Homefront: The Revolution

Homefront: The Revolution

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How to Play TimeSplitters 2 (Full Game, not just the demo.)
By RIPley
Homefront: Retribution is really quite bad, but if you use the following method you may play an actually fun game, TimeSplitters 2: Somewhat Remastered, with just a few simple steps.

Credit goes to these guys.
Step 1: Save file
Obtain a 100% Completion file here[savegame.pro], unless you're so daft you actually want to play through Homefront: The Revolution.

Place this file in: C:/Users/USERNAME/Saved Games/homefront2
(Yes, replace everything. You need to boot up the game at least once so this location appears.)
Step 2: Reach the TimeSplitters 2 arcade machine
Load the save file "Unlikely Allies."

Bring up your map with M, then navigate with your mouse cursor and press Enter to place a marker, as this guy does.

Suffer through Homefront's wonky movement controls until you reach your marker location.

Follow the video's path through the building's interior and you will locate a TimeSplitters 2 arcade machine. (It's at the very top level.)

Press E in front of it and you'll enter the TimeSplitters 2 main menu.
Step 3: It's time to split!
By default, the game allows you to play two demo levels; this is what happens if you select the only option not labelled 'Exit'.

If you want to play the full TimeSplitters 2 game, plug in a controller, select the first option, load into the level and input one of the following codes:

Story Mode
UP+LT ... UP+LT ... DOWN ... RIGHT+LT ... LEFT+RT ... B+RT ... Y+LT ... Y+LT ... X+RT ... A+LT

LEFT+LT+RT ... DOWN+LT+RT ... LEFT+LT+RT ... B+LT+RT ... LEFT+RT ... LEFT+LT+RT ... DOWN+LT+RT ... Y+LT+RT ... X+RT ... A+LT

Challenge Mode
B+RT ... LEFT+LT+RT ... B+LT+RT ... DOWN+LT+RT ... RIGHT+LT ... UP+LT ... Y+LT ... A+LT+RT ... X+RT ... A+LT

If you did this correctly, you will unlock each of these options on the TimeSplitters 2 main menu. You have to return to this menu to play them, obviously. (Thanks to Scoot for the correction.) Keyboard and controller button equivalents may be found here.[imgur.com]

Enjoy your unofficial TimeSplitters 2 PC port!
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FunkynutZ May 29 @ 8:13pm 
@Scoot Just got it now for £3 (about $4). And it wasn't even my money... Paypal stuck £5 in my account a few days ago because I'd not used the account in years lol.
TouKōzuki Apr 14 @ 3:37pm 
having no mid-level checkpoints or way to restart levels without quitting out entirely is not ideal. plus you can't unlock anything since its all unlocked from the start.
``~Scre@m~`` Apr 11 @ 1:17pm 
i think its better to add a "crash chart" to the guide, since a lot of things cause crashing...
``~Scre@m~`` Apr 11 @ 12:43pm 
it also crashes in "wild west" level when you pick up time crystal and time splitters start to teleport in..
Ralsei Apr 10 @ 3:54am 
Just get a cheap code off a third party key site, I got my Homefront copy for like $5 lol
Draken Apr 10 @ 1:33am 
Keep supersampling set to x1. Otherwise Timesplitters will be unplayable.
MalkHead Apr 9 @ 11:56pm 
if the codes not are registering, load up any Timesplitters 2 level, there input combinations by holding down a trigger then pressing a button.
MalkHead Apr 9 @ 11:32pm 
The game crashes when trying to teleport into a UFO in the 2280 level
Mr.Lameandwatch Apr 9 @ 11:08pm 
Is it the D pad or left stick for inputs ?
Devo Apr 9 @ 8:57pm 
Can't believe this was finally found