Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Octodad: Dadliest Catch

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my favorite octodad workshop levels.
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Daddo of the Colossus
Created by kzoradm
In Octodad's nightmares, he faces the dreaded Colossal Chef.
Ascend the chef's mighty frame to reach the button at the top of his hat, and hit it to bring him crashing down! Good luck!...
Dadzilla: Attack on Octogon Island
Created by Sliferjam
Such a peaceful little city. I hope nothing happens to it.

Fight the evil Abazor! Climb the Umpire State Building! Smash the city!

Unlike in the video, the completed version has music....
Extreme Physical Challenge 1
Created by Luthyr
Run through this agonizingly challenging set of physical challenges through to the end!

- Each orange spot is a checkpoint, so you don't have to complete it all in one run.
- Use WASD for camera control, Q and E to zoom in/out.
- Yes, it's beatable. G...
Extreme Physical Challenge 2
Created by Luthyr
Run through this agonizingly challenging set of physical challenges through to the end!...
Extreme Physical Challenge 3
Created by Luthyr
Try to make it through a series of 10 walls without getting squished!...
Silent But Dadly: Classic Edition
Created by kzoradm
Miss the release version of the Silent But Dadly level? Well, here it is!

As of the 3/11/2014 update, the Silent But Dadly level was altered to replace and add challenges. We felt the stealth sequences were too tough and not enough fun for most players. ...
Squidowski Lanes: Octodad Bowling!
Created by Sliferjam
Octodad bowling! Complete bowling-related quests in a movie-themed bowling alley! Go bowling with your cousin! Just don't roll on shabbos.The Squid Abides.

Note: You have to break the glass on the trophy case. It will not open by itself. Just hit it wit...
The Adventure for Gold
In The Adventure for Gold you are looking for the mysteries room made of nothing but solid gold that’s hidden deep within the dungeon. You will need to do quite a few things if you want to even think about getting to the room of gold. Things like climbing...
Zero G Grocery
Created by Luthyr
I made a quick demo of the entire grocery store in zero gravity! I didn't change too much otherwise, so a lot of the cameras are probably a bit wonky since they weren't meant for Octodad flying around.

(I took down a previous version because it seemed ...
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i called and saw what DOGE had to say about it and he said "Wow very octopus many dad