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"Welcome heroes!" is the first thing you hear when you find yourself in a battle ring. Everything seems unfamiliar and all your memories seem to consist only of a gray fog.

"Show what you can do, survive, and maybe we'll meet here again."
A being on a throne greeted you, but before you know what happened, you are teleported and find yourself a small arena. An incredible power flows through you as well as a general feeling of unease and you know all that needs to be done now is: Surviving.

Welcome to ReVolt!

ReVolt is an arena survival game in which you'll defend yourself with magic runes rotating around you. Choose from a large number of possible runes, find the strongest combinations and defeat your enemies with a sea of projectiles, while avoiding any danger yourself.


Each wave, monsters are summoned from the abyss and you must take out the enemies that invade the surface and survive their attacks.
You move around the arena to actively dodge enemies and their attacks, while repositioning yourself into a strategic positions to deliver attacks with your equipped runes.
Your attacks are shot from a set of elemental runes which automatically fire projectiles in their current direction.


Runes are your source of power and it is them who help you to clear the incoming waves. You have 8 slots availaible to equip your favourite runes. Each rune has special properties that allow you to build unique strategies for every challenge you face. Try new combinations and prove that you are a true master of elemental magic!

The runes can be improved throughout the game.


To deal with the waves of enemies you have 3 abilities tied to the hero that help you to stay alive. Using them at the right moment can change the game in your favor.


Your arena is only the beginning of the true adventure you will face! Challenges between ither competitors and you fill the journey to truly prove who will be the greatest hero of them all!

We'd like to hear from you! We're looking for feedback, bug reports, ideas for more content, balance suggestions and so on. What better way from discussing it with us? Click below to join our Discord:
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