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Fluffy Hair
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Apr 5, 2021 @ 10:59am
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Fluffy Hair

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This mod will add for almost all hats new adjusted hair models for the default hairs to keep their original shape when wearing something on the head. No more Ponytails or flat hairs!
You can still turn your hair into ponytail if you wish so.

(Also i improved the Ponytail(Braided) a bit to make it look more fluffy!)

Credits to "Chuckleberry Finn" to help me out with the LUA part to hide the new hair-styles in the character creation menu so you don't accidentally pick the wrong ones! [At the Old mod version of it in 41.50]
Check out his other mods: Chuckleberry Finn's workshop

I need you!
Please give feedback if you found a bug or glitching hair like so:

[Gender] - [Hairstyle] - [Hat]
[Additional Info]

Since there are alot of different Hair/Hat combinations i have not tested every single possible combination.
But i will write down every feedback for issues or improvements and will work through them until this mod is somewhat perfect!
(Please add Feedback in the discussion thread)

Is "Fluffy Hair" compatible with "Spongie's Hair Pack" , "Yaki's Hair Salon" and "Harry's Hair" ?
I gave it a test and it seems work great together.
They also took care of making their hairs working properly with hats.
At Harry's Hair the alternative hat-hairs do show up in the hair menus for some reason.

My hair goes bald when i tie/untie or cut my hair, WHY?
This Problem has been fixed by The Indie Stones in version 41.51. <3

I want to make a hat/hair compatible with your mod, how do i do?
Just Set the Hat-Category or the hair groups like that:
- Group01 If its a normal hat (CowboyHat, Tinfoil, Beany)
- Group02 If its a band (Bandana, Visor, Bandage)
- Group03 If its a hoodie
- Group04 If its over-ear (Winterhat, bicycle helmet)
- Group05 If its just default hair if you dont want any alternative hair
- Group06 If your hairs are fully covered (Shower caps, Surgeon caps)

Will this mod work with a existing savegame?

Which game version works with this mod?
I have tested it with game version 41.71 and Hosted Multiplayer

Is this mod compatible with other Mods?
This Mod will not be compatible with mods which do:
- Change default hat items
- Change default hair styles
Mods which add completly new hairs should be compatible.

Am i allowed to use this mod in a Server mod pack?


Workshop ID: 2447729538
Mod ID: FH
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Aug 7 @ 5:57am
Feedback Here!
< >
Guppy 15 hours ago 
hey i wanted to ask permission to repackage this mod into a list for my server for updating purposes. Would that be alright?
Scavenger  [author] Aug 7 @ 6:11am 
It should just run out of the box if you have no other mods conflicting.
G7ost Aug 6 @ 4:40am 
cant seem to get this mod to work, do i need some required mod?
Scavenger  [author] Aug 1 @ 4:00am 
This seems to be a hairstyle of spongies hair mod.
Please report the issue to him.
Scavenger  [author] Jul 30 @ 4:58am 
Can you please give me the gender and hairstyle so i can replicate the bug?
Scavenger  [author] Jul 27 @ 4:43am 
Sorry for the late anwser.
Just do it. :)

I should add it to the FAQs that everyone is free to use the mod in a server pack
Scavenger  [author] Jul 6 @ 2:54am 
Ah yea,
Wearing a bandana or hat type of headwear while wearing a hoodie causes at the moment problems.
Thanks for the update
Acclaim Jul 4 @ 5:39pm 
@Scavenger. Hey, thank you. Just an update - Not sure if this negates what I said, but I just wore a hoody with the same style and it did not clip. I realize that I also had a head bandage at the time, so this was probably the cause. Thank you for this mod, it's awesome :)
Scavenger  [author] Jul 4 @ 12:45pm 
Thanks! will look into it soon
Acclaim Jul 4 @ 12:43pm 
Hi. Vanilla hair (grungey long) and vanilla hoodie and hair is clipping through.