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Air Exchange Arena (Updated)
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Apr 14 @ 7:16pm
Jun 20 @ 11:01am
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Air Exchange Arena (Updated)

Collect 200 resin and escape from the Air Exchange factory!

I have re-imagined a portion of the cut chapter Air Exchange from the Half-Life 2 Beta. Antlions will endless swarm you in a wave system, and you'll need to gather resin to buy ammo, upgrade guns, and most importantly - get out of there alive.

Resin can be collected at a dispenser as a reward for killing Antlions, but you can also find a few scattered around the map. You can choose to stay for as long as you want, but every wave gets harder to survive than the last.

Known Issues;
- Saving / Loading the game causes issues, so whenever you die, you'll have to start from scratch rather than reload a save.

Zombies Gamemode Example - lil'Chinese

Vending Shop Prefab - Thomas

Air Exchange Truck - Renafox
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Christian May 15 @ 6:33am 
I agree with the restocking of the vending machines. Also not sure if there's a glitch but I was only able to put resin into the slot once for it to register. Any subsequent times it didn't register. Also not sure if you're supposed to take the resin that is in the yellow box that is given to you to put into the slot to open the gate. When I did try to deposit resin it would just pile up and not register.
Skummeh May 12 @ 3:48pm 
Another run on the map with the Merciless Antlions addon enabled. Tons of fun! https://youtu.be/C-3Ag1FPX4c
LeftoverAtoms May 11 @ 12:44pm 
I had a lot of fun with this map. The only suggestion I have is to restock the vending machines after each wave because the player cannot survive after they run out of ammo and supplies.
Skummeh May 6 @ 7:10pm 
This is some seriously intense antlion insanity on Hard difficulty and I can't imagine how it would be with Cuser's Merciless Antlions addon also enabled. I barely escaped; what a rush! Note that the escape didn't actually work for me (no end screen and the game continued) and it seemed to get glitchy if I load the initial autosave so it's best to start a fresh game each time. Video playthru and feedback here: https://youtu.be/b4OX83XKjFc