same overall stats as industrial districts (2 housing, 2 jobs, urban district for the purpose of ecumenepoli, same cost and build time) and likewise for the arcology equivalent. Habitat and ringworld science districts also get the equivalent bonuses from research labs that their vanilla counterparts do from manufacturing buildings. Research labs are now a planet-unique building.

Planet and sector automation are both fully supported.

From my testing (0.25 habitables, commodore, no guaranteeds habitable worlds), the AI is able to handle research districts, but it isn't very good at specializing worlds.

Admin and Fortress Districts for 3.0 now exists here:

If you find yourself with too many building slots to effectively use, use this mod:
To reduce max building slots from 12 to 8.

Compatibility: This mod overwrites the capital and research colony automations, the research colony designations, the research lab building and its derivatives, the "basic" and "research" sector focuses and the science districts for ring worlds and habitats.

Also overwrites 00_common_categories with the universal economic categories patch version.

Includes built-in compatibility with Starnet AI.
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Guinaro Apr 17 @ 7:26am 
Yeah, was thinking of doing this myself. But for Farming, Mining and Generator Districts instead. Still in doubt about creating a new district for refineries.
SingABrightSong Apr 17 @ 5:27am 
Well this is something that I was wanting to do at one point, but seeing as you've already done it I think I'll just use yours. Looks good