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Soviet Lab Electronics Prop Pack from Snow Drop Escape
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Soviet Lab Electronics Prop Pack from Snow Drop Escape

"Soviet microcircuits are the largest in the world"

Hello comrades! From this presentation you can learn the achievements of the Radiohim plant in the field of radio industry and microprocessor technology.
Most of the equipment was developed by the team of the production association LEZ RADIOHIM under the leadership of aptekarr and MyCbEH.

Recently, we have consolidated our frienship with the private research corporation Aperture Science, continuing the production of the APERTURE & RADIOHIM joint project.
In addition to the production of large computers, we began to produce RADIOHIM M020 computers, the monitor and keyboard of which were developed by us, and the system unit and accessories were developed by them.

You can also find machines designed for working with magnetic tapes and lab printers.

In addition to equipment for scientific institutes, we also produce home computers, landline telephones, picture tubes, radioelectrical equipment, as well as audio systems that have earned recognition.
in all institutions of the Warsaw Treaty Organization countries.

To get access to our devices, click on the button "Subscribe"

If you encounter any problem, be sure to write to the "Comments" section. We will do our best to help you.

Thank you for your attention, and have a nice day!

NII RADIOHIM. Podsnezhinsk, USSR. Aperture Science. Upper Michigan, USA.
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The Magnificent CUM MAN! Aug 12 @ 1:24pm 
please for the love of everything unholy (like me for example) make a character pack or a single model or an NPC or a playermodel just in any way possible let me have a rag-doll so i can make the godliest of scenes
Scarlet Fox Jun 16 @ 8:20am 
У меня одного такая проблема, что Гмод не видет модели из мода?

Выдавая ошибку что : " Не удалось найти модели для этого дополнения "
JokieEJester May 13 @ 9:18pm 
The prop power_rec_1 is missing textures for me, what do I need to have downloaded?
Nothing May 10 @ 3:26pm 
Nice props, but where tape in the server_computer_power_tapereader ?
Regenesian Overlord May 1 @ 6:38pm 
V e r y n i c e
Dragunov_54 Apr 16 @ 11:20pm 
ShadowRUN 幸運な Apr 12 @ 3:05am 
Nice work, looks pretty damn good.
Though aprerture PCs look a bit out of place in contrast with other equipment, i'd rather use an IBM or somehting similar.
Sprick Apr 11 @ 11:14pm 
Comrade, you have been elected for the Award of Science of the Union Soviet Socialistic Republic (USSR). May you be honored. Glory.
peglegwayno Apr 11 @ 4:48am 
fair enough.
Frantic Firing Frenzy  [author] Apr 11 @ 4:01am 
Perhaps, but I will not promise.